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GE6351- Environmental Science and Engineering

Important Questions for University Examination
Part B Important Questions – www.2by2results.com
1. I) what is biodiversity? Discuss the values and significance of biodiversity. Ii) Describes the
types, Characteristic features, structure and functions of Aquatic ecosystem.
2. What is an ecosystem? What are its components? Explain the functions of each component with
examples. Also explain the factors that give threat to biodiversity.
3. Describe the types, characteristic features, structures and function of Forest ecosystem.
4. Explain in detail the causes, effects and control measures of air pollution.
5. A) What are the methods adopted for the control of air pollutants? Explain each briefly. B) What
are the sources of water pollutants? Give example of each type.

6. i) What are the changes caused by agriculture and overgrazing? ii) Discuss the production of
Biogas. Mention it uses.
7. Write elaborate notes on chemical and photochemical reactions in the atmosphere.
8. Write a note on: i) Nuclear Hazards ii) Thermal Pollution

9. Write Notes on: i) Sources and Effects of Urban Solid Wastes. ii) Sources and Effects of
Industrial Solid Wastes.
10. What are renewable and non- renewable energy resources? Why are non-renewable energy
resources preferred for energy utilization now-a-days? What are the advantages and
disadvantages of harnessing on-renewable energy resources?
11. What is mean by soil erosion? Explain in detail the different process involved and factors
influencing in soil erosion. lts
12. Write notes on: i) Bio-Degradation of pollutants. ii) Bio conversion.
13. What are the role of an individual in conservation of natural resources?
14. Explain the following: i) Ozone depletion. ii) Global Warming.
15. What is acid rain? Explain the formation, effects and control measures of Acid Rain.
16. i) What is Value education? Mention its importance. ii) Explain the role of GIS in environmental
17. What is green chemistry and what are its principles?
18. i) Name the laws that have been framed for environmental protection and mention the objectives
for each act. ii) How biomedical wastes are managed and handled.
19. What is AIDS? What are the mode of transmission? Explain the control and preventive measures

of HIV infection.
20. Discuss briefly the role of information technology in environmental and human health.

21. Define human rights and discus salient features of the universal declaration of human rights by
Part C Important Questions – www.2by2results.com
1. Mention a case study on: i) The Bhopal Gas Tragedy. ii) Mathura Refinery and TAJ MAHAL. iii)

Landslides in Uttar Pradesh iv) Tsunami v) Flood in Bangladesh

2. Mention the case study for following Local Polluted site: i) Urban ii) Rural iii) Industrial iv)
3. Discuss about the enforcement machinery involved in environmental legislation.
4. Explain the study of local area to document environmental assets such as River, Forest, Grassland
and Mountain.
5. Discuss about in detail the field study of simple ecosystems(Include pond,river,hill slopes)

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GE6351- Environmental Science and Engineering Important Question – www.2by2results.com