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Bell 1

Appendix B – Forms

“Best Piece” Reflection Form

Title of Assignment: ​Research Paper: Police Racial Profiling

Date of Assignment: ​July 30, 2016
Course in which assignment was completed: ​English 001 Solano College

Briefly describe the assignment. What steps did you take in order to complete this assignment?
What resources, software, skills were required to complete this assignment?

- This assignment was a reflex of an issue in the world that the society faces. I had to do a
lot of research and gain a perspective from both sides of the spectrum. I was actually able
to interview some protesters and police officers to get their side of the this topic. I used a
lot of online resources to write this paper and collect data and information to write this
paper. I wrote about this topic because being from a law enforcement family, with my
dad being a police officer, I was very knowledgeable and comfortable with the topic and
knew that I could write a paper that I was fully dedicated and interested in.
Bell 2

Alyssa Bell

Mrs. Buescher

Service Learning, Period 0

16 February 2018

Best Piece: Police Racial Profiling

1. I chose this sample as my best piece because I received a good grade on this paper and I

felt very accomplished and proud of my work on this assignment. Out of all the papers I

wrote, this essay stands out the most from the rest and I felt very strongly about my

performance on this reflexive essay.

2. The reader is going to expect a diversity of topics in this paper. I pretty much talked

about everything that you need to know about this topic and took a perspective from both

parties, so it is not just a persuasive and one sided essay. The essays contains statistics,k

facts, opinions, and quotes with a lot of feedback and explanation.

3. I hope that the reader’s impression about me based on reading this piece is going to be

highly impressive and think of me to be a very intellectual person. This piece shows my

dedication and effort towards this topic and will hopefully make the reader count me as a

learner who is very passionate and knows that I put a 100% effort in all my work.

4. I gained so much information and learned a lot about this particular topic after

completing this assignment. I got to understand both sides of each parties and was able to

look at this issue in more debt.

5. I see the world and people a little differently after completing this assignment. I will

always have this knowledge to make my own decisions and interpretations based on the
Bell 3

information I have with this subject, as if something like this happens again. I am now

able to educate others and make an influence for people around me and in this world.