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FREEWARE TYPEFACE (free for personal & commercial use)



PHEIST.NET LICENSES & COPYRIGHTS AGREEMENT In case the font software should be defective, contact me within two
MAY 29 2012 weeks after purchasing. Defective software will be replaced or the
money will be returned.
BY INSTALLING FONTS SOFTWARE CREATED BY STEFANIE The font software comes with a life-long support. If you have
KOERNER (PHEIST) YOU NEED TO AGREE TO THE FOLLOWING purchased a valid license, contact me to receive available updates.
1/ The digital files downloaded to your computer, and all copies 6/ FREE FONTS (FREEWARE) ADDITION
thereof, contain font software that is the intellectual property of and No payment is required. The font software may be used for personal
owned and retained by PHEIST. All rights reserved if not expressly and commercial projects. Embedding the font into published docu-
granted to you under this License Agreement. ments is allowed.

2/ You are granted a non-exclusive right to use the font software to 7/ WEB FONTS ADDITION
display typefaces on a screen or with any kind of output device. All No payment is required. You may use the web fonts for free on
other rights are owned and retained by PHEIST. unlimited personal or commercial websites with the font-face com-
mand. Uploading the web font on any server and displaying the font
3/ You are NOT allowed to modify, convert, adapt, decompile, reverse on websites is allowed as long as the web font files are used for the
engineer, disassemble or otherwise copy the PHEIST font software. font-face command. You are not allowed to use the web fonts for
The font software may not be subliscensed, redistributed, rented or printed publications.

4/ PHEIST does not warrant the performance or results you may ob- THIS LICENSE IS EFFECTIVE UNTIL TERMINATED. BREAKING
tain by using the font software. In no case will PHEIST be liable to you ANY TERM OF THIS AGREEMENT WILL CAUSE IN TERMINA-
for any direct, indirect, consequential or incidental damages to your TION. IN THE EVENT OF TERMINATION YOU CERTIFY TO IM-
hardware, software or current projects, including any lost revenue, MEDIATELY DESTROY THE ORIGINAL FONT SOFTWARE AND
profits, goodwill or savings, or for any claim by any third party. ANY COPIES OR RELATED DOCUMENTATION.
Demo versions of commercial font software contain trimmed char-
acter sets and may be used for personal projects only. If you wish YOU ACKNOWLEDGE THAT YOU HAVE READ, UNDERSTOOD
to use the font software for commercial projects you have to buy a AND AGREED TO THE CONDITIONS OF THIS AGREEMENT.
The font software may not be sublicensed, sold, leased, rented © 2012 Stefanie Koerner (pheist), Hamburg, Germany
or given away to any third party. You are responsible to secure its info [at] pheist [dot] net
data and to make sure that unlicensed copies do not leave your pos- pheist.net
You can install the font software onto a maximum of 5 comput-
ers. These computers can be connected to, and the font software
used with, any number of output devices, for example laser printers.
If you need to use the font software on more than 5 computers, you
have to buy additional licenses.
Embedding the typeface into published documents is allowed.
Make sure that the font software is secured enough against any
access by other users.