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I am continuous taking follow up with our TSC head.

Sample received from P-IPPC 08.01.2016 is already reached to concern person & for the same we

have forcefully requested P-HQ for further analysis as soon as possible.

Kindly try to convince customer that any quality issue related to material, required some test

procedure to evaluate its OK or NOK status, on some standard testing parameters.

As per above comparative P-MTC & other supplier MTC seems OK & it is very difficult to judge
material quality on the basis of MTC.

P-HQ has to check every aspect of quality tool. So, that we can conclude exact reason & solution.

Generally quality issue arises due to following reasons like:

1-Some times Material & Process are good but operating parameters are not OK. - Facing quality


2-Some times Material is good, operating Parameters are OK but process are not OK- Facing
quality issue.

3- Some time material is not OK, Operating parameter & process are OK.- Facing quality issue.

So, we have to check every stage of material processing & parameters.

Waiting for your suggestive reply from customer end & trying to visit customer as soon as

possible to listen the VOC.

Thanks & Regards