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Protocol for DNA extraction from potato tubers

Article  in  Plant Molecular Biology Reporter · June 2012

DOI: 10.1007/BF02799434


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3 authors, including:

Wulff Ednar Eliana Gonzales-Vigil

Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries University of British Columbia - Vancouver


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~ Plant Molecular Biology Reporter 20: 187, June 2002
9 2002 International Society for Plant Molecular Biology. Printed in Canada.

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Protocol for DNA Extraction From Potato Tubers

E.G. WULFF*, S. T O R R E S and E. G O N Z A L E S V I G I L

International Potato Center, Peru

Abstract. A method to extract high-quality DNA from potato tubers was developed and
tested on 3 wild potato species (Solanum raphanifolium, S. megistracrolobum, S.
bukasovii) and on the tetraploid B3 bred population (population number 393228, derived
from S. tuberosum subsp, tuberosum). The average yield of extracted DNA varied from
10-30 Ixg of DNA per gram of processed tissue. The DNA was pure and suitable for liga-
tion-mediated polymerase chain reaction (LM-PCR) amplification, producing clear, dis-
tinctive, and reproducible banding patterns in polyacrylamide gels.

Full text*: This manuscript, in detail, is available only in the electronic version of
the Plant Molecular Biology Reporter.

Contents: This manuscript contains: Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results and
Discussion, 3 references, and 5 illustrations.

Table 1. Average of D N A yields obtained from tuber tissue of Solanum spp.
with the present protocol.
Figure 1. D N A extraction of wild Solanum species (S. raphanifoIium).
Figure 2. D N A extraction of wild Solanum species (S. megistracrolobum).
Figure 3. Ligation-mediated PCR amplimers on a 5% polyacrylamide gel.
Figure 4. Ligation-mediated PCR amplimers on a 5% polyacrylamide gel.
Key words: DNA extraction, LM-PCR, potato, Solanum, tuber

*Author for correspondence. Present address: Department of Crop Protection,

International Potato Center, Apartado 1558, Lima 12, Peru; e-mail: e.wulff@cgiar.org;
fax: +51 1 317 5326; ph: +51 1 349 6017 ext. 2144.
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text WEB document has not been edited in detail.

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