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Intro to Lit

Persuasive Article Assessment

For this unit’s assessment, you will write a persuasive or inspirational article to demonstrate your understanding of
author’s purpose, audience, and style. You may choose your topic, but your article MUST do the following:

1. Use at least 3 identifiable rhetorical devices

2. Include at least 3 identifiable literary devices
3. Address a specific purpose and have a clear matching intended audience
4. Establish style using tone, careful word choice, sentence fluency, and voice
5. Include a thesis with a minimum of 3 reasons and supporting details/evidence
6. Be a minimum of 3 full pages

Here’s how you will be graded:

Criteria 4 3 2 1
Rhetorical Devices Student used more Student used 3 Student used fewer Student did not use
than 3 identifiable identifiable rhetorical than 3 identifiable rhetorical devices
rhetorical devices. devices. rhetorical devices
They helped to
advance the author’s
Literary Devices Student included Student included 3 Student included Student did not
more than 3 identifiable literary fewer than 3 include literary
identifiable literary devices. identifiable literary devices
devices. They helped devices
to advance the
author’s purpose
Audience and Purpose was clear No 3 possible Purpose was clear, Audience and
Purpose and matched the but did not match purpose were
chosen audience the chosen audience unclear
Style Student established a No 3 possible No 2 possible Student did not
clear and consistent establish a clear and
style using tone, consistent style
careful word choice,
sentence fluency,
and voice
Thesis and support Student had a clear Student had a clear Student had a clear Paper had an unclear
and arguable thesis thesis and 3 thesis but support thesis and supporting
and more than 3 supporting was minimal OR was details were not
strong supporting details/pieces of unclear relevant to the
details/pieces of evidence. argument
Length Student’s paper Student’s paper met Student’s paper was Student’s paper was
exceeded the 3 page the 3 page 2 pages less than 2 pages
requirement requirement
Grammar and Student’s paper Errors were few and Errors were few, but There were many
conventions contained no errors did not impact the did impact the clarity errors in grammar
in grammar and clarity of the writing of the writing and conventions
Total: ______/28

Reason: Reason: Reason:

Evidence: Evidence: Evidence:

Evidence: Evidence: Evidence: