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Russell Leonard

Mrs. Klimas

Pre Ap. English

16 January 2018

Facts and Lies of Global Warming

Riebeck, Holli. “Global Warming : Feature Articles.” NASA, NASA, 3 June 2015,


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Throughout time, Earth has cooled and burned over and over again. Climate has changed

with more or less sunlight atmosphere change, and varying sun energy. But over the last century

humanity has gotten involved. Global warming written by Holly Riebeck, “is the unusually rapid

increase in Earth’s average surface temperature over the past century primarily due to the

greenhouse gases released as people burn fossil fuels”. Riebeck then presents a graph relaying

the increased heat over the past one hundred twenty years, and how it has been increasing

significantly since 1940. Earth’s temperature comes from the sun and roughly thirty percent of

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sunlight is reflected back into space while the other seventy is absorbed by the land, oceans and

atmosphere which heats the planet. As the surface heats it radiates heat which is absorbed and

creates greenhouses gases like carbon dioxide and methane. As the absorb energy greenhouse

gas molecules turn into tiny heaters radiating heat like a brick fireplace allowing for lingering

heat once the fires gone out allowing for a constant supply and multiplication of heat. While this

isn’t very good it is a necessary evil, because without the greenhouse gases it would be zero

Fahrenheit at all times. Now over the past two hundred and fifty years humans have artificially

raised the amount of greenhouse gases, just from 2009 greenhouse gases have increased by thirty

eight percent and methane increased by one hundred forty eight percent. Holly Riebeck gives a

factual presentation of greenhouse gases and some of the statistics of human interference.

To prevent the worst conditions created from climate change and global warming the

human world must change. Keeping the heat from increasing by 3.6 degrees above the pre

industrial level which is the upper limit agreed to in the 2015 Paris climate accord. In order to

keep these conditions the amount of carbon must be drastically reduced. Keeping these

conditions, we cannot send more than 2,900 gigatons of CO2 into the atmosphere. Overall, the

Earth has already used about seventy three percent of that budget of CO2. Since 1870 two

thousand one hundred gigatons of CO2 have been released with the US contributing twenty

percent of that. Although developing countries only contain nineteen percent of the population

we contribute half of this CO2. If the world will ever get out of this hole of heat that we have dug

for ourselves we must change energy production sources and create a healthier electricity bill for

the world overall. As the US left the Paris change for climate change all of those ideas where

shattered as now coal is being used as a main power source and Global Warming is now a joke to

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those in political power. The only way these safe conditions will be met is if the average citizen

helps by conserving and protecting.

Blanco, Jeremy. “A brief history of fake climate news in the mainstream media.” Grist,

Goodfellos, 4 Aug. 2017, http://grist.org/article/a-brief-history-of-fake-climate-news-in-the-


Without a change in greenhouse gas build up and global warming issues Blanco writes,

“emerging evidence suggests that global warming is already influencing the weather. Heat

waves, droughts, and intense rain events have increased in frequency during the last 50 years”.

The sea level rising to overheating penguins, global warming has changed the weather and

ecosystems all over the world. In the last fifty years sea levels rose fifty centimeters from ice

shelves in the north and south poles melting from extreme heat conditions. In all ecosystems

spring has come two weeks early compared to average times in the past century. Growing

seasons have elongated by a week making animals feed earlier than usual disrupting the balance

that had been created. Included with this increase to growing season plants now require much

more water in which droughts cannot supply causing feeding animals to starve

disrupting a population which chains too thousands of others. Humans are also being affected by

these changes, not only have roads and houses been destroyed by erosion from these rising seas

but from drought too dangerous rainfall floods and mudslides have become a major problem, as

many have died or lost everything they’ve owned. Including forest fires which are much more

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common from the rising temperatures in Australia, Russia and California. These small changes

in temperature would reduce food production at lower latitudes, where many countries already
face food shortages. Ultimately, global warming will change earth and its various populations

but the impact is up to humanity. Science shows the increase of greenhouse gases naturally as the

planet cycles, while human aspects have sped this up greatly it is humanities responsibility to

make this natural.

These devastating droughts that occur are a main factor in such disasters as fires, floods

and premature growth can be controlled and handled much better. Humanity must learn to better

monitor and measure water supply nationwide, reduce indoor water uses by new appliances and

behaviors. Increasing reuse and recycling of grey, storm and wastewater will be a great

improvement for water supply. In order to stop these most demanding situation of the overall

amount and collection of greenhouse gases there is certain things that the world will have to do.

First, is to power your house with renewable energy which doesn’t affect the Earth negatively

like solar or wind. Then, by sealing drafts and turning off heaters and cooling while your house


empty. Doing the most can change the world tremendously as anything you do will influence

others. Finally, speaking up against the coal and unrenewable damaging energy resources that

have been corrupting the world politically and naturally.