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Resume Rubric

Assignment Guidelines: You must create a professional, 1-page resume for your
online portfolio. Using columns and graphs, create a resume that reflects the visual
communication skills you learn in communication arts. Below is a list of all relevant
information that must be included.

Sample resumes are posted on Blackboard. The rough draft for this assignment is
graded and worth 8 points of your final grade for COMM 422.

Category Description Points

Educational Information  College Degree 2 points
 Major/minor
 GPA (if 3.2 or higher)
 Academic Honors
and awards

Job Skills  Internships 2 points

 Class
(NOT course
 Relevant work
Leadership  Name specific things 2 points
you have planned
and overseen as part
of an organization
 Sports teams and
 Class projects you led

Tech/Production Skills  Make this a chart 2 points

illustrating expertise
(see example)
 Include all Adobe and
Apple Programs you
are competent in
 Include all
equipment and
brands you work
with (Cannon Rebel
Camera, etc.)
 Contact info for
o Say “References
Upon Request”
o Things you did in
high school- only
the exceptional is
the exception
o DO NOT go over a
single page
o ALL jobs you
have worked-
only relevant
work experience

Total: 8 points