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Product Brief

The new standard for seamless communications at sea

When it comes to human communication either on land, air or sea, there should be no compromise on quality.
In the challenging world of communications at sea, Soldecom brought to life a technological breakthrough: UCP (Unified Communi-
cations Platform).
With UCP, all the communication needs of the modern shipping company are combined under a modular and easy to use system
at a fraction of the cost. FBB or VSAT satellite communication systems bring a large range of innovative solutions for telephone,
messaging and internet/web usage. The vessel operator selects how bandwidth costs will be allocated while daily operations are
enhanced. The crew enjoys a number of options to keep in touch with their family and friends having high morale and reduced
employee cost turnover. And of course, crew and vessel
communications are separate.

So, why using UCP?

In a nutshell: you benefit from the simplicity of a unified service providing costeffective
voice, messaging and web usage over multiple satellite services including:
• VPN secure access
• Firewall
• Compression
• Email
• Chat/messaging
• Machine to Machine communications (M2M)
• VoIP services
• Crew Calls and Web access
In an efficient and measurable way.

UCP consists of 4 independed modules that can be delivered as SaaS or appliances.

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Unified Communications Marine Router (UCMR)
The corner stone of all ship-to-shore and shore-to-ship IP traffic
Through Soldecom’s UC marine router, the vessel operator can select how bandwidth and the cost associated with it will be al-
located allowing the crew members to access email, surf the Internet, chat using instant messaging and make phone calls , in a
cost effective and measurable way.
Key benefits:
• Data and VoIP traffic required for business use is always prioritized and segregated from traffic generated by the crew, providing
a secure network infrastructure but at the same time allowing the maximum use of the available bandwidth.
• Bandwidth usage can be reduced even further with optional compression.
• Various VPN options can be integrated with the company’s existing VPN solutions.

Unified Communications VoIP (UCVoIP)

The future of voice communications on board

IIn order to unlock the potential of seamless voice communications on board, Soldecom has developed a breakthrough VoIP (Voice
over Internet Protocol) Technology.
VoIP is the future of voice communications but satellite broadband networks face a number of issues like increased bandwidth
costs, high-latency and jitter that make off-the-shelf, VoIP products not suitable for marine use.

With Soldecom’s Advanced VoIP Technology:

• You can reduce your ship-to-shore and shore-to-ship communications costs up to 60%, by utilizing the available bandwidth
allowance. Easy integration with existing PBX’s and office infrastructure, with all standard Firewalls and Network Address Transla-
tion (NAT) Routers,
• High quality voice calls optimized for transmission via satellite
• You have access to a secure web-based portal for managing features and accounts.

Unified Communications Messenger (UCMessenger)

Connectivity means keeping YOU in touch. A shipping company´s ability to ensure timely information flow across its network is a
must that saves both time and money. Soldecom’s Unified Communications Messenger (UCMessenger): turns your vessel into a
global broadband floating office.
UCMessenger streamlines communications by unifying presence, instant messaging and conferencing. It offers flexible deploy-
ment models, it is built on open standards and integrates with commonly used desktop applications. You can communicate and
collaborate effectively from anywhere and on any device, desktop or mobile.

The benefits are numerous:

• Operational: Improving productivity and efficiency by connecting the vessel and enhancing communications,by utilizing state of
the art messaging protocols both for multimedia instant messaging and for M2M (Machine To Machine) connectivity.
• Personal: Your crew and officers communicate easily and at low cost with their loved ones.

Unified Communications Crew Calling Card and Web Access

Bringing the Internet Age and low cost voice communications to the maritime community
This is the essence of Unified Communications Crew Calling and Web Access Card:
A prepaid, innovative service offered by Soldecom over multiple satellite services for crew communications.
What you gain:
1/ Money: By using visual cards, you ensure low deployment and administrative costs.
2/ Organisation: Vessel and crew communications are separated as they should be. Both incoming and outgoing calls can be
supported with multiple billing options for the vessel operator.
3/ Quality through edgy technology: through cutting edge technology: Optimized low bandwidth VoIP telephony and internet
filtering services.
4/ Control: Access to call data records via secure portal service. You can select card
expiration and other parameters.

UCP was not designed as a monolithic, one-size-fits-all solution, but as scalable and customizable option,addressing the needs of
the each shipping company, big or small.
Don’t hesitate to contact Soldecom, or one of its agents, for additional information and for a demonstration on how UCP can save
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