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Low Fair Average Above average Excellent Max

Criteria Marks Marks
1 2 3 4 5
No Introduction given Unclear/poorly Somewhat clear and/or Clearly stated, well- Clearly stated, well-
written/unrelated to the relates to the question. written and includes an written and includes a
Introduction 0.5 question adequate description of clear description of the 2.5
the case study. question.

Fails to design concept of Provides design concept Provides adequate Use good visuals to Use effective and
a building using timber. of a building using timber.. design concept of a enhance design concept creative design concept
Major pieces of the Basic geometric shapes building using timber. . of a building using of a building using
Content drawing are missing. are present. Major Demonstrates ability to timber. All necessary timber. All drawing
(Task 1) 3 Geometric shapes are drawing errors are still effectively create a drawing elements are elements are accurate &
incomplete or incorrect. present.. drawing. Most drawing evident. Fewer than precise.
elements are evident. three minor mechanical
errors are present.

Fails to provide empirical Minimal review of the Adequate review of the Good review of relevant Thorough review of
case study about the literature and little mention literature and empirical and empirical sources relevant and empirical
advantages, compared to about the advantages, sources about the about the advantages, sources, citing seminal
Content other methods, of compared to other advantages, compared to compared to other works in the field.
3 15
(Task 2) producing drawings methods, of producing other methods, of methods, of producing
electronically using a CAD drawings electronically producing drawings drawings electronically
package. using a CAD package. electronically using a using a CAD package.
CAD package.

Use limited visuals. Little or ineffective use of Use appropriate visuals Use good visuals to Use effective and
appropriate media; largely and enhance writing of enhance writing of creative visuals to
Deliver 0.5 2.5
unintelligible or incoherent assignment. assignment. enhance writing of
delivery. assignment.

Fails to provide adequate Poor summary, critic, and Adequate summary, Good summary, critic, Sophisticated summary,
summary, recommendations as critic, and and recommendations as critic, and
Conclusion 0.5 recommendation and conclusion . recommendations as conclusion. recommendations as
conclusions. conclusion. conclusion. 2.5

Many substantial Some minor consistent Few format errors. More Less than three errors Excellent. Good writing.
Reference 0.5 consistent format errors. format errors. More than 2 than 3 references writing and more than 4 More than 5 references. 2.5
More than 1 references. references references.