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We have done the experiment to determine the curves that was measured to compare with the theory

values the experiment was done on 3 parts and it is he ring and half a ring quadrant the equipment was
well set before attempting to do the experiment then added some amount of mass to the hanger but the
most important befotr putting the masses we must make sure the dial gaguges were zero then we kept
adding some massconstantly until certain amount The dial gauge reading were taken eacg time a load
was added the results were presented

Defect is defined as a degree or deviation where an element is displaced. This

It can be referred to as an angle or a distance. When a member deviates under a load, its deviation is

Directly connected to the slope of the oblique shape and can be calculated by incorporating the functions

Mathematically describe the slope of a member under pregnancy. A standard deviation can be calculated

Formulas or other methods such as default work, direct integration, Castigliano method and many more.

Castigliano theory is a method for determining the linear shift of a flexible linear system

Partial derivatives of energy stress. This method can be applied to determine the slope and

Displacement at a point in a member. This theory only works for bodies that have a constant temperature

And materials with flexible linear behavior. States that displacement is equal to the first part

Is derived from the energy of the strain in the body with respect to the force that acts at the point and in
the direction


In the same way, the tangency of the tangent at a point in the first derivative body is equal

The energy in the body strays with respect to a few moments acting at the point and in the direction

Regression angle.