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Actions Lead Partners Period Progress FEB 2017 Comments FEB 2018 Update
Council is having ongoing discussions with State Government A Local Transport Forum was held in November 2017
Consolidate existing services to improve public transport
and provate operators about how to best improve public that looked at alternative ways to improve transport in
1 connections between Heathcote and urban Bendigo with PTV S In Progress
transport connections to outlying areas, including Heathcote, rural areas including Heathcote. Advocacy is ongoing to
services for Axedale and Junortoun.
Axedale, Junortoun and Marong. the State Government.
Work with the development industry to reinforce the sense
of place through high quality urban design and place City of Greater Development This action is ongoing work being carried out by staff when
2 S Continual Work Ongoing work.
making initiatives of existing and planned Bendigo (City) Sector working with developers at the design and planning stage.
Introduce, as a priority, a high frequency, longer span bus
service and more train services along the main four transit
corridors of urban Bendigo, namely: Kangaroo Flat to City The City will advocate for a review into the Bendigo Bus
Centre, Huntly to City Centre, Eaglehawk to City Centre First stage bus and train timetable improvements introduced. Network. Since the timetable changes, a number of
3 and Strathfieldsaye to City Centre (bus only); as well as to PTV S In Progress Reviews to be carried out as necessary, i.e. when new hospital changes have occurred in Bendigo including large
the specialist centres of activity including the Bendigo is fully operational and open. residential developments and the new Bendigo Hospital
Hospital, and La Trobe University to induce and support a opening up.
growth in patronage by attracting car commuters onto
public transport.
Conduct a study of the ease of use, efficiency and safety of
the current pedestrian network in the City Centre by
analysing desire lines, waiting times at signalised
4 intersections, vehicle speed limits and locations of City VicRoads S Not Yet Started
pedestrian crossings to inform the development of a
Principal Pedestrian Network and the introduction of
pedestrian priority measures.

Work with VicRoads to apply the latest network planning

and traffic management tools such as Smart Roads
framework and Austroads Guide to Traffic Management:
First stage mapping completed. VicRoads needs to allocate Awaiting further work to be completed on
5 Part 7: Traffic Management in Activity Centres to plan the VicRoads City, PTV S In Progress
resources to complete. SmartRoads/Movement and Place
Bendigo urban road network and particularly to prioritise
people, public transport and active travel in the City Centre
and in the major activity centres.

Coordinate local and regional timetables so that bus-to-bus

and bus-to-train interchanges are efficient and convenient New bus timetables and routes deliver on this. Further PTV review of updated Bus Network in 2017 is still yet to
6 PTV S In Progress
for public transport users, particularly at the four Bendigo implementation still required in future. produce any changes.
railway stations.
Rollout ‘real time’ bus arrival information in Hargreaves Real time bus information available at Bus Bays A & B in
7 PTV City S Completed
Mall bus waiting facility. Mitchell Street

Develop ‘transport hub and urban renewal implementation

plans’ for Bendigo, Eaglehawk, Epsom and Kangaroo Flat
railway stations and surrounding precincts with a focus on
Contracts for Bendigo and Eaglehawk Station Design
improved and safer pedestrian and cycling access and
$15.8M in funding received for Eaglehawk and Bendigo Railway have been awarded in mid 2017 and construction is
8 circulation, improved urban spaces and landscaping, bus State Government City S In Progress
Stations. Further work to be done on other stations. expected to begin in early 2018 according to the State
network and interchange facilities, commercial
development and medium density housing incorporating
affordable housing options.

Work closely with the Bendigo Taxi Directorate to identify

opportunities to widen the scope and better integrate their
Local Transport Forum held in November 2017 looked at
services with public transport and community transport, City,
The Local Transport Forum would work on addressing this taxis as a potentially underutilised asset in rural transport
9 particularly in addressing the needs of residents in isolated, TfV Bendigo Taxi S In Progress
issue. but further discussions are required to progress this
rural communities who have limited access to public Directorate, PTV
transport or private vehicles and those with special
transport needs.

Investigate the potential of telecommuting,

teleconferencing etc. as a means of reducing the need for
some daily travel and for improving access to those with This is ongoing work that will continue to become
This action will be investigated over time with Transport and
10 issues, such as a disability or living in an isolated location; City S Continual Work increasingly viable for more tasks to be completed via
Liveability Mapping beginning to go live in March 2017.
and consider the means by which government and the 'tele-commuting'
private sector can assist individuals and businesses in
making the most of ‘on-line travel’.
Actions Lead Partners Period Progress FEB 2017 Comments FEB 2018 Update
A brief for the Heathcote Township and Development Plan is
Develop Township Structure Plans for Elmore and being finalised and will be reported to Council for endorsement.
Heathcote to provide a framework for their growth, The plan is likely to take a year complete.
Heathcote Township Plan work is underway and is
11 improved public transport connections with Bendigo, City M In Progress
expected to be finished in 2018
improved walking and cycling options and development Preliminary work on the Elmore Township Plan is expected to
which will protect their towns’ unique character. commence towards the end of 2017.

Develop a detailed Precinct Structure Plan for Marong to

support its development into a township supporting about Structure Plan to be finalised in 2018. Vline are factoring
12 8,000 people, and serviced by high quality public City S In Progress First draft to Council in March 2017 for community engagement. in a passenger rail service to Marong in their forward
connections to bendigo, including provision for a rail planning.

Capitalise on the National Broadband Network (NBN)

City, State
13 rollout to improve township and rural communities’ access M Not Yet Started Awaiting further rollout of NBN.
to employment, education, shopping and services.

Local Transport Forum held in November 2017

Investigate opportunities to improve connections between
generated some good discussion about how smaller rural
Greater Bendigo’s townships with a view to increase This action will be addresed by the establishment of the Local
14 City M In Progress towns could work together to capitalise on opportunities
interaction between the township communities and to Transport Forum.
and work together to support transport services that may
generate mutual support of township businesses.
be set up or trialled in the region.
Encourage and support innovation, diversification of uses
and generation of investment to strengthen the township Action included in Rural Communities Strategy - Heathcote Marong Structure Plan partly addressing this action
15 centres of Heathcote, Axedale, Elmore, Goornong, Marong, City M Continual Work Township and Development Plan will address this. Plans for delayed by large bushfire overlay amendment. Due to be
Raywood and Redesdale as focal points of community Marong and Goornong are due by mid 2017. completed in mid-late 2018.
interaction and business activity.

Identify areas suitable for activation including night-time, The Moonlight Market, twilight farmer's market and
particularly in the City Centre, and investigate a range of Being addressed through work being done on City Centre events like filmed by bike in the mall are examples of
16 City M In Progress
initiatives and options giving consideration to public safety Retail. activating spaces within the CBD. CCTV cameras are
and impact on residential population. due to be finished being upgraded by EOFY 17/18.

The City has begun work on a new Cycling and Walking

Extend the prioritisation of people, public transport and
Subject to finalisation and rollout of SmartRoads framework by Strategy. As part of this strategy there will be a focus on
17 active travel to other activity centres across Greater City, VicRoads PTV M In Progress
VicRoads. where prioritisation of cyclists and pedestrians is
Bendigo to maximise levels of safety and economic vitality.
appropriate or necessary.

Recognise and reinforce Pall Mall as Australia’s premier There are a number of investigations underway in the
The significance of the precinct is being considered in the City
19th century boulevard and ensure that urban design CBD as a whole, including Pall Mall. The City Centre
Centre Heritage Study and the Heritage Strategy. Both will be
features and transport network planning measures balance Heritage Study, SmartRoads and a possible future push
18 City, VicRoads State Government M In Progress finalised in the next 6 months. These may facilitate action on
its heritage architecture and contemporary uses, prioritise for world heritage status for Pall Mall and the entire
changing the role and function of Pall Mall from a traffic
movement of people, create a sense of place and support Goldfields area also have implications for how Pall Mall is
perspective, but hinges on completion of SmartRoads.
business activity. used in the future.

Advocate for a progressive rollout of ‘real time’ bus arrival

Mitchell Street completed - Further rollout of others yet to be
19 information across the city’s interchanges and at bus PTV City M In Progress Nothing additional to report here

Progressively improve patron comfort and safety, as well

Some works completed at Epsom and Kangaroo Flat stations. A new parkiteer cage has been installed at Kangaroo Flat
as pedestrian, cyclist and bus access to and within public
20 PTV City M In Progress Upgrades at Bendigo and Eaglehawk Stations have $15.8M in Station and construction on the upgrade of Bendigo and
transport interchanges, particularly near Kangaroo Flat,
funding from State. Eaglehawk Station is expected to start in early 2018.
Eaglehawk and Epsom railway stations.

Investigate access and safety improvements, development

and public realm activation opportunities on land
21 City PTV M Not Yet Started
designated for and near proposed new and reinstated
railways stations.
New Bus timetable rolled out Feb 2016 and Rail being
Revise and improve public transport timetabling and the
continually advocated for and improved. Most recent addition of Bus network under periodic review. Awaiting outcomes
22 level of service as the network and demand for services PTV M Continual Work
service for Bendigo on 29 January 2017 with an extra two daily from recent discussions and advocacy about the network
Explore opportunities to legitimise community transport as The Local Transport Forum was held in November 2017
This action will be addresed by the establishment of the Local
23 a mode of choice to be accessed by all members of the TfV City M In Progress and discussed community transport at length - awaiting
Transport Forum.
community, particularly those in isolated and rural areas. follow up from TfV

Construct public transport interchanges, including new

railway stations, in line with population growth, future Designs for Bendigo and Eaglehawk upgrades
Upgrades to Bendigo and Eaglehawk Railway Stations begin to
24 network planning strategy (such as the Regional Network State Government L In Progress completed in mid 2017 and construction should begin in
address this action.
Development Plan) and required increase in public early 2018
transport services.
Actions Lead Partners Period Progress FEB 2017 Comments FEB 2018 Update
Ensure that new railways stations and other public Various minor works to be undertaken at Eaglehawk, Epsom,
transport interchanges are accessible by safe and Kangaroo Flat and Bendigo Stations.
convenient walking and cycling infrastructure and provide Larger works planned for Eaglehawk and Bendigo Stations in Bendigo and Eaglehawk upgrades will provide improved
patron facilities such as bicycle parking, seating, shelters 17/18 spaces and patron facilities. As newer stations are built
25 State Government PTV, City, ATV L In Progress
and real time service arrival information etc. and are Mitchell Street Bus Bays completed and upgraded these facilities for other station users will
supported by mixed use developments that generate Potential for CyclePort to provide an innovative cycling solution be incorporated
economic activity and contribute to public transport at stations making them more accessible and safer for people
demand. catching public transport.
Revisit the potential opportunities of Bendigo Tramways to
State Government,
26 assist public transport service when Bendigo’s population City L Not Yet Started
Bendigo Trust
exceeds 150,000 residents.
Actions Partners Period Progress Comments
Use strategic planning tools such as the Principal The Victorian Cycling Strategy outlines the need for
Pedestrian Network (PPN) Principal Bicycle Network Strategic Cycling Corridors to be focused on to
(PBN), the Bicycle Priority Routes (BRTS) and Strategic developed complete and connected bicycle
27 VicRoads City S In Progress Incorporated into SmartRoads work being done by VicRoads.
Cycling Corridors (SCC) to identify the priority and the type infrastructure. The City will work with Transport for
of improvements required and to assist with funding Victoria to identify these to establish needs and
applications to relevant state bodies. opportunities to fund any infrastructure upgrades.

Update the City of Greater Bendigo Road Safety Plan 2007-

2011 in line with VicRoad’s Towards Zero Strategy
28 principles for minimising road fatalities and injuries, City S Not Yet Started
particularly among vulnerable road users, pedestrians,
cyclists, the young and the elderly.

Apply the latest road, intersection, footpath, pedestrian

crossing and cycle path etc. design solutions to achieve the This work is continually being completed by the City's
29 City VicRoads S Continual Work
Towards Zero Strategy objectives of death and injury Engineering Department.
reduction in our neighbourhoods and activity centres.

Investigate the relative merits, costs, impediments and

approvals required of both: (1) Removing the ban on
bicycles in Hargreaves Mall and linking the southern and
northern sections of the Bendigo Creek Trail through the Preliminary investigation of Hargreaves Street has been
City Centre including using the Hargreaves Mall by safely completed and a brief is about to be released to
30 City S In Progress These two options are currently under investigation.
integrating cycling with pedestrians and crossing Pall Mall investigate the Bendigo Creek channel as a possible
to link the Trail back to the Creek and (2) continuing the option.
Trail within the Bendigo Creek channel and providing for
cycle access points at key locations for access to the city
centre, Rosalind Park and schools.

Mandate the provision of end-of-trip facilities such as Ongoing implementation via the Planning Scheme - Clause The Victorian Cycling Strategy identifies Clause 52.34 of
31 bicycle parking, lockers, change rooms in new State Government City S Continual Work 52.34 deals specifically with this for new developments and new the Victorian Planning Provisions as needing updating to
developments where the scale is relevant to these facilities. uses ensure end-of-trip facilities are provided where needed.

Link the O’Keefe Rail Trail to the Bendigo Bushland Trail to

32 improve connections between off-road shared paths to City S Not Yet Started This is recommended in the Public Space Strategy.
encourage use for transport and recreation.
Explore the introduction of a specialised, high frequency
(10 minutes) and longer span ‘shuttle’ service between La Modified version of this introduced as part of new bus timetable Advocacy on bus connection to the Hospital is continuing
33 PTV City S In Progress
Trobe University, the City Centre and to the Bendigo from February 2016 with PTV
Community Reference Group has raised this as a project
Identify bus stops and bus stop access (footpaths and
This has been marked for inclusion into the Transport and that needs ot be completed and suggested an audit could
34 shared paths) that need improvement and are not Disability City PTV S In Progress
Liveability Mapping being worked on. be completed across the city to identify bus stops that
Discrimination Act (DDA 1992) compliant
need to be improved.
Provide a ‘shuttle service’ between Eaglehawk and
Bendigo at a 20 minute peak and 40 minute off peak Advocacy continuing. CoGB is advocating for a further
35 PTV City S In Progress Partially achieved with new bus timetabling.
frequency – so as to provide a transfer service at Bendigo review of the bus network to be improved.
railway station.
Investigate bus priority measures on the primary bus City,
36 network (e.g. traffic signal priority, high occupancy VicRoads Local Bus S Not Yet Started Will begin when VicRoads completes SmartRoads project. Awaiting action from VicRoads on SmartRoads work
vehicle/transit lanes). Operators
Increase the number of regional rail services to existing
Further services were added to the Bendigo Line in 2017
stations in Kangaroo Flat, Bendigo, Epsom and Eaglehawk
Gradually being implemented with additional services being however there are still issues with not all services
37 to establish a local commuter train service for Bendigo, PTV S In Progress
announced as recently as January 2017. beginning/ending at Eaglehawk/Epsom to complement
including having all Melbourne services commencing and
Bendigo Metro Rail. Advocacy is continuing.
terminating at Epsom.
Actions Lead Partners Period Progress FEB 2017 Comments FEB 2018 Update
The re-routing of the Goldfields Track to link with the
Bike Bendigo has recently received a grant from DEDJTR to
Spring Gully Creek Trail is continuing. The underpass at
Partner with Bike Bendigo to capitalise on Ewing Park’s work with La Trobe University, the City and other stakeholders
McIvor Hwy is under construction now and this further
strategic location by establishing it as a ‘regional trail head’ to build a cycling culture at the University. This includes
38 City Bike Bendigo S In Progress raises the profile of Ewing Park as an ideal location for a
that raises the profile of key destinations and cycling and consulting with students on the University to City Centre (and
trail head with access to the Goldfields Track, Bendigo
walking trails that are accessible from this point. Hospital) cycling connection which will interface with the Ewing
Creek Trail and O'Keefe Trail easy for families and
Park trail head

The Local Transport Forum was held in November 2017

and discussed the Heathcote corridor. Advocacy from the
Consolidate existing services to improve bus frequency
This action will be addressed by the establisment of Local community and the City is continuing. Community
and span of operating hours between Heathcote and urban
39 PTV S In Progress Transport Forums. Some preliminary discussions about the consultation on changes to the route were held in April.
Bendigo via Axedale and Junortoun and include this route
Bendigo to Heathcote route have occurred with a bus operator. The proposed changes included standardising the
as part of the Bendigo Bus Network.
timetable and adding weekend return services bring the
total number of return services to 28 a week.

Investigate opportunities for funding signalling and track

$91M was announced in the Victorian Budget for track
improvements as well as for increasing regional coach
40 PTV State Government S In Progress Identified as a priority on RDA's L-M regional priorities and signalling works from Bendigo to Epsom and
services to improve level of service for regional commuters
Bendigo to Eaglehawk.
to Bendigo.
Additional services added to the Bendigo Line in January 2016
Provide additional train service on the Echuca to Bendigo and a further 10 services per week will be added in January
line and an additional early morning service on the 2017. Many of these services now extend to Epsom and There have been track upgrades between Bendigo and
41 PTV S In Progress
Melbourne to Bendigo line to facilitate additional demand at Eaglehawk facilitating the first part of Bendigo Metro Rail. Echuca. Still awaiting on an additional service to Echuca.
Castlemaine. Supporting work is being carried out (i.e. Northern Transport
Corridor Opportunities Study).
Ensure that bus access requirements are met for new Development Work being continually carried out by staff to ensure this action
42 City S Continual Work
residential subdivisions. Sector, Local Bus is met at the planning stage.
The intersection of Ellis and Somerville Streets received
blackspot funding and will be upgraded. As a part of this
Develop and progressively implement a high quality, fully Included in Bicycle Network's submission to the State work, cyclists travelling along Ellis Street and accessing
separated from other vehicles, cycling and walking link La Trobe University, Government Budget. Preliminary scoping work being done in- Wallace Avenue to get to the Spring Gully Creek Trail will
43 City M In Progress
between La Trobe University, Bendigo Railway Station and VicTrack house to move the project to shovel-ready stage with the aim to be able to cross at designated cyclist lights. Part of this
the City Centre. seek funding in 2017/18 FY planning also allows for room to complete a bi-directional
protected bike lane along Ellis St at some point in the

A small way finding trial was implemented as part of the Open

Streets component of the Innovation in Cycling Showcase. This will form a major part of the new Walking and
Develop and implement a walking and cycling way finding
A cycling comfort map is under development that will help to Cycling Strategy. Wayfinding has also been identified as
44 strategy for the activity centres identifying key public City M In Progress
achieve a well thought out way finding scheme a significant deficiency by the Cycling Tourism
transport, walking, cycling and link connections.
2015/16FY saw CBD signage updated, plans are being Assessment of Bendigo undertaken by CycleLifeHQ
developed for Kangaroo Flat and Eaglehawk

The Cycling and Walking Strategy will also address this

in part. The Cycling Strategy released by the State
Government identifies 52.34 as needing updating - this
Undertake and progressively implement a strategy Early discussions with a number of major trip generators around
directly addresses end-of-trip facilities and bike parking.
identifying the type and location of bicycle parking and end- the potential of CyclePort or a system similar to facilitate cycling
45 City State Government M In Progress The City was successful in receiving a grant from the
of-trip facilities to be provided near public transport stops, and reduce the number of trips taken by car for business within
New Energy Jobs Fund to investigate the merits of a
in activity centres and other major trip generators. Bendigo.
shared e-bike fleet and using a system like CyclePort to
manage the fleet and parking requirements. This
business case is due for completion in June 2018

There has been a large amount of work undertaken with

developers in the northern growth corrdior of Bendigo
Ensure that new residential developments are linked to the Staff working with new developers to ensure new developments through Epsom and Ascot with many kms of shared path
46 bicycle and pedestrian network and provide appropriate City M Continual Work do connect with existing off-road and on-road infrastructure and put in place by developers that the City can connect to
walking and cycling infrastructure inside the development. networks for active travel the broader trail network and provide these new
developments with good active transport connections to
their neighbourhoods and the centre of Bendigo.

The Public Space Plan is nearing completion and sets

Develop the City of Greater Bendigo north-south and east- Bendigo Creek Trail improvements are being investigated as out a number of transport corridors that achieve this
west Strategic Cycling Corridors by removing conflict points VicRoads, State well as the development of the Ironbark Gully Trail. Still work to action. Ironbark Gully Trail planning is well underway and
47 City M In Progress
at intersections, improving lighting, surface quality and by Government be done to assess and improve surface quality and lighting. This some construction may start in late 2018. The Victorian
providing separation between cyclist and vehicle traffic. action is part of the recommendations in the Public Space Plan. Cycling Strategy also advocates for low-stress, seperated
cycling corrdiors.
Provide new services to induce local travel as new train
48 PTV M Not Yet Started No new train stations this applies to have been opened as yet.
stations are incorporated into the network.
Actions Lead Partners Period Progress FEB 2017 Comments FEB 2018 Update
PTV in partnership with the City of Greater Bendigo and the
community to periodically review bus services in order to City, Greater
Review is ongoing with periodic improvements being
49 progressively increase frequencies, extend hours of PTV Bendigo M Continual Work New bus timetables will be reviewed.
operation and weekend coverage on all routes, while Community
providing a high level of coverage on the distributer routes.

Implement bus priority measures on the primary bus City, Local Bus SmartRoads framework developed by VicRoads which will
50 VicRoads M Not Yet Started
network and elsewhere as required. Operators inform this action in coming years.
Still being completed as new bus stops are built.
Develop a complete, high quality, DDA compliant network Progressively being implemented across the city as new bus Significant work to be done making sure access to these
51 City L In Progress
of bus stops and bus stop access routes. stops are constructed. bus stops is DDA compliant from the footpath and from
the bus itself.
Advocate for the provision of a new railway station at Initial conversations being held - investigations into new stations
Regional Partnerships has a focus on rail and
Huntly with the capacity for grade separation, a new station PTV, State in Central Victoria is an action in the Regional Network
52 City M In Progress discussions are continuing with the knowledge that
at the rear of Lansell Square and a new station at Harcourt Government Development Plan released by the State Government in mid-
additional stations will be required.
in Mount Alexander Shire. 2016

Advocate for the reopening of the Golden Square railway

station; the construction of a new railway station at the
Bendigo Showgrounds; in conjunction with urban PTV, State Being included in Plan Bendigo and Bendigo 2015-2030 & 2030-
53 City M In Progress Advocacy continuing through Plan Greater Bendigo
development for new stations at Maiden Gully with the Government 2050 framework plans
capacity for grade separation; a new station at Marong and
a planned station at the Marong Business Park.

Investigate opportunities for establishing a ‘stand alone’

urban rail system with its own operator, rolling stock, This action is not specifically mentioned in Plan Greater
Project is being considered as a part of the Plan Bendigo
54 maintenance and stabling facilities to services a network of PTV M Not Yet Started Bendigo. It will possibly need to be investigated when
‘infill’ stations spaced at 2km intervals to maximise Bendigo Metro Rail is fully operational
coverage and access.
Continue advocating for an increase in the level of service Advocacy is continuing. Signalling upgrades and
55 to Bendigo for regional commuters along the Swan Hill and City PTV M Continual Work Continued work with Railing Ahead group to advocate trackwork underway on both lines between Bendigo and
Echuca lines. Eaglehawk and Epsom.
Develop a ‘stand alone’ urban rail system to provide for
high-speed and high-capacity movement of people to and Project is being considered as a part of the Plan Bendigo This will also potentially need to be evaluated when
56 PTV L Not Yet Started
from the City Centre and to activity centres located along project. Bendigo Metro Rail is fully operational.
the railway network.
Actions Partners Period Progress Comments
Implement SmartRoads framework and principles for urban
Bendigo to help identify and prioritise improvements to
make the best use of existing road space, maximise safety,
Work still to be completed by VicRoads prior to these
57 and provide broader transportation benefits to the VicRoads City, PTV S In Progress Awaiting completion of SmartRoads by VicRoads
prioritisations being made.
community which address traffic growth by facilitating the
use of sustainable transport modes such as public
transport, cycling and walking.

Introduce vehicle access restrictions to Williamson Street

from its intersection at the five ways roundabout at
Somerville Street to address safety issues and to test its
58 City S Not Yet Started
potential to become part of a high quality bicycle walking
corridor between Flora Hill, La Trobe University, Bendigo
Railway Station and the City Centre.

Review the relevant Greater Bendigo Planning Scheme The Car Parking Strategy for Bendigo City Centre is
59 Clauses relating to car parking provisions so as to align City S In Progress being updated in FY 18/19. The Planning Scheme
them with the ITLUS strategic directions. Review is also currently underway.
Implement a process to ensure that the car parking
requirements for new land uses and developments in the
City Centre so as to support sustainable transport The Car Parking Strategy is being updated in FY 18/19.
60 alternatives to the motor car, limit the growth in car parking City S Not Yet Started The Planning Scheme Review is also underway at
provision and demand and promote more efficient use of present and may identify changes that are needed.
car parking spaces through the consolidation of car parking
Update the Bendigo CBD Parking Strategy to align the
provision of car parking with ITLUS and recently completed
The Car Parking Strategy for Bendigo City Centre is
61 strategies such as the Residential Strategy, Commercial City S Not Yet Started
being updated in FY 18/19
Land and Activity Centre Strategy and the Bendigo Hospital
Structure Plan.
Bendigo Freight Study has been completed. Signage and
Improve designated freight route signage to ensure its Is being addressed for implementation via the Bendigo Freight
62 VicRoads City S In Progress wayfinding for freight routes is a key action heard in
legibility for heavy vehicle operators. Study.
consultation and identified in the plan.
Actions Lead Partners Period Progress FEB 2017 Comments FEB 2018 Update
Update the Schedule to the Parking Overlay in the Greater
Bendigo Planning Scheme to align with ITLUS and to
Bendigo Planning Scheme Review is currently underway
63 remove the trigger for a Planning Permit resulting from a City S In Progress
and will look to update the Parking Overlay
change of use when there is no increase to the floor area of
an existing building.

Consider refining the City of Greater Bendigo Home Based

Work Policy to include telecommuting and teleconferencing
64 City S Not Yet Started
opportunities that could be available to staff who are
eligible and wish to reduce their daily car travel to work.

Undertake a detailed, Bendigo specific freight study to

identify inhibitors that impact on the efficiency of road and
Bendigo Freight Study has been completed and
rail freight as well as to explore opportunities for enhancing
represents one of the most comprehensive
the productivity of the freight sector and for minimising its Freight Operators
Project is underway. Some early results can be expected in understandings of the local freight task in the country.
65 impacts on residential City and Generators, S Completed
2017. There are discussions about the need for an extension of
amenity and the city’s liveability, such as through VicRoads
the project to incorporate a wider area to form a regional
identification of preferred freight hub locations and
freight study.
utilisation of state of the art information technology based
Investigate intersection improvements at the Specimen Hill
66 Road and Chum Street, to increase safety and VicRoads City S Not Yet Started VicRoads intersection that requires their action.
Test the effectiveness of existing arrangements and the
The Bendigo Freight Study did identify that a major
need for the introduction into the Greater Bendigo Planning
VicRoads, concern in the future will be the protection of freight
Scheme of any new land use and development planning
67 City Freight and Industry S In Progress This will be addressed as part of the Bendigo Freight Study. routes and recommends that a city wide freight corridor
tools to protect designated freight routes from encroaching
Sector and precinct plan be developed to take Bendigo and its
development, particularly in areas designated for
freight task into the future.
residential growth.
Pilot and implement, where appropriate, Intelligent
Awaiting completion of Bendigo Integrated Transport Modelling
Transport System technologies for smarter traffic
68 VicRoads City M Not Yet Started and SmartRoads to inform this action. Potential to be pushed
management, including network monitoring and real time
through the Smart Cities bid if that is successful.
information dispersal devices.
Upgrade the Howard Street and Midland Highway
69 VicRoads S Not Yet Started VicRoads intersection that requires their action.
intersection to improve safety and manoeuvrability.

Build on the knowledge gained through ongoing

consultation with the freight and industry sector and apply
the SmartRoads framework to refine the designated freight
route network, where appropriate and to prioritise
improvements designed to increase manoeuvrability, safety
Bendigo Freight Study has been completed. Awaiting
and access of freight vehicles, including examining the Freight study underway now will inform decision making
70 City VicRoads S In Progress further work on SmartRoads/Movement and Place to be
potential designation of Strickland Road as part of the regarding this action.
City’s arterial road network to support freight movements;
and reconstruction of the roundabout at the intersection of
Strickland Road and Murphy Street to accommodate freight
truck movements.

Consider waiving or reducing the statutory car parking

requirements for businesses which establish arrangements
to enable employees to work from home and can
71 City M Not Yet Started
demonstrate the implementation of other measures (such
as through a Green Travel Plan) to reduce staff travel as
single occupant drivers.

Pilot a staggered hours arrangement for City of Greater

Bendigo employees who choose to opt in with a view to test
72 the potential for reducing impact on the city roads at peak City M Not Yet Started
times and collaborate to seek an extension of such
arrangements to other major employers, if successful.

Commence discussions with commercial car sharing

companies and provide incentives to encourage them to
73 set up schemes in Bendigo, including the provision of on- City M Not Yet Started
street parking spaces (‘car share pods’) in prime locations
inside the City Centre for the exclusive use of shared cars.

Manage a safe and efficient road network that reinforces 15/16 and 16/17 budgets of $1M per year for footpaths/cycle
ITLUS public transport and freight objectives by managing paths addresses this by encouraging shift from single occupant
74 the capacity at 2015 levels through strategic investments City VicRoads L Continual Work car use. SmartRoads and Bendigo Integrated Transport Work is continuing on this action
and programs aimed at shifting away from single occupant Modelling will also help once completed. The Bendigo Freight
vehicles travel for daily needs. Study will greatly assist in the freight component of this action.
Actions Lead Partners Period Progress FEB 2017 Comments FEB 2018 Update
As car parking demand reduces over time, progressively
75 reduce the level of car parking in the City Centre, City L Not Yet Started
supplemented by facilities in satellite locations.
Provide parking dispensations to residential developments
76 which incorporate one or more shared cars for use by City L Not Yet Started
residents and bicycle facilities.
Investigate options for improved north-western freight
connections between Epsom and Marong including This action is to be addressed through part of the Marong - This action forms part of the recommendations in the
77 VicRoads Freight and Industry M In Progress
potential enhancements along over - dimensional Route Western Bendigo Framework Plan work. Bendigo Freight Study

Assess the type and priority of works required to progress

VicRoads has been looking at the Elmore-Raywood Rd in
the improvement of an east-west connection in the northern City, Freight and
78 VicRoads M In Progress conjunction with the Greater Bendigo Farming Advisory
parts of Greater Bendigo, with particular focus on key roads Industry Sector
between Elmore, Raywood and Bridgewater.

Explore the establishment of freight hubs on the periphery

of urban Bendigo, as part of the Bendigo Freight Study, to Freight and Industry
support the freight industry and to minimise the impact of Sector, State This action will be given some clarification on ways forward from This action is specifically identified as a priority in the
79 City L In Progress
freight operations on the city’s liveability with initial Government, the Bendigo Freight Study. Bendigo Freight Study
consideration being given to sites at Big Hill and Marong VicRoads
Business Park.
Actions Partners Period Progress Comments
Provide every Greater Bendigo Primary School with an
Toolkit prepared and distributed to schools in the area. This was
Active Travel Tool Kit, which has been developed as an
first done in 2015 and again in 2016 with Walk to School
ITLUS active travel initiative and progressively implement
80 City Bendigo Schools S Completed Resources
the key elements so as to increase the level of walking,
This toolkit has also been distributed to 4 Jenny's Early Learning
cycling and public transport use among school
Centre's which have expressed interest.
Continue the existing collaboration between the City and
Bendigo TAFE, Completed. Community Compass to be incorporated into
Bendigo TAFE to maintain and progressively expand the
81 City Bendigo S Completed Liveability and Transport Mapping being completed at the
‘My Local Neighbourhood’ mapping system as part of the
Community moment.
Community Compass platform.
Collaborate to tap into existing road safety training
Bike ed continues to be ran and in late 2017 an
programs for traffic engineers, transport planners, police, VicRoads, Bendigo
additional program was ran with funding from VicRoads
city officials, drivers, cyclists and pedestrians, particularly Police, Bendigo Discussions held with VicRoads regarding funding to run value
82 City S In Progress and Road Safe Central Victoria that focused on
children and the elderly, to share knowledge and ideas Schools, Roadsafe adding programs alongside bike ed in Schools within Bendigo
wayfinding to Epsom, Huntly and White Hills Primary
about how to make our roads, neighbourhoods and activity Central Victoria
centres safer.
Collaborate to develop a Greater Bendigo focused
marketing campaign to promote public transport use 1 Day in 5 program has been rolled out in Epsom with good
83 focusing on new improvements, health benefits and City PTV, Bus Operators S In Progress results. This initative will continue to be rolled out across
economic savings to individual people, households and Bendigo for indivisuals and organisations

La Trobe University, Bike Bendigo completed an extensive program with La

Bike Bendigo and the City are working with La Trobe in their
Work closely with educational institutions and other places TAFE, Engineering Trobe University on building a cycling culture at the
efforts to influence beaviour change through infrastructure and
of knowledge on identifying, testing and resourcing Australia, Planning university. This included a survey, cycling classes and
84 City S In Progress facilities. Ongoing work occuring through programs like Walk to
innovative infrastructure, land use planning and design Institute of community rides. Walk to School ran successfully again
School. Bendigo Community Health's Healthy Together program
solutions and behaviour change programs. Australia, Private in 2017 and the Join the Ride project with Epsom, Huntly
also working on this.
Sector and White Hills Primary Schools

Explore opportunities to develop a Bendigo branded public

Transport and Liveability Mapping being worked on at the
85 transport app for mobile devices which makes it easy to City PTV S In Progress
moment provides scope to fill this role in a holistic way.
navigate the public transport system.
Collaborate with secondary schools to develop an Active
86 Travel Tool Kit that responds to their specific needs and City Bendigo Schools M Not Yet Started
accounts for older children’s abilities.

Develop an educational campaign to dispel the danger The Join the Ride project addressed this in part in the
Beginning to address this action through promotion of Walk to
myths surrounding children’s independent travel to school, northern corridor along Napier Street. The model is
87 City M In Progress School and addressing barriers and concerns Parents and
particularly focusing on stranger danger and road safety currently being evaluated and can potentially be rolled
Guardians have. More work to be done though
compared with the issues associated with car travel. out across multiple areas with minimal funding.

Consider offering incentives to private companies who

88 develop their own green travel plans and can demonstrate City M Not Yet Started
that they have had a measured impact.

Provide incentives to developers who wish to build shared,

communal or short-term office space in designated areas
89 City L Not Yet Started
such as Local Neighbourhood Activity Centres to bring
employment closer to where people reside.
Actions Lead Partners Period Progress FEB 2017 Comments FEB 2018 Update
Actions Partners Period Progress Comments
Establish an ITLUS governance structure by formalising ITLUS Steering
the membership of the current ITLUS Steering Committee Committee and Governance structure developed and awaiting approval by The new governance structure was approved by Council
90 City S Completed
and the Implementation Group and defining their terms of Reference Group Council. in March 2017 and is now in place.
reference. Members
Formalise an ITLUS delivery, monitoring and reporting ITLUS Steering
framework for cross-organisational integration, coordinated Committee and Being drafted for comment once governance framework is Priorities are currently being discussed by the ITLUS
91 City S In Progress
decision-making and measurable performance against Reference Group outlined and adopted by Council. Steering Committee and Community Reference Group
refined targets and indicators. Members
ITLUS Steering
Apply refined processes for the prioritisation of projects and Committee and Addressed as part of the governance of ITLUS. Awaiting Priorities are currently being discussed by the ITLUS
92 City S In Progress
budgeting so as to implement ITLUS. Reference Group governance structure approval before finalising. Steering Committee and Community Reference Group
Incorporate the relevant aspects of ITLUS into the Greater Amendment adopted by Council at December 2016 meeting -
93 City S Completed Planning Scheme Amendment Gazetted in March 2017
Bendigo Planning Scheme. Awaiting final approval from Planning Minister.

Coordinate an integrated delivery, monitoring and reporting Priorities are currently being discussed by the ITLUS
ITLUS Steering
process through an ‘Implementation Group’ and ensure Steering Committee and Community Reference Group.
Committee and Governance structure addresses these points. Awaiting Council
94 that this process is transparent and well communicated to City S In Progress Part of the Community Reference Group's role is to
Reference Group adoption of structure.
key stakeholders, project partners and the broader provide advice on how best to ensure the process is
community. communicated to all stakeholders effectively

VicRoads, PTV,
Trial a fully integrated and collaborative planning and
State Government,
delivery model comprising PTV and V/Line for buses, trains
ITLUS Steering
(including the roll out of Bendigo Metro Rail) and taxis Governance structure begins addressing these points. Awaiting
95 PTV Committee and S Not Yet Started
working in partnership with the City. This would include a Council adoption of structure.
Reference Group
coordinated approach to community consultation, high level
Members, Bendigo
network planning, timetabling and marketing.
Taxi Operators, City

Trial a range of on-road separated bicycle lane treatments, Ellis Street is currently being investigated as a site for a
cyclist and pedestrian priority and safety improvements, An initial trial was held during Open Streets Bendigo on the 26th significant trial of on-street protected lanes as part of the
96 including a separated bicycle lane solution through the City City VicRoads S In Progress of November 2016. Further assessment will be carried out in upgrade to the Ellis and Somerville St intersection. The
Centre to connect the southern and northern sections of 2017 lessons from this site will be directly applicable to any
the Bendigo Creek Linear Trail. installation on Hargreaves St in the future.

City, Bus The bikes on buses trial has been completed. The trial
Conduct a trial of carrying bicycles on buses to make it
Association Whitmore's Buses has one of 4 trials in the state and is routes have applied for an extension to the relevant
97 easier for people to combine these two modes of transport PTV S Completed
Victoria, Whitmores collecting promising data NHVR permits they hold to allow it to conitnue while
into their daily trips.
Bus Service plans are discussed to expand the trial to more routes.

Test new place making and public realm improvements The Moonlight Market, twilight farmer's market and
Local Retailers and
through the use of temporary installations and prototyping Public Space Plan investigates and suggests further direction events like filmed by bike in the mall are examples of
98 City other Commercial S In Progress
to make activity centres more people friendly and to on this action. activating spaces within the CBD. CCTV cameras are
improve retail and other business activity. due to be finished being upgraded by EOFY 17/18.

CyclePort Installation is due to be completed in early 2017.

Discussions commenced about formalising maintenance, CyclePort installation not complete as yet due to delays
replacement etc of fleet bikes. Estralian to provide novated in manufacturing and design problems. Bike Fleet Policy
leasing of E-Bikes for staff. Two e-bikes added to the fleet in being updated and the management of the fleet is
Maintain and progressively expand as required the City
99 City S In Progress 2016 to increase accessibility. More formal arrangement currently being streamlined. Options to rationalise the
corporate bicycle fleet.
regaridng management and maintenance of the fleet and fleet are being discussed as it has now grown to be
systems will be in place once CyclePort is fully operational.This approximately 20 bikes. 8 e-bikes have now been added
will involve engaging a local bike shop on a contract to provide to the fleet in late 2017 and these are proving popular.
maintenance services as needed.
Continue using telecommunication devices and web-based
applications, such as the City’s Community Compass, to Liveability Mapping being worked on at the moment and first
100 promote walking and cycling to daily destinations and City S In Progress stage expected for release in early 2017 which will identify
community networking at a local level thus promoting the everyday locations that can be cycled/walked to easily.
‘10 minute neighbourhood’ concept.
Explore opportunities, through future transport network
planning (including the Regional Network Development A Local Transport Forum was held in November 2017
Plan), to trial a system of alternative transport services City, PTV, Bendigo that looked at alternative ways to improve transport in
101 TfV S In Progress Will be addressed through Local Transport Forum.
such as the use of taxi vouchers during down times, Taxi Directorate rural areasthrough alternative methods. Awaiting
particularly in rural areas and townships not well serviced outcomes from TfV
by public transport.
Continue discussions with PTV on the possibility to trial a
102 ‘free transit zone’ for bus travel covering the CBD and PTV City S Not Yet Started
Bendigo Hospital precinct.
Actions Lead Partners Period Progress FEB 2017 Comments FEB 2018 Update
Align future local and regional strategies/plans with the Regional ITLUS being promoted to many external agencies and is well-
103 ITLUS objectives through on-going monitoring and City Partnerships, State M Continual Work known within the region and State Government. More work to be
refinement. Government done on ensuring its implementation in these broader plans.

ITLUS Steering New governance structure to be continually reviewed and

Periodically evaluate and refine the effectiveness of the Committee and improved as needed. Full review to be undertaken within 3
104 City L Continual Work
established governance structure and delivery framework. Reference Group years of it being in operation to address any implementation
Members issues.

Seek ways to tap into existing successful rural and Rural Communities Strategy provides direction on this.
105 township businesses to spread innovation locally and City M Not Yet Started Establishment of Rural Advisory Committee will greatly assist in
through sub- regional networks to strengthen town centres. this action being carried out.

Plan for the ‘e-future’ by investigating the issues and

opportunities associated with e-commerce, online
106 City M Not Yet Started
education and telecommuting, with the view to support
local businesses and rural communities.

The City has partnered with Monash University to take

Lobby State Government and work with the service part in a study as to how electric buses might work in a
Seeking funding for a feasibility study into a pilot program for
107 providers to initiate a demonstration project for an City M In Progress regional setting. The City is also working with State
alternative fuel bus fleet. Government departments on potential for trials of
alternative fuel buses in Bendigo. This work is ongoing.

This action is partly addressed by the introduction of CyclePort

Invest in latest technologies for the City’s corporate vehicle
to manage the bike fleet in a smarter way. Further work can be The City has purchased an Mitsubishi EV that now sits in
108 fleet that minimise emissions and reduce energy City M In Progress
done to identify other areas of improvement as technologies the fleet.
Investigate the feasibility of employing new information
technologies, including web-based systems, to increase Freight and Industry This action will be discussed and explored in the Bendigo
109 City L In Progress
freight sector efficiencies and minimise impact on Sector Freight Study.
residential amenity.
Plan for the likely uptake of new technologies in private/
shared vehicle markets, for example smart cars; their This action can partly be addressed through the Local Transport
110 potential to service the needs of more isolated, rural City VicRoads, PTV L Not Yet Started Forum while technology is still being tested and developed in
communities and their likely impact on the city’s the industry.
infrastructure and service provision.
Support new pricing and market-based approaches
111 designed to instigate a shift towards cleaner, more active City L Not Yet Started
Actions Partners Period Progress Comments

Increase access options to key destinations by focusing

growth and encouraging residential development in:
• targeted infill sites, precincts that are supported by public
transport and offer employment opportunities. Plan Greater Bendigo identifies this as a crucial
State Government, 2015-2030 and 2030-2050 Strategic Framework Plan under
• land in close proximity to current and proposed train component of a growing Bendigo. This action is also
112 City Development S In Progress preparation. Plan Bendigo has the potential to address this
stations and along the main transit corridors connecting the supported through the Housing and Residential
Sector action also.
City Centre and the principal activity centres. strategies.
• neighbourhoods which have a high level of walkability,
strengthen the public transport network and cycling

Continue to support development in the designated growth

areas of Jackass Flat, Huntly, Strathfieldsaye and Maiden
Gully and small towns, principally Heathcote, Marong, State Government,
113 Elmore and Axedale to minimise encroachment on the City Development S Continual Work Ongoing through many strategies.
city’s forests and agriculturally productive land, to maximise Sector
access to existing infrastructure and to optimise the
efficient provision of public transport.

Continue the progressive implementation of community-

based township plans, including their recommendations for
114 detailed structure planning with emphasis on improving City S Continual Work Ongoing through a number of current and future strategies.
walking, cycling and public transport connections and
access to services and facilities.

Require new housing developments and structure plans to The Implementation Plan for the Greater Bendigo Housing
Implementation Plan for Greater Bendigo Housing
115 incorporate minimum residential density requirements that City S In Progress Strategy will make recommendations around density targets in
Strategy was adopted by Council in January 2018.
support public transport services. accessible locations.
Actions Lead Partners Period Progress FEB 2017 Comments FEB 2018 Update
Develop Urban Design Frameworks for the activity centres
identified by the Commercial Land and Activity Centres Strathfieldsaye UDF has been adopted by Council and
Strathfieldsaye - Council in February
Strategy, namely, Epsom, Strathfieldsaye, Maiden Gully, is being implemented. Marong Structure Plan has been
Marong - Draft to Council in March
Marong, Golden Square and Ironbark to guide delayed until mid-late 2018 due to State Government
116 City S In Progress Maiden Gully - To commence in mid 2017
development in and around these centres and train station updates to Bushfrie Management Overlays. Elmore
Golden Square - Report to Council in April
precincts, to accommodate a growing population and to scheduled for 2018/19 FY. Golden Square brief is being
Others to be scheduled
induce and support public transport use and active travel developed at present
by people living in and accessing the activity centres.

Implement the Eaglehawk Structure Plan town centre

State Government, Amendment approved by the Minister - plan being implemented.
recommendations to maximise development opportunities
117 City Development S In Progress Eaglehawk Railway Station Master Plan developed and with Eaglehawk Railway Station upgrade due to begin soon.
in and around the Eaglehawk Railway Station and increase
Sector State for implementation (part of the $15.8M funding).
the residential and commercial development opportunities.

Develop a ‘Postcode 3550’ Strategy to encourage high

quality, well designed, mixed use residential development
of two to four stories that respect existing heritage settings One of the main themes of Plan Greater Bendigo is 'A
This action will be included in the review of the residential
and neighbourhood character in and around the City Stronger and More Vibrant City Centre' - this group of
118 City S Not Yet Started strategy. This also has potential to be picked up in Plan
Centre, including Bridge Street leading to the Bendigo projects includes boosting the level of residential
Hospital Precinct, to accommodate 3,000 people living in premises in the CBD.
and around the City Centre by 2030, consistent with the
Greater Bendigo Residential Strategy.

Implement the Bendigo Railway Station Masterplan

facilitating improved access to the northern platform,
Funded through the State Government 16/17 Budget. $15.8M of
providing for DDA compliant access between the two City, PTV, VicTrack
119 State Government S In Progress works to be carried out at Bendigo and Eaglehawk Railways Bendigo and Eaglehawk upgrades will begin in 2018
platforms and the safe circulation of pedestrians, cyclists
and vehicles outside the station area to respond to the
station’s expanding role as a regional public transport hub.

Support the Bendigo Trust in implementing the findings of

State Government,
the Bendigo Tramways Strategic Plan (April 2015) for
120 City VicRoads, Bendigo S In Progress Implementation underway.
enhancing Bendigo Tramways as a tourist attraction, thus
ensuring the Tramways on-going operations.

Complete Stage 2 of the Bendigo Airport Redevelopment

Project involving construction of a new runway and airside
State Government,
infrastructure required to support the long-term viability of
121 City Federal S Completed Stage 2 works expected to be completed by February 2017 Stage 2 was completed and opened in mid-2017
the airport as a regional passenger hub and improve
access for emergency service providers such as medical,
police and fire aircraft.

Plan for the expansion of the UGB as part of a systematic

process in accordance with the Greater Bendigo
Residential Strategy and Greater Bendigo Housing
State Government, The changes to the UGB are being contemplated at this time
Strategy in locations that are well supported by a range of
122 City Development M Not Yet Started and will be considered as part of the next review of the Greater
transport options and where such development will further
Sector Bendigo Housing Strategy
strengthen the public transport, walking and cycling

Assist the Bendigo Hospital Precinct to be regional

State Government,
Victoria’s premier health centre by progressively New bus timetable in place begins to address this point. This is
VicRoads, PTV,
123 implementing the Bendigo Hospital Precinct Plan initiatives City L In Progress to be reviewed once the new hospital is opened and its impact
relating to transport and mobility, land use and is understood further.
development and open space improvements.
Actions Partners Period Progress Comments
Review the strategic role and design of Arnold, Barnard
and Bridge Streets as part of the SmartRoads process with
consideration of the Bendigo Hospital Precinct Structure
Being reviewed as a part of SmartRoads. This action is awaiting
Plan recommendations for improved walkability, safety, City, PTV, Bendigo
124 VicRoads S In Progress further work from VicRoads on SmartRoads and for the Still awaiting action from VicRoads on SmartRoads work
universal access, parking, connectivity with the City Centre Health
Hospital's impact to be better understood once operational.
and accessibility by public transport and emergency

State Government,
Complete the Loddon Campaspe Integrated Transport VicRoads, Southern The Strategy has been completed and is now being
125 TfV S Completed
Strategy and commence its progressive implementation. Loddon Mallee implemented.
Region Councils
Actions Lead Partners Period Progress FEB 2017 Comments FEB 2018 Update
Progressively implement the recommendations of the
Strathfieldsaye Township Traffic Management Plan (2015) Work on the Tannery Lane intersection has begun and
Strathfieldsaye Town Centre Urban Design Framework (UDF)
126 prioritising safety and addressing traffic flow issues along VicRoads City M In Progress will be ongoing through 2018. The Strathfieldaye UDF
going to Council for adoption in Feb 2017.
Wellington Street (Strathfieldsaye Road) from Tannery was adopted and is being implemented now.
Lane in the west to Emu Creek Road in the east.

State Government,
Implement the findings of the Bendigo specific freight study
VicRoads, Loddon Bendigo Freight Study completed and set to be
127 and the Regional Transport Strategy relating to both the City L In Progress Bendigo Freight study underway.
Mallee Region implemented in the coming years.
metropolitan and regional road and rail network.
Actions Partners Period Progress Comments
Ensure all new footpaths and shared paths meet the DDA
Continual work carried out by Presentation and Assets
128 requirements and are compliant with the Bendigo City S Continual Work
Community Access and Inclusion Plan.

Complete the Bendigo Bus Network Review to improve the

level of service by increasing the span of hours and bus
frequency and to induce a growth in patronage, particularly Review completed. New Bus Timetable has partially addressed
129 PTV S In Progress Review of the network is ongoing.
along the four main priority routes namely: Kangaroo Flat to this. Further monitoring as land use and population changes.
City Centre, Huntly to City Centre, Eaglehawk to City
Centre and Strathfieldsaye to City Centre.

Construct the La Trobe University Bus Transport Hub with

a new access road and bus stop within a central location of Scheduled for inclusion in stage two upgrades at La Trobe
130 La Trobe University PTV S In Progress Works have begun onsite at La Trobe.
the La Trobe University campus and realign the existing University's Bendigo Campus - due for completion in 2018.
bus route to service it.
Investigate critical success factors including land use and
urban development opportunities as well as productivity,
liveability and health dividends associated with providing State Government,
131 City S Not Yet Started Partly addressed in the Marong Structure Plan work.
additional railway stations at Huntly, Maiden Gully, Golden PTV
Square and Marong, as identified by the Residential

Complete a Regional Network Development Plan to set out

the long term direction and priorities for regional public
132 transport over the next 20 to 30 years, including better State Government S Completed Plan complete and announced in mid 2016.
coordinated and improved bus and rail services, network
extensions, infrastructure upgrades and new rolling stock.

Advocate for the inclusion of townships identified by the

Residential Strategy for future growth namely Marong,
Elmore, Axedale and Heathcote and those located along Advocacy continuing through forums like the Farming
Continual advocacy being undertaken by many areas of the
133 the Swan Hill and Echuca railway lines, particularly City S Continual Work Advisory Committee, Rural Communities Advisory Group
organisation to try to meet rural communities' needs.
Raywood and Goornong, in planning for public transport and Local Transport Forum
improvements including the Regional Network
Development Plan.
Actions Partners Period Progress Comments
Continue working with service providers and the State Government,
development industry to ensure that greenfield and infill PTV, Development
134 City S Continual Work Continual work carried out by units within the organisation.
development sites maximise walking, cycling and public Sector, Local Bus
transport use to daily destinations. Operators
Use relevant planning tools and policies to continue
135 protecting the character of urban Bendigo and rural City S Continual Work Continual work carried out by Planning.
Funding opportunities are being explored from multiple
Continue to bid for potential State, Federal and private
agencies and levels of Government. Funding being actively
136 sector funding to fund projects and programs that assist in City S Continual Work
investigated through VicRoads, New Energy Jobs Fund and
implementing ITLUS.
Building Better Regions Fund
Continue to plan for the development of Bendigo as a City
of 200,000 people based on about 85 per cent of the
population being provided for within the Bendigo Urban 2015-2030 & 2030-2050 Strategic Framework Plans take this
Plan Greater Bendigo is nearing completion and largely
137 Growth Boundary – including Marong Township and 15 per City State Government L In Progress into account and plan for it. Plan Bendigo also addresses this
addresses this point.
cent in the City’s small townships, principally Heathcote, point in part
Elmore and Axedale and those rural areas zoned to
support residential development.

Complete Stage 3 of the Bendigo Airport Redevelopment

Project involving a contemporary business park to
138 City State Government M Not Yet Started Stage 3 will commence after completion of Runway
accommodate potential expansion of existing businesses
and new business establishments.
Actions Lead Partners Period Progress FEB 2017 Comments FEB 2018 Update
Leverage the infrastructure investment associated with the State Government,
completion of the Airport Redevelopment Project by Federal Discussions are continuing with a number of commercial
139 supporting the airport becoming Bendigo’s major gateway City Government, L In Progress airline operators about operating flights to capital cities
for business, leisure and freight transport and a key Loddon Mallee direct from Bendigo.
economic driver for the Loddon Mallee Region. Councils
Assist the Bendigo Hospital Precinct to be regional
State Government,
Victoria’s premier health centre by progressively
VicRoads, PTV,
140 implementing the Bendigo Hospital Precinct Plan initiatives City L In Progress New bus timetable begins addressing this
relating to transport and mobility, land use and
development and open space improvements.
Actions Partners Period Progress Comments
Accelerate the progressive roll out of, footpaths, shared
paths, bicycle paths and trails and bicycle parking in
Council has allocated additional $1M for 2015/16 and 2016/17
Bendigo and key townships, with a focus on improving
141 City VicRoads S Continual Work budgets. 2017/18 funding is subject to the budget process this Work continuing across multiple departments in the City
safety, access and connections to key destinations such as
schools, public transport, sport and recreation facilities and
activity centres.
Maintain a comprehensive network of footpaths, bicycle Council has allocated additional $1M for 2015/16 and 2016/17
lanes and shared paths throughout the city so that a budgets. 2017/18 funding is subject to the budget process this
142 City VicRoads L Continual Work Work continuing across multiple departments in the City
significant portion of journeys can be made by walking or year - this concept is incorporated and strongly supported in
cycling. Council's Public Space Plan.
Continue to identify infrastructure, service and network
Plan Bendigo has a role in identifying future infrastructure Plan Greater Bendigo is nearing completion and largely
143 improvements to ensure a growing share of travel is PTV L Continual Work
needs, particularly with regard to transport. addresses this point.
undertaken by public transport.

Implement a Design and Development Overlay as part of

the Greater Bendigo Planning Scheme based on the Heart
Foundation’s Healthy by Design Guidelines and apply the
healthy, walkable neighbourhood design principles when Greater Bendigo Planning Scheme under review in 2018.
144 undertaking structure and master planning for Urban City S In Progress This action will need to be raised with the working group
Design Frameworks for activity centres, planning for on the review.
development near public transport interchanges,
particularly railway stations and along main bus transit


Actions Partners Period Progress Comments
Complete investigations, concept design and community
consultation for an upgrade to the Napier Street section of
the Midland Highway, in the north of Bendigo (Weeroona
Avenue to Scott Street), to inform a full business case for Stage 1 completed on Napier Street. Stage 2 beginning
145 improvements addressing traffic growth and which VicRoads City, PTV S In Progress Project scoped, designed and funded. To begin in 2017 in Jan 2018. VicRoads have committed to undertaking a
supports and promotes corrdior study to the north of Bendigo for bicycles.
the use of alternative transport modes such as public
transport, cycling and walking.

Maintain existing access restrictions for B-Doubles and

other higher mass limit vehicles through the City Centre to
ensure a high level of residential and public realm amenity
146 that contributes to commercial business activity and the City VicRoads S Continual Work
city’s economic prosperity and to minimise road fatalities
and injuries, particularly among vulnerable road users,
namely pedestrians, cyclists, the young and the elderly.

Complete the upgrade of the Ravenswood interchange

involving a large circulating road as well as two bridges to
147 safely carry vehicles over two new Calder Freeway VicRoads S In Progress Under Construction Due for completion in March 2018
carriageways thus improving safety and heavy vehicle
access and manoeuvrability.
Actions Partners Period Progress Comments
Continue supporting community groups seeking funding
148 grants under the TAC Active Travel Program and other City S Continual Work
State and Federal funding sources
Bendigo City of Greater Bendigo Healthy Together program ceased in
Continue encouraging healthy, living, eating and physical
Community Health 2015 however a number of programs targeting healthy living are
149 activity in the community via the State Government’s Bendigo Health S Continual Work
Services, Victorian still undertaken as well as working with Bendigo Community
Healthy Together program.
Government Health on their Healthy Together Program.
Actions Lead Partners Period Progress FEB 2017 Comments FEB 2018 Update
Continue working with leading institutions, businesses, Australia, Outside
community groups and organisations to promote travel the Square, Urban
behaviour change and increase understanding of the Development Continuing work by Active and Healthy Communities and
150 City S Continual Work
benefits of urban consolidation and living a more active Institute of Strategy Units.
lifestyle, by co-funding innovative programs and co- hosting Australia, BE.
public events and information sessions. Bendigo, Bendigo
Sustainability Group

The New Energy Jobs Fund project is looking at how a

Continue working with large employers and trip generators La Trobe University, shared ebike fleet might be rolled out among large
The Northern Transport Corridor Opportunities Study is working
to share knowledge regarding travel patterns and to identify Bendigo Health, employers within Bendigo. This includes gaining an
151 City S Continual Work with large employers to identify improvements in the region
new ways of encouraging telecommuting, commuting by Bendigo & Adelaide understanding of the transport task for organisations and
addressing this action.
public and active transport. Bank how we can improve the efficiency of trips for employers
and employees.

Enterprise, Northern
Continue working with local businesses and community
District Community
152 enterprises to co-fund new infrastructure and other City S Continual Work
improvements on a district and neighbourhood level.
Kangaroo Flat


Actions Partners Period Progress Comments
Continue lobbying the State Government for a rollout of
WiFi in public areas including Mitchell Street Hub has been
153 free public wi-fi onto Bendigo's public transport and to City S In Progress
activity centres.