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Visual-Motor /

Age Gross Motor Problem Solving Language Social/Adaptive

-Raises head slightly from Birth: Visually Fixes Alerts to sound Regards face
prone 1 Month:
1M -Makes crawling -Has tight grasp,
movements -follows to midline
-Holds head in midline -No longer clenches first Smile socially (after being Recognizes parent
-Lifts chest off table slightly stroked or talked to)
-Follows object past midline

-Supports on forearms in -Holds hands open at rest Coos (produces long vowel -Reaches for familial
prone -Follows in circular fashion sounds in musical fashion) people or objects
3M -Holds head up steadily -Responds to visual threat -Anticipates feeding

-Rolls front to back -Reaches with arms in unison -Laughs Enjoys looking around
4M -Supports on wrists and -Brings hands to midline -Orients to voice environment
shifts weight
-Rolls back to front Transfers objects -Say "ah-goo"
-Sits supported -Blows raspberries
5M -Orients to bell (localizes
-Sits unsupported -Unilateral reach Babbles Recognizes Strangers
6M -Puts feet in mouth in -Uses ranking grasp
supine position
Creeps Orients to bell (localized
-Comes to sit Inspects objects "Dada" indiscriminately Finger feeds
-Pivots when sitting -Uses pincer grasp -"Mama" indiscriminately -Starts to explain
-Pulls to stand -Probes with forefinger -Gestures (waves bye-bye) environment
9M -Cruises -Holds bottle -Inhibits to "no" -Plays gesture games
-Throws objects (e.g. Pat a cake)

Walks when led with both -"Dada/Mama"

10 M hands held discriminately
-Orients to bell (Directly)
Walks when led with one -One word other than
hand held "dada/mama"
11 M -Follows 1 step command
with gesture
Walks alone -Uses mature pincer grasp -Uses two words other than -Imitates actions
-Releases voluntarily "dada/mama" -Comes when called
-Marks paper with pencil -Immature jargoning (runs -Cooperates with
12 M several unintelligible dressing
syllables together)

13 M Uses 3 words
Follows 1-step command
14 M without gesture
Visual-Motor /
Age Gross Motor Problem Solving Language Social/Adaptive
-Creeps up stairs -Scribbles in imitation Uses 4 to 6 words 15 to 18 months:
-Walks backwards -Builds tower of 2 blocks in -Uses spoon
15 M imitation -Uses Cup independently

-Uses 7 to 20 words
-Points to 5 body parts
17 M -Uses mature jargoning
(including intelligible
words in jargoning)
-Runs -Scribbles spontaneously -Uses 2 word combinations -Copies parent in tasks
-Throws object from -Builds tower of 3 blocks (sweeping, dusting)
18 M standing without falling -Turns 2 to 3 pages at a time -Plays in company of
other children

19 M Knows 8 body parts

-Squats in play -Builds tower of 5 blocks -Uses 50 words Ask to have food and to
21 M
-Goes up steps -2-word sentences go to the toilet
-Walks up and down steps -Imitates stroke with pencil -Uses pronouns Parallel play
without help -Builds tower of 7 blocks Inappropriately
24 M -Turns pages one at a time -Follows 2-step commands
-Removes shoes, pants,

-Jumps with both feet off -Holds pencil in adult -Uses pronouns -Tells first and last name
floor fashion appropriately when asked
30 M -Throws ball over hand -Perform horizontal and -Concept of "1" -Gets self drink without
vertical strokes -Repeats 2 digits forward. help
-Unbuttons clothing
-Can alternate feet when -Copies a circle -Uses minimum 250 words -Group play
going up steps -Undresses Completely -Uses 3 word sentences, -Shares toys
-Pedals tricycle -Dresses Partially plurals, past tense -Takes turns
3Y -Dries hands if reminded -Knows all pronouns -Plays well with others
-Understands concept of -Knows full name, Age,
"2" Sex

-Mops -Copies a square -Knows colors - Tells "tall tales"

-Skips -Buttons clothing -Say song or poem from -plays cooperatively
-Alternates feet going -Dressing self completely memory with a group of children
down steps -Catches ball -asks questions
-Skips alternating feet -Copies triangle -Prints first name -Plays competitive
-jumps over low obstacles -Ties shoes -asks what a word means games
5Y -Spreads with knife -Abides by rules
-likes to help in
household tasks