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Assignment: Body System Book
___________________________ Teacher: _______________

Student Name: __________________________ Date: _______________

Include the following.

Body System Layout: Questions Design
-Basic info about -Colour -Five questions --Layout, easy to read
body system -Easy to read selected are - Drawings
related to selected - Charts
body system

I need to do better I am okay I am really good I am awesome

 I do not have good  I have okay titles.  I have a clear titles that  I have a clear titles that are
titles or/and I have Titles may need are noticeable. noticeable, on my pages. My titles
made several spelling capitals, or titles need are clear, accurate and appropriate.
mistakes. to be more appropriate
for the brochure.

Layout:  My brochure is super neat, and

 My brochure is not  Some of my titles  My brochure is neat and all words are spelled correctly.
neat or easy to and information all my words are spelled
read. are difficult to correctly.
 I have all the content included
in detail, and I have augmented
 I do not have all  I have all the my brochure with additional
Content: the content as  I have all the content listed relevant information.
content as required and it is explained well in
required above above but it is not good detail
in detail or well

 My brochure is colourful and

attractive and is the quality we
 I did not use colour  My Brochure has could use as an exemplar
Design: and the design is  My brochure is well
been planned and designed, attractive, and
poor. designed, and my colourful.
brochure has