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Example Treatment Plan

Concept Map

Write accurate
Determine if Accurately Recognize description Select
there is bone write patient does considering higher appropriate
loss on healthy not have CAL due to treatment
radiographs radiograph periodontal inflammation or plan
description disease recession (Prophy)
Know healthy/mild/moderate
and severe ranges for Know healthy/mild/moderate
radiographic bone levels and sever ranges for
periodontal disease Determine if Select
Determine patient has Yes appropriate
Write if probing passed treatment
Determine Write appropriate
radiograph depths are Yes periodontal plan (4910)
severity of healthy
description healthy treatment?
bone loss periodontal
description No
considering higher Select appropriate
No treatment plan (Prophy
CAL due to
Know with reduced
healthy/mild/moderate and Determine Write
severe ranges for periodontal localized or appropriate Determine need for active
disease generalized periodontal perio therapy or continue
description with maintenance or
Know 30% or more is
generalized, less than
30% is localized