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Principles of Religious Education 2

Coming to Your Table

Eucharist Year 4

Vanessa Collova


Work Sheets
Godly Play
Bible Stories

Unit Title: ED5619 Principles of Religious Education 2 Student Number: 20164233

Date of Submission: 21st May 2018 Tutor Name: Sharon Law-Davis

Website: http://primaryreligiouseducation.weebly.com/
Work Sheet: Lesson A1.1
Reference: CEOWA (n.d., p. 57. )

Body Feature Myself Friend

Eye Colour

Hair Colour

Hair Texture/

Hand Span Width

(Tip of thumb to tip of _____________cm _____________cm
little finger)

Arm Span Width


Head Circumference

Length of right foot

Length of left foot

Wonder Questions
• What might my body look like when I grow up?
• I wonder why everyone is different?

• Wonder questions I have about body differences are…

Work Sheet: Lesson A1.1
Reference: Inspiration taken from Moore (2013)
Work Sheet: Lesson A3.1
Reference: Inspiration taken from Moore (2013)

God Made Me Unique

My Name
Work Sheet: Lesson B2.1& B2.2
Reference: MrsModernMaestra (2017)

Jesus draws members of God’s family close to

him through the Eucharist. What are some ways
the church can be considered a family?

Compare and Contrast

Think about ways in which Church can be considered family.
Write the similarities and differences between your family
and your (or a) Church community.

Family Church
Work Sheet: Lesson B2.2

The Eucharist reminds us to love every individual

regardless of how they might be different.

How would our classroom look like, feel like and sound like if people drew
closer to Jesus by receiving Him in Holy Communion?
Work Sheet: Lesson C2.3

There is a special connection between the

Eucharist and the Last Supper.

Compare and Contrast

Write the similarities and differences between the
Consecration of the Eucharist and the Last Super.

Eucharist Last Supper

Work Sheet: Lesson C2.2

Prayers for
My First Holy

1. Print each page on
Glory be to the __________ brightly coloured
and to the __________ paper.
and to the _____ _____. 2. Cut pages apart
As it was in the __________, and stack in correct
is ______,
3. Line pages us and
and ever shall ________, stable once in each
________ without end. top corner.
Refer to above picture

Glory Be as an example of a Flip


Lord, I am not ________

that you should enter
________ _______ ________,

but only _______ _______ _______

and my soul ________ _______ ________.

Communion Rite
Work Sheet: Lesson C2.2

Priest: The Lord be with you.

All: And with your _________.
Priest: Lift up your hearts.
All: We ________ them up to the ________.
Priest: Let us give thanks to the Lord our God.
All: It is ________ and ________.

Eucharistic prayer

Our _________, Who art in _________

Hallowed be Thy _________;
Thy _________ come,
Thy will be done,
on _________ as it is in _________.
Give us this day our daily _________,
and _________ us our trespasses,
as we _________ those who trespass against us;
and _________ us not into temptation,
but _________ us from _________.

Our Father
Work Sheet: Lesson C2.2

I _________ to almighty God

and to you, my _________ and _________,
that I have greatly _________,
in my _________ and in my _________,
in what I have _________ and in what I have
failed _____ ____,
through my _________, through my _________,
through my most grievous _________;
therefore I ask blessed _________ ever-Virgin,
all the _________ and _________,
and you, my _________ and _________,
to pray for me to the Lord our God.


Penitential Act
Assessment: Lesson C4.1 (Enlarged to A3)
Work Sheet: Lesson C4.1
Reference: CEOWA (n.d., p. 76)
Work Sheet: Lesson C1.1
Reference: El-Azzi (n.d.)

Godly Play Script

Jesus’ Last Supper: Luke 22:7-23

Children are seated in a semi-circle around the teacher, quiet and ready to listen to the story. The
teacher will have the materials hidden in a box until they are to be used for the story.

1. Teacher will place the bible in front of them.

This story comes from our special book, the Bible.

2. Place a brown piece of felt onto the ground to represent the path on the way to the city
and place Jesus, Peter and John onto the path.

The day before Passover, Jesus had asked Peter and John, his two disciples to prepare the
Passover meal. Peter had asked Jesus: “Where do you want us to make preparations for it?”
Jesus had instructed them to find the man carrying a jar of water and ask if they may have the
supper in the man’s guest room. And so they did as they were instructed.

3. Put Jesus back into the box, Move Peter and John to the other side of the path and place
the other man next to them.

Peter and John had found the man and said to him: “The teacher asks you: Where is your guest
room? Where may I eat the Passover with my disciples?” The man had showed them where the
room was and Peter and John started to make preparations for the Passover.

4. Place a green rectangular piece of felt on the ground to represent the table. Then place
the 12 disciples along one side of the table and place Jesus in the middle of them.

When it was time for the Passover, Jesus took his place at the table and said to his disciples: “I
have eagerly wanted to eat this Passover with you before I suffer because I will not be able to
eat it until the kingdom of heaven has been fulfilled”.

5. Place a piece of bread on the felt table.

Jesus then lifted up the loaf of broad and after giving thanks he said: “Take this all of you, share
it among you and eat it. This is my body which will be given for you. Do this in memory of me”.

6. Place a cup on the felt table.

Jesus then lifted up the cup of wine after supper and he said: “This cup of wine is the new
covenant in my blood. But when I am gone, the one that will betray me is with us on the table.
The disciples then started to ask one another which one of them it could be.

7. Carefully place all the materials back into the box and read the ‘I wonder’ questions as the
students continue to sit quietly in a semi-circle whilst the teacher may turn on quiet music
to allow the students think about their responses to the questions.
• I wonder how it felt to be Jesus, knowing that he was going to get betrayed by one of
his friends

• I wonder how the disciples felt knowing that Jesus was going to leave them

• I wonder if the disciples understood what Jesus was doing

• I wonder what Jesus meant by the words: This is my body which will be given for you.

• I wonder why Jesus lifted up the bread and wine before he spoke about them
Bible Stories

Lesson B1.1
- Matthew 19:13–15 Jesus blesses little children
- Luke 5:12–14 Jesus touches the sick
- Mark 7:31–37 Jesus heals people with disabilities
- Luke 19:1–10 Jesus and Zacchaeus
- John 4:1-26 Samaritan woman at the well

Lesson B2.1
- John 6:51-57 The Bread from Heaven

Lesson C1.1
- 1 Kings 19:4.-8 Elijah in the wilderness


- Welcome to the Family by Kids Praise

Find track at: https://www.psalty.com/track/687862/welcome-to-the-family
- Just Like You by Kids Praise 

Find track at: https://www.psalty.com/track/687851/just-like-you
- One Bread One Body by John Michael Talbot
- A New Commandment by Gather Australia

Youtube Videos
- Gods Story: Last Supper

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