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Project Safe

I. Rationale and Background

The challenges facing our school campus environment is conservable. To address

these challenges in our school campus is to implement the project safe water. To
assist the students to practice drinking habit for safe water to avoid them from
stomach ache, urinary tract infection ( UTI ) at the same time we observe sanitary
environment like clean ( CR ) restroom, washing area and most of all in their
respective rooms. As a result of these we enhance their performance. This
improvement ensure that the Students and Teachers are able to have a clean rest
This projects are conducted to promote the continues good health of the Students
and Teachers in Munguia, National High School. These, reason the student will not
go out to buy water.

II. Objective:
Project Aim
a. To produce free and safe water to Munguians.
b. To decrease allowance of students in buying distilled water.
c. To decrease complain of students for stomach ache.

III. Methodology : Strategies of techniques

To be able to produce safety water in getting from tank using portable water

In every section, there must be representative/water master assigned by their

adviser. The TLE club officers together with the TLE teachers will provide a
checklist in every refilling the jar in each section by year level.

IV. Target Beneficiaries

a. Students and Teachers

1. 480 students and 26 teachers of Munguia National High School.

V. Resource Persons

1. Agnes D. Illarde - Head Teacher I

2. Alvin R. Abangan - Teacher I
3. Betty A. Campoy -Teacher III
4. Jane B. Baskial - Teacher I
5. Bernardo Cabalo - Teacher III

VI. Venue
Munguia, National High School Dupax del Norte

VII. Dates of Implementation

November 27, 2017