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Name of BV Client PUNJ LLOYD LTD

Project Rathchakra IOCL Paradip

Client IOCL
IND.D.4.15.0516 & ZIG NO. 6052552
File Details P.O. No. PEIN20/411149 Re

Contact Person Name Sheomurti : 8076658291 (Structure), Gurdeep Singh : 01202620249

P.O., QAP, Client mail special Requirement for structure raw matl inspec
Inspection Documents
1) All the pages of the IR & IRN to Requisition,
be signed andDrawings.
stamped by the surveyor.
2) Original IR & IRN t
submitted to Delhi Office.
3) Reports in pdf format with photos to submitted for every inspectio
IR & IRN to be uploaded in pdf format.
4) Purchase Requisition reference to be mentioned in the IR
for all the material wherever applicable.
5) The rates are in percentage and all in
No travel is chargeable to client.
6) The drawing, Tech Spec will be available at vendor location
General Instructions
the vendor does not share the documents please speak to client.
7) The IR & IRN can be submitte
vendor after completion of the inspection.
8) FIR to be prepared for testin
witness at Lab for submission to client.
9) In Prefab Structure inspection all the a
as per QAP to be attended during every inspection call offered i.e. Raw mat
inspection, Fitup, Final welding check, visual & dimension, NDT, Surface p
check, painting inspection etc. If the vendor does not offer same to be menti
the report.


P.O. No. PEIN20/411149 Rev 0 Dtd

deep Singh : 01202620249

for structure raw matl inspection,

nd stamped by the surveyor.
2) Original IR & IRN to be

ubmitted for every inspection. The

e to be mentioned in the IR & IRN

are in percentage and all inclusive.

available at vendor location. In case

speak to client.
e IR & IRN can be submitted to the

FIR to be prepared for testing

Structure inspection all the activities

on call offered i.e. Raw material
dimension, NDT, Surface profile
s not offer same to be mentioned in

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