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Huawei Contact Center Performance

Optimization Management

In a contact center, the administrator is responsible for observing the system running status, handling emergencies, and
improving customer satisfaction. How to perform these tasks easily and quickly is a question on the minds of all contact
centers. Undoubtedly, the answer is to deploy a pioneering contact center solution.

Already an outstanding vendor in the contact center industry, Huawei rolls out the eSpace Contact Center (CC) solution in
response to this demand.

This solution integrates a full range of operation and management (O&M) components. The most impressive one among
them is the Performance Optimization Management (POM). This component offers a portfolio of O&M capabilities, such as
voice call recording, agent's screen recording, real-time monitoring, real-time inspection, and post-event inspection. With
these capabilities, the POM helps contact centers to achieve the following goals:

•• Increased management efficiency

The POM intuitively displays O&M statistics on the web client for administrators to manage contact centers more

•• Reduced operating expense (OPEX)

The administrator monitors the live network in real time, properly adjusts the organizational structure based on the
system running status, and makes the optimal shift schedule to improve working efficiency and lower labor costs.

•• Improved customer satisfaction

The administrator takes monitoring and inspection measures to ensure the contact center's performance of the
highest call completion rate. In this case, incoming calls can be answered within the shortest time, improving customer


Real-Time Monitoring System
With the real-time monitoring system, the administrator can learn about the system status and respond in a timely manner by monitoring
contact center information, such as call traffic, skill queues, and agent status at any time in any place.

•• Virtual Contact Center (VCC) monitoring

The POM monitors the VCC's running status, including call
traffic, call connection rate, and agent status, from which the
administrator gets a clear overview of how busy the VCC is.

•• Skill queue monitoring

The POM monitors the working status of a skill queue, such as
call completion rate and agent status. This way, the administrator
can know the working status of each skill queue and make service
adjustments accordingly.

•• Agent monitoring
The POM offers the agent monitoring map from which the
administrator can clearly view the status and service statistics of
agents. (Agents' status statistics cover all sorts of status, such
as logout, idle, answering, talking, busy, and resting. Agents'
service statistics include the number of login times, login
duration, number of inbound calls, total duration of inbound
calls, average duration of inbound calls, number of outbound
calls, total duration of outbound calls, average duration of
outbound calls, number of rest times, and rest duration.)
•• Alarm notification
The administrator can set thresholds for key performance
indicators (KPIs). When the value of a KPI exceeds the
threshold, the POM generates an alarm and sends
an alarm notification to the administrator. With this
function, the administrator is free from constantly
having to monitor the system at all times, and is able
to handle emergencies instantly.

Inspection System
As a bridge between customers and enterprises, the contact conference recording function or integrates third-party voice
center plays an increasingly important role in communication recording systems. More significantly, the POM supports various
between the two parties. A growing number of customers opt to recording rules and recording search tools for inspectors to flexibly
acquire or consult services from and make complaints to contact search for recordings. The typical recording rules are as follows:
centers. Against this backdrop, delivering satisfactory services
through contact centers has become the main focus of numerous •• Forcible voice recording
enterprises. To achieve this, the predominant task is to effectively This rule can be enabled for agents with average performance.
manage and supervise agents in contact centers and to improve All calls of these agents are recorded.
agents' service efficiency as well as quality.
•• Self-recording
With the POM, this task can be perfectly completed under the This rule can be enabled for agents with excellent performance.
support of the following functions: Agents can determine whether to record calls by themselves. In
this way, only limited recording files are generated, saving disk
Recording space and reducing hardware costs.
Inspectors can retrieve and play back agents' call and screen
recordings so as to evaluate the service quality of agents. Meanwhile, the POM can also record agents' screens so that
inspectors can clearly view agents' operations on their screens and
To record agents' calls and screens, the POM uses Huawei-proprietary evaluate their performance accordingly.

Real-Time Inspection
Inspectors can supervise agents' work using several
measures, such as monitoring, listening for, barging into,
and intercepting active calls of agents, to ensure agents'
service quality.

Post-event Inspection
Inspectors can search for and play back agents' call and
screen recordings as well as score their service performance.
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