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Communicating Student Learning

Student: Date: May 18/2018

Assessment Name: Graphic Novel Creation - Grade 4/5

Assessment Focus:

The students were required to create a graphic novel that contained specific elements such as: emanata,
onomatopoeia, narrative boxes, and classic writing traits.

Behaviours For Successful Learning

Using Self Control Rarely Sometimes Often Consistently

Engaged, focused, not distracted nor

Active Thinking / Active Rarely Sometimes Often Consistently

Engagement in Learning
Makes connections; is curious - asks
thought-provoking questions and poses
problems (I wonder what would happen
if…); generates ideas; imaginative;

Striving for Accuracy Rarely Sometimes Often Consistently

Takes great care to stay organized and
strives to do his/her best; refers to criteria
and examples to complete and improve

Written Communication

Meaning Ideas are incomplete Some additional details Relevant, accurate, clear Focused, accurate,
and very brief; more are needed in places for ideas expressed in own complete ideas; some
details are needed to be more clarity; some ideas words; tries to engage parts written in creative
clear for the reader; are expressed in own and inform the audience ways to make an impact
needs support to come words; sometimes relies on the audience
up with ideas and get on retelling or copying
started ideas; is beginning to
write with the reader in

Visual Arts

Creating and analyzing art Needs encouragement Usually enjoys Enjoys experimenting Enthusiastic, creative
Using:• a variety of materials, tools to experiment with participating in art; is with a variety of participation in art; drafts
and techniques • strategies such as materials and tools and beginning to experiment materials, tools and images and experiments
rotation, reversal, animation… • to try out new ideas and with new materials, tools techniques; successfully with a variety of
elements of e.g. color, tone and value, techniques in order to and techniques to create applies new ideas and materials, tools and
line, shape, texture, form • principles create art art; at times needs techniques to draft and techniques to skillfully
such as movement, contrast and encouragement create art create and refine art;
emphasis… to “stick with it” in order demonstrates a
to complete projects well sustained interest
or to take risks to try
something new

Comments, Goals and/or Next Steps: