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The Editorial Board of the Archives invites its readers to submit letters to the Editor,

which should be written in a constructive manner. A copy of the letter will be sent to the
author(s) of articles commented on, or persons otherwise mentioned, who will be invited to
prepare a brief reply, to be published along with the original letter sent to the Editor.
G. E. Shambaugh, M.D.


To the Editor: Readers of the Archives may find useful a very effective and simple treatment
for the annoying, although usually minor, problem of nasal vestibulitis, or chronic folliculitis of the
nasal vestibule. This condition is usually manifested by intermittent, low grade tenderness
inside the nasal vestibule, which travels around from hair follicle to hair follicle and reoccurs
after periods of quiescence.
Many patients have been treated for this by the use of Borofax ointment, sulfathiazole oint-
ment and many other antibiotic preparations. In my experience, most of these are ineffective.
Perhaps the oldest method of managing these, which may well have been forgotten by the
present generation, is the use of 5% ammoniated mercury ointment. This is almost universally
effective when rubbed into the skin of the vestibule two to three times daily and continued
for a week to ten days beyond the time the nose loses its tenderness.
Recently the use of this has been effective in clearing up staphylococcus in the nose, which
had been repeatedly cultured from the nasal vestibules of operating teams in cardiac surgery.
I believe it justifies wider use in preference to many of the other ointments commonly used in
this condition.
DAVID D. DEWEESE, Portland, Oregon
To the Editor: In my article "Treatment of Carcinoma of the Postcricoid Region," in March,
1962, issue of the Archives, there are a few errors in the labeling of the legends.
In Figure 6, instead of "preoperative laryngogram" the legend should be "postoperative barium
swallow." In Figure 7, instead of "specimen," it should be "preoperative laryngogram" ; and
Figure 8 should be "specimen" instead of "postoperative barium swallow."

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