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Noor Salman trial: 'I wish I knew,' Pulse

shooter's mother says
Pulse shooter Omar Mateen the and names one of the websites
WESH.com | 03/21/2018 night of the attack, and talked about shown in the data.
at trial, had been deleted from her
cellphone. The prosecution appears to be
ORLANDO, Fla. — Shahla
Mateen said she knew nothing of connecting that statement with the
her son's plan to commit an act of The evidence was presented to the data. The spreadsheets also show in
terror, but said she wishes she did. jury Wednesday afternoon. late May and into early June, just
ahead of the attack, Mateen was
The texts they claim had been researching guns and big-box stores
"I wish I knew. I really wish we that sell them.
knew," she said. deleted include, "If your mom calls,
say Nemo invited you out and Noor
wants to stay in" and, "Love you He was also searching often for
Mateen's sister, Sabrina Abasin, xoxo." information about the FBI and
also testified she never suspected government monitoring, suggesting
her brother would commit terror as Mateen was paranoid he was being
the prosecution continued its case They said other texts sent after 4
a.m., including "What happened???" surveilled.
against Noor Salman, who was
married to Pulse shooter Omar and "Habibi where are you?" were
Mateen at the time of the attack. not deleted. A voicemail recovered from his
phone was also played. It was
The prosecution and defense have apparently left by Mateen's mother,
In cross, the defense asked Abasin if and in the voicemail, she says:
Salman is a good mother. She said, made contrasting arguments on
what the deleted texts mean to the "Omar, call me. We are so very
"yes." worried. I'm so worried. Call me."
case. Prosecutors claim Salman was
texting Mateen a cover story, but
Shahla Mateen became tearful when the defense argues she was simply During cross-examination, attorney
she was asked to identify Noor repeating a lie told to her by her Charles Swift appeared to work to
Salman in the courtroom. husband himself. poke holes in some of the
connections the prosecution
She was upset throughout most of The same text messages were also a asserted.
her testimony. topic of testimony earlier
Wednesday when a similar analysis He pointed out cellphones are more
During cross-examination, defense of Mateen's cellphone was privately viewed than computers
attorney Fritz Schellar brought up a presented. and there isn't evidence to suggest
2013 questioning of Mateen by the Salman saw his phone.
FBI. Mateen's phone's browser history
appears to show the true breadth of Swift also turned the conversation
Shahla Mateen admitted she knew his obsession with ISIS. to other websites Mateen visited,
about the questioning, which namely dating websites. Amid the
pertained to threats he made at work The data shows Mateen often just searches for ISIS are visits to
at the time. searched the acronym itself, "ISIS," websites for singles to meet.
and from there would access page
She insisted she would've told the after page of material, including Swift argued Mateen likely kept that
police if she suspected he would videos, at all times of the day and web viewing from Salman.
commit terror. night -- not just late like the
computer history showed yesterday. Salman is accused of obstructing
Prosecutors ask: Did Salman justice and aiding and abetting her
delete key text messages? After going through the many husband in support of a terrorist
website visits and videos watched group, the Islamic State.
Prosecutors presented the jury with on the phone, the prosecution pulled
an FBI analysis of Noor Salman's up a statement from Salman to the If convicted, Salman could face life
phone claiming key texts sent to FBI, in which she acknowledges her in prison.
husband watched ISIS videos daily
Matt Lupoli
School won’t one day I won't have my
little girl, and that's hard."
the CBD oil while she's at
school, just like children
allow girl with with other prescriptions,
rare disorder to A friend suggested trying but the district won't allow
CBD hemp oil to help Zoe it.
take CBD oil on rest. The Adamses were
campus reluctant even though A statement from Volusia
hemp oil is legal in Florida County Schools says the
WESH.com | 04/05/2018
and doesn't contain THC. district follows federal law,
After Zoe was spending not state.
EDGEWATER, Fla. — A days without sleep, they
girl from Edgewater who tried it. "CBD hemp oil falls under
needs hemp oil to lessen the definition of
the number of seizures she "First night that we had her "marijuana extract" ... and
suffers can't get the on it, she slept 8 hours and remains listed as a
medicine at school. it was like a vacation," JJ schedule one controlled
said. substance under federal
Her parents are hoping that law. The request to bring
can change. cannabis oil onto our
campuses or the
Zoe Adamns suffers from a involvement of our staff is
rare disease called the prohibited by federal law,"
Sanfilippo sydrome. the statement reads.

"When I go into certain "Several teachers that I've

churches and things like spoken to about this," JJ
that, my first thought is, 'Is said, "they believe in it,
this big enough to hold they're in agreement, but
Zoe's service?' And I They also saw a list of their hands are tied
shouldn't have to think other improvements, because of the FDA."
that," JJ Adams said. including Zoe's appetite
and her ability to speak. The Adamses say it's
JJ and his wife Kim know simply about quality of life
their time with Zoe won't So, when she started in the time they have left.
be as long as they'd like, so having seizures -- a sign of
they say it's critical they the disease's progression -- "It's living proof, right
make the best of it. they upped her CBD oil. here," JJ said.

She's only 7, but doctors In the last month, Zoe went

expect that her life is from having a seizure once
already more than half a day, or more, to about
over. once a week, and doctors
agree it's the hemp oil that
"All the little things, prom helps.
and going shopping at the
mall," Kim said. "I know To keep her seizures down,
they want her to receive
Matt Lupoli

"I was dead when he another minute went by

took me out. I was without Rice that day.
already dead," Dyer said.
"I can never pay him
"I got a little teary-eyed. back for what he has
I was like, 'Wow, I just done," she said.
saved someone's life.' It's
Woman hard to put that into "I want to help others.
words," Rice said. That's why I want to be a
meets officer police officer," Rice
Miracle is the word Dyer said. "To make an
who saved uses to describe it. So influence on kids, and to
her life did Mount Dora's mayor
as Rice was honored
save people's lives like
Miss Dyer's."
Tuesday with a
WESH.com | 04/04/2018
proclamation from the
MOUNT DORA, Fla. — city and an award from
Cardiac Science.
It was Christmas Day.
Dawn Dyer's heart Rice said through all the
stopped, literally, while emotions that day, his
she was driving to see training helped keep his
her family. mind clear. Now, the
video from his lapel
Her car hit a tree just off camera will be used to
State Road 441 in Mount train others, showing
Dora. them how to perform
CPR and how to use an
It happened four months AED machine.
"Oftentimes they're
The frantic moments that going to be first on scene
followed couldn't be and every minute that
further from the goes by, the chance of
overwhelming feeling of survival goes down by
gratitude Tuesday 10 percent," said Rob
evening when Dyer met Williams of Cardiac
the man who revived Science.
her, Officer Andrew
Rice. After recovering from a
coma and surgeries,
Dyer is thankful not
Matt Lupoli

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