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of Project: CHANT Proposal 1

Milestone 0 Milestone 1 Milestone 2 Milestone 3
Fiat Guarantee? (Y/N) End of May Cycle End of june Cycle End of July Cycle End of AugustCycle
Description Dash Amount Description Dash Amount Description Dash Amount Description Dash Amount
388 383 1.) Further Test app - Feature 383
1.) Commence overhaul of branded Deliverable of Mark 2 of the
Payment upon acceptance of the Proposal material/ collateral through Fire Dog application is it will include the
60 1.) Production for the first album initiated.
by the Dash DAO design. Deliverable here is: New design facility of uploading fans voices into
workbooks and overhauled material tracks and returning these mixes too
Deliverable 1 fans with CHANTS included
2.) Pay Chant Live musicians in Dash
and ask all who are now playing in
CHANT LIVE to say thanks to Dash for
funding CHANT. Deliverables will be
a.) Four hours of demo music has already shown on social media through the
2.) End-to-end organization and
been created. These Demo tracks need to band pages provided by Chant at the
implementation of 2 live Chant
be arranged further for release. Deliverable time of invoicing. Social Media pages
is evidence of structure and content. will show posts supporting payment in
Dash and thank you to community and
' fan bases. All musicianss will sign a
contract to be paid in Dash so further
Deliverable 2 evidence can be provided
a.) To achieve this Chant will
need to engage:
Production Sound and technical
3.) Beta test the mark one app with the support
Chant Live in-house band - Mark 1 Marketing
features include a live show audience Public relations
b.) 1 track will be 'Dash Track' will be
interaction application only. Members Venues
of the audience can upload their voice Film crew
before a show to be included in the Video editor
show. Musical director
Costs will include:
Musicians travel
Bookers fees
Promotion / PR
Deliverable 3
b.) Note: Dash will be credited
c.) Planning for 2nd Chant album begins -
as a Sponsor on promotional
Deliverables are: track listing, lyrics, a.) Expected testing group of 500
material such as music videos,
creative structure and associated CHANT Live Band Fans
online and physical posters
promotional campaigns and initial demos
Deliverable 4 associated with the live shows
4.) End-to-end organization and
2.) End-to-end organization and implementation Secure sponsor for the Chant Live
implementation of 2 live Chant
of 2 live Chant concerts band or the App
Deliverable 5 concerts
a.) To achieve this Chant will need
N a.) To achieve this Chant will need to
to engage:
Production Sound and technical
Production Sound and technical support
Public relations
Public relations Arrange to pay the Chant Live band
Venues in Dash
Film crew
Film crew
Video editor
Video editor
Musical director
Musical director
Costs will include:
Costs will include:
Musicians travel accommodation
Musicians travel accommodation
Bookers fees
Bookers fees
Promotion / PR
Promotion / PR
Deliverable 6
b.) Note: Dash will be credited as a
b.) Note: Dash will be credited as a Sponsor
Sponsor on promotional material Include Dash Digital Cash as
on promotional material such as music
such as music videos, online and preferred payment branding on
videos, online and physical posters
physical posters associated with Chant social media
associated with the live shows
the live shows
5.) Create Chant art. Daniel Morrell and
3.) Start recruitment of the MD – label manager-
Martin Sexton will create further Two Promotional videos delivered.
Deliverable 7 CHANT artworks.
6.) Start Public Relations in relation to Crowdfunding Campaign
a.) Recruit a recruiting agency to assist
Deliverable 8 Chant and the mark one app Commissioned
a.) Chant will engage a full-time in-
First holding page CHANT app
4.) Start production of two promotional videos. house PR person and will also
website goes live.
engage with external PR agencies.
Deliverable 9
a.) Storyboard
b.) Scoping
7.) Appoint an artist manager to
c.) Creative
manage the Chant Live band
d.) Director choice
Deliverable 10
Deliverable 11 Submission Fee (5 Dash)
Deliverable 12
Deliverable 13
Deliverable 14
Deliverable 15
Deliverable 16
Deliverable 17
Deliverable 18
Deliverable 19
Deliverable 20

Total 60 388 383 383

Proposal Total 1214

1.) Please make sure to answer "Y" for Yes or "N" for No in Column B
2.) Each Milestone has up to 20 deliverables
3.) For Fiat Guarantees, the maximum milestones per project are 3, and maximum value is 750 Dash
4.) For more information, see the "Help" tab
5.) More information the better. Quantify where you can, and expand in detail within each deliverable to a reasonable extent. See Milestone Example
6.) Payment for each milestone is only completed once evidence is provided by proposal owner that every task has been completed
7.) E-mail final populated template to escrow@dash.org