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noun: a substance that increases the

rate of reaction

The level-wise courses

have been divided in the
following scheme:

CATALYST, as the name suggests is an initiative Junior Senior
to help you perform better in the financial year Management Management
2018-19. Harvard Manage Mentor (HMM) has L08-L10 L15-L18
been our E-Learning Partner since 2016 and
numerous employees have completed courses INTRODUCTION
and felt the difference of knowledge building. Management
To make every employee benefit from this resource L11-L14
and provide impetus to be Better Everyday, this
initiative has been kept compulsory for employees
(L08 and above) of the JSW Group.

The Level-Wise course shortlist has been provided by the

Harvard Team based on competency mapping across the Group.
Here we provide you a list of 5 courses in HMM for each level,
out of which you need to complete minimum 2 courses before
the end of FY18-19. We are sure that the courses will help
you immensely in your daily work and motivate you to learn
from more such resources. The courses have been designed
to ensure deep learning and are accompanied with exercises,
interactive videos etc., designed by top faculty of the world.

• The average course completion time on HMM is 2.5 hours.

• You can break the courses in chunks and complete a course whenever
you are free. This means you can start the course from where you left,
the next time you login.
• The courses have descriptive text, videos and exercises to help you
learn. The courses have been designed by top class faculty and is one
of the most widely used resources in the world.
• The same is available on JSW Learning Academy through
SuccessFactors. You just need to search the course in Learning Library
and start doing it.
• For those who have already completed any course in their respective
list, an excel will soon be circulated and the course will be updated
in your Learning History.

Junior Management Courses:

Course Time Content

A course which aims at an issue faced

by almost every employee, this course
aims at managing conflict, addressing
Difficult Interactions 2 hours 15 minutes emotions and understanding difficult
interactions. It tells you to assess the
facts and solve the problems based on a
universally renowned approach.

It stresses on creating a creative team

to look out of the box on the problems.
Innovation and Creativity 2 hours 15 minutes Setting up the psychological and physical
environment to spark ideas and converge
on the best option.

In order to design effective presentations

which gives you an edge over others,
this course walks you through the
process, from the start of content
Presentation Skills 2 hours 45 minutes
creation to delivering. It talks about
clarifying objective, crafting the content,
rehearsing, presenting and evaluating
your presentation.
This course provided excellent content
on evaluating, managing and mitigating
Stress Management 2 hours 15 minutes your stress for both short and long term.
It has exercises on creating framework
for Stress Management.

One of the most utilized courses in HMM,

this talks about finding the right opportunity
based on your personal abilities. It also
talks about how to chart your career
Career Management 2 hours 45 minutes
path and manage your career in order to
always step up the ladder. Being agile and
relationship driven in order to boost your
career and managing setbacks.

Middle Management Courses:

Course Time Content

The course talks about having a coaching

mind-set, building a coaching habit and
Coaching 2 hours 15 minutes coaching effectively. It also touches
feedback, questioning and promoting
learning agility.

It focuses on one of the most important

activity of workplace stressing on why it is
Performance Appraisals 1 hour 35 minutes important, how to prepare and conduct a
performance appraisal. Finally, to monitor
progress and provide effective feedback.

This course talks about providing

effective feedback, customizing
feedbacks and creating a supportive
Feedback Essentials 2 hours
environment in the team. It also shares
the fact that avoiding feedback is bad
and one should seek and improve.

Understand the importance of networks,

map your networks, strengthen them
Leveraging your Networks 2 hours 15 minutes and build new networks. Finally putting
networks to use effectively, getting the
work done and sustaining the same.

Establishing scope, schedules, budget,

assemble team, risk management,
Project Management 3 hours
monitoring and communicating to
Senior Management Courses:
Course Time Content

It covers all aspects of Case

Development and Implementation
Business Case including understanding cases, defining
2 hours 45 minutes
Development opportunities, exploring options,
analysing alternatives and risks,
implementing and communication.

Understand change, become change

Change Management 1 hour 30 minutes ready, initiate change, implement it and
address resistance.

This speaks about preparing and making

the decision including assessing the
Decision Making 2 hours
alternatives and communication of the
made decision.

This course is a must for every senior and

aims to achieve the vision set by him/her.
It talks about motivation, team building,
Leading People 2 hours 15 minutes emotional intelligence and adopting a
global mind-set. This course would surely
lead to effective team work and pushing
the limits of achievement.

Understand Strategic Thinking, identify

relationships and trends, broaden your
Strategic Thinking 2 hours
perspective, look for opportunities and
put thinking into action.


• You need to complete minimum 2 courses out of the list applicable

to your level.
• The completion window provided in FY18-19.
• However, you also need to complete 1 course in each half of the
• The progress shall be monitored by the reporting managers.