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Team ECE: Cohort Corner September22, 2010

Action Items
 We are hosting a Special Ed in ECE workshop on
Wednesday, September 29, from 6-8pm at the TFA Office
(1411 K St NW, 9th floor, Union Station Conference Room).
Come learn about how to best support your kiddos who
have (or you think may have) special needs. Please RSVP
to your PD by Monday, September 27.
 Soooo many free resources! We have everything from Ms. Howison’s students use their
big books to Lakeshore centers to math games and office magnifying glasses as cell
supplies…it’s all organized in the Anacostia Conference phones at the science center!
Room on the 12th floor, and there are materials for PK-3rd
grade, so please come by and take some! They’re going ECE in the News
fast, so come get them soon! The office is generally open
until 7pm on weeknights. DC school reform marches on
 Work towards becoming progress known! Complete, (Washington Post)
track, and send your academic data by October 4, Drill, baby, drill (New York
empowerment/family data by October 18, and your Times)
progress to vision by 48 hours before your 1:1 meeting
with your PD. Resource Spotlight
* Check out these transition
 Volunteer to help the First Lego League robotics team tricks to make your day
at Malcolm X Elementary! Jessica Ellis, a 2009 ECE CM, run smoothly.
is coaching the team and is looking for people who have * Ask questions that really
expertise in math or engineering who may wish to
make your students think.
volunteer their time to help set up the system and work wit
* New resources on
the students. First Lego League is for elementary schools
Dropbox: behavior
and the team includes fourth and fifth graders. If you’re
management & writer’s
interested, contact Jessica at jessica.ellis@dc.gov or 216
402 7917. workshop! (Team ECE 
General Resources 
 Office Hours & Management Help! Every Tuesday and
Behavior Management OR
Thursday from now through the end of September, we will
Writer’s Workshop)
have regional staff members available in the Bladensburg
conference room (12th floor @ TFA Office) from 5:30-
of theComeWeek:on by!
Routines, Routines, Routines!
* Check out examples of routines in several different pre-k classrooms
* An anecdote about transitions in Sophia Pappas’ classroom
* Get your singing voice ready for routines, even in elementary classrooms!
* Daily math routines for elementary kiddos (see the linked resources for more!)
* Ideas about how to implement calendar math based on Everyday Math
* Routines to maximize your calendar math time
* An example of how to keep routines consistent with you and your co-teacher

Shout out to Maria Roth Shout out to Nina Send us shout outs and
Team Shout

for working hard at giving Fernandez for working pictures! Please 

super clear and explicit with her grade level team
directions to her kids, and and principal to modify Thanks to Lisa Howison
seeing the results pay off! the pre-k schedule to for sending us the picture

maximize instructional for this week!