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Reg No.

Programme & Branch B.E - Mechanical Engineering Semester VI
Course Code & Name ME6602 / AUTOMOBILE ENGINEERING Date
Maximum Marks 100 Examination Duration 3 hours

Answer All Questions 10 x 2 = 20 Marks
What is the function of Synchromesh unit in a gear box?

1. Re CO4 2

What are the functions of suspension system?

2. Re CO4 2
Give short note on leaf spring suspension system.

3. An CO4 2

Define castor and camber.

4. Re CO4 2

List down the properties of alternate fuels.

5. Cr CO5 2
What is known as selective transmission?

6. Re CO5 2

What is the composition of natural gas?

7. Re CO5 2

State the advantages and disadvantage of a torsion bar.

8. An CO5 2

Why is camber angle provided in steering system?

9. Re CO5 2

10. Define hybrid vehicle. Re CO5 2

Answer All Questions 5 x 13 = 65 Marks


Explain with a sketch the working of torque converter. Discuss its
advantages and disadvantages.

11.a. Ev CO4 13

b. Sketch and explain the working of power steering system. An CO4 13

(i) Explain different type of rear axles with neat sketch.

Ev & 7
12.a. CO4
Re 6

(ii) What is differential? Explain its operation with sketch.

Discuss the working of telescopic suspension system used in cars.

b. Cr CO4 13

Explain working of multi plate clutch with neat sketch.

13.a. Ev CO4 13

Explain working of Constant mesh gearbox with neat sketch.

b. Ev CO4 13
Explain the construction and operation of hydraulic braking system
with neat sketch

14.a. Ev CO4 13

What is fuel cell? What are the advantages of Fuel Cells?

b. Re CO5 13

Explain the operation of Hydrogen fueled vehicle with neat sketch.

15.a. Ev CO5 13

b. i) Explain the series and parallel hybrid drive trains. Ev & CO5 7
ii) Discuss the drive system of an electric vehicle.

Answer All Questions 1 x 15 = 15 Marks
16.a. Explain in detail about different types of Hybrid vehicle
constructions with neat sketches.

Ev CO6 15

b. Discuss the drive system of an electric vehicle.

Cr CO6 15

Subject in-charge HOD