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Nabilah ‘Aliah Amer Azhar

66, Heald Grove,

M14 4PE, Manchester


Career Objective:

Gaining the position of a physics teacher in the organization that will help me to develop my skills and
qualities for the betterment of an organization.


A highly energetic and enthusiastic individual, specializing in Physics. Dedicated to providing the best
education and care to children. Also very independent, responsible and a hardworking person.

Educational Background:

 Bachelor’s Degree
o University : University of Manchester, United Kingdom
o Year : 2012-2015
o Program : B.Sc Hons in Physics
o CGPA : Second Class Degree
 Matriculation Program
o College : Perak Matriculation College
o Year : 2011/2012
o Program : Physical Science
o CGPA : 4.00
 Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM)
o School : MARA Junior Science College Taiping, Perak
o Year : 2009-2010
o Field of study : Science and Mathematics
o Result : 7A 2B
 Penilaian Menengah Rendah (PMR)
o School : MARA Junior Science College Lenggong, Perak
o Year : 2006-2008
o Field of study : Science and Mathematics
o Result : 8A
Experiences and Activities:

Temporary Teaching Placement

Served as a temporary teacher for a class of middle school students on a one-year contract. Prepared
Physics assignments reviewed and corrected all homework with an emphasis on providing feedback to
each student.

Devised lessons, which captured the students’ imaginations for e.g.: Preparing simple physics
experiments and having the children try them out.

Tutored three students after school that were having difficulties in making their grades.

Provided a monthly written report to the school board and the PTA on the progress of the class at the end
of each calendar month.

Additional Information:

Participated in a Community Programme that provided extra tuition to local underprivileged children and
assisted within the camp organizing games and entertainment.

Summary of Skills:

 Good command in Bahasa Melayu and English.

 Deep knowledge of Physics and Math subjects and strong interest in teaching Physics.
 Excellent communication and writing skills.
 Ability to plan the lessons and deliver them efficiently to the students.
 Ability to make use of different physics teaching methods i.e. Physics games.
 Capability to maintain the relationship with students as well as inspire them.
 Highly skilled in planning the strategies and applying them for the development of students.
 Strong interpersonal as well as organizational skills.
 Ability to discuss with students on their academic problems.
 Capability to provide the solutions regarding physics subject.
 Skilled in using computer technology.
Cover Letter

There have been many teachers come and go in my life, but only a few really stand out. The reason I want
to teach is because of these few teachers that have touched my life. A unique world of opportunity rests
within an educational system. The ability to influence minds is a wonderful thing. I don’t want to be one
of those ordinary teachers; I want to become an exceptional teacher. I want to be the teacher that everyone
values. I understand that it will take a lot of hard work to become this type of teacher, but I’m willing to
do so. I hope to be a positive influence on my students. I want to be able to motivate my students, and
give them a full opportunity to learn. I wish for the students who leave my classroom to have
accomplished independence, knowledge, and self-discipline.

My interest in teaching mathematics came from the experience of helping others. I have always enjoyed
learning math, and I realized that I also like helping other people learn math, especially those that struggle
with it or those who have a disliking for it. As a teacher, I will be able to fulfill my aspirations; both my
students and I will learn together and from one another. I feel that it is important for me, as a teacher, to
stay current and deepen my understanding of mathematics and mathematics education. My learning will
continue from my experiences and interactions as a teacher, helping me to become a better educator. I
must always be willing to learn from the things I do and use this to improve my teaching style, which
will, in turn, benefit my students’ learning.

I believe a teacher has to have orderly classroom management for effective education. If the students’ are
chaotic then no one is going to learn anything. I think students should be self-disciplined turning in papers
on time, showing up for class on time, and attentive listening. In reality this doesn’t happen. That’s why
in my classroom the rules and consequences will be set on the very first day. There will be no straying
from these rules. Straying from the rules causes chaos and then students wouldn’t effectively be learning.

In order to make learning fun I would try a variety of methods. In my field, I would try mathematics
games because most kids like to play games, even with the older students they find these things fun. I
would also offer incentives for the students who make good grades on tests or projects. I also believe in
using technology in order to get the students to learn. I think technology should be used in every
classroom because when these student’s become adults their jobs will most likely have up to date

When thinking about all my experiences with teachers, I realize that becoming a teacher is of the most
important jobs. Teachers are the foundation of everyone’s career. Teachers are important in shaping life’s
which is why I would love to teach. While teaching I’ll keep in mind what I feel an effective teacher
should be and follow these philosophies throughout my teaching career. I will do anything I can possibly
do to be one of those exceptional teachers.