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The G8 of the Technology park Ljubljana

Control systems for particle accelerators,

Revenue / year 14.200.000 €
telescopes, fussion power-plants, and Export 95%
software for medical proton-therapies. Team 170
Core technology: Big physics & integration of Core values Work hard, Enjoy life
complex systems. Present on
Head: dr. Mark Pleško & dr. Igor Verstovšek

Personal moto: Think bald, act modestly.

Web: www.cosylab.com

Computer Vision Systems - automatic Revenue / year 8.900.000 €

inspection of tablets and capsules for Export 85%
large pharmaceutical companies. Team 65
Core values ???
Core technology: Laser & computer vision
Present on
Head: dr. Rok Bernard continents
Personal moto: Stay ready for the future.
Web: www.sensum.eu

Software development of cloud

Revenue / year 5.700.000 € (+ xx)
computing technologies,
Export 85%
distributed systems, remote desktop, big data and cyber
Team 70 (+50)
security. Core values Research, Playfulness,
Core technology: Incubation of ideas. Head: Technology
Jure Pompe & Gregor Pipan Present on
Personal moto: Symbiosis of academic
research & industrial technology

Web: https://www.xlab.si/

Premium water-cooling sistems for Revenue / year 21.000.000 €

personal computers and industry Export 95%
computers. Team 85
Core values ???
Core technology: ??? ???
Head: Edvard König & Matjaž Krč Present on
Personal moto: ???

Web: www.sensum.eu
Revenue / year 6.000.000 €
Ophthalmic lasers and articulated Export 100%
arms for optical surgeries. Team 52
Core technology: Laser technology Core values Development (not reaseatch)
Present on
Head: Iztok Dvoraček continents

Personal moto: R&D ‘do daske’. Don’t fall a

sleep. Web: www.optotek-medical.com

In-wheel electric motors (with up to Revenue / year 3.600.000 €

1500 Nm and 100 kW/wheel) for Export 90%
cars and other vehicles. Team 80
Core values ???
Core technology: Advanced powertrain for ???
next generation of electric vehicles & for Present on
autonomous driving vehicles. continents

Head: Gorazd Lampe

Personal moto: ???
Web: http://in-wheel.com/

Customer engagement solutions, video Revenue / year 2.100.000 €

identification & omni-channel Export 15%
communication systems. Team 80
Core values ???
Core technology: ??? ??? ???
Present on
Head: Matej Žvan
Personal moto: ???

Web: www.cde.si

And as our Top fast-growing STARTUP:

Software for laboratories / Revenue / year 1.300.000 €

pharmaceutical research (Pipetting) Export 95%
and for managing lab document systems (Geneio). Team 30
Core values ???
Core technology: ??? ??? ???
Present on
Head: dr. Klemen Zupančič continents
Personal moto: The only thing that can save us
is good science.

Web: https://biosistemika.com