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Nombre: Mariela

Apellidos: Castro

Carrera: Psicología General

Matricula: 16-9843

Facilitador(a): Teófilo Antonio Álvarez

Asignatura: inglés 3

Instituto: Universidad Abierta Para Adultos (UAPA)

Realiza los siguientes ejercicios en tu libro "Stand out 1 Grammar
Challenge " (libro de ejercicios páginas blanco y negro) y envíalos
en un archivo de Word con hoja de presentación.
*Exercise D page 17.
1. They __shop__ for CD players at a department store.
2. We _shop__ for books at the bookstore.
3. I _shop__ for shorts at a clothing store.
4. Marcos and Renee __shop__ for food at Sam’s Supermarket.
5. Eva _shops_ for a dress at Cool Breeze Clothing Store.
6. Van and her husband __shop__ for shoes at a department store.
7. Armand __shops__ for flowers at the flower shop.
8. Gabriela, Ana and Paula __shop___ for clothes every month.
9. You _shop__ for toys at a toy store.
10. Lidia and I __shop_ at Ruben’s Food and Plenty.
*Exercise E and F page 17.
E. Read the chart
Name Department Convenience Supermarket Bookstore Shoe Clothing
Store Store Store
Richard Shoes, pants Milk, water Groceries Dictionaries Shirts
Alexis Toys Groceries Shoes Shirts

F. Complete sentences using information in Exercise E.

1. Richard __shops for shoes and pants___ at the department store.
2. Alexis _shops pants_ at the department store.
3. Richard and Alexis __shop for groceries__ at the supermarket.
4. Alexis _shops for shirts__ at the clothing store.
5. Richard _shops for dictionaries__ at the bookstore.
6. Richard _shops for milk and water__ at the convenience store.
7. Richard and Alexis _shop for shirts__ at the clothing store.
*Exercises D and E page 19.
D. Complete the sentences with are or is.
1. How much ___is___ the cheese?
2. How much __are___ the oranges?
3. How much __is___ the shirt?
4. How much ___are___ the sneakers?
5. How much ___are___ the hats?
6. How much __is___ the book?
7. How much ___are___ the pencils?
8. How much ___are___ the pens?
E. Write questions for the information below.
1. (radio) How much is the radio?
2. (t – shirts) How much are the t – shirts?
3. (Dictionary) How much is the dictionary?
4. (Socks) How much are the socks?
5. (Shoes) How much are the shoes?
6. (Dress) How mucho is the dress?
7. (Bread) How much is the bread?
8. (CD player) How much is the CD player?

*Exercises A and B page 22.

A. Read the descriptions under the pictures.
Gabriela Roberto
White blouse Red shirt
Blue slacks Brown shorts
Brown shoes Brown sandals blue cap
Black belt

B. Complete the sentences with the information from Exercise A.

1. Gabriela has a white blouse. 5. Roberto has a red shirt.
2. She has _blue_ slacks. 6. He has brown shorts.
3. She has a _black_ belt. 7. He has brown sandals.
4. She has brown shoes. 8. He has a blue cap.
*Exercises D page 23.
D. Write the possessive adjective.
1. They have blue shirts. _Their_ shirts are blue.
2. I have red shorts. My shorts are red.
3. We have black shoes. Our shoes are black.
4. You have a white house. Your house is white.
5. She has a green coat. Her coat is green.
6. Anton and I have brown sandals. Their sandals are brown.
7. Elizabeth and Mario have black pants. Their pants are black.
8. I have a brown belt and a black belt. My belts are brown and black.

*Exercises E page 23.

E. Write sentences about Oscar, Tom, and Catalina.
1. Oscar / shirt
His shirt is red.
2. Tom / belt
His belt is brown.
3. Catalina / pants
Her pants are pink.
4. Oscar, Tom, and Catalina / shoes
Their shoes are black.
5. Oscar, Tom / pants
Their pants are blue.
6. Catalina / blouse
Her blouse is purple.
* Exercise D and F. Page 25.
E. Read the descriptions of what Nam, Silvia and Roberto, and
Gabriela want.
Nam Silvia and Roberto Gabriela
New house Old house Old house
Used car New car Used car

F. Write sentences about Nam, Silvia and Roberto, and Gabriela.

1. Nam wants a new house and a used car.
2. Silvia and Roberto want a new house.
3. Gabriela wants a old house.
4. Nam and Gabriela want use their used car.
5. Silvia, Roberto, and Gabriela wants a new house.

* Exercises D, E and F. Page 27.

D. Write the plurals for the following words.
1. Shoe shoes
2. Suit suits
3. Radio radios
4. Dress dresses
5. Sock socks
6. House houses
7. Car cars
8. Book books

E. Complete the paragraph.

My name is Maria. I am from Haiti. I live in West Palm Beach. I need
more clothes. I need new coats (coat). I need sandals (sandal) and pants
(pant). I need four new shirts (shirt). I need two dresses (dress) and one
skirt (skirt). I also need a suit (suit).
F. Write a paragraph. What do you need?
My name is Brayhan. I am from Dominican Republic, and I need finish my
career and get better my second language that is English, because I use
this language and my job. I need more money for complete many goals in
my life.

* Exercises A and B. Page 28.

A. Read the paragraph.
My name is Barry. I live in United States. I want many things. Some
things are very important. I need the important things first.
I want a new house, but I need money first. I want a car, but I need
a used car right now. I need new clothes, I need a new job, and I need a
new computer. I want a new $2,000 computer, but I only need $1,000
computer. It is difficult to know what I need right now and what I want.
B. Complete the chart with what Barry wants and needs.

He needs… He wants…
Money Many things
Used car A new house
New clothes New car
A new computer $2,000

Exercises D, F Page 29.

D. Bubble in the correct answers.
1. I _don’t want_ a new car.
2. We _don’t want_ a big radio.
3. She _doesn’t want_ a new hat.
4. They _don’t want_ a house.
5. Tuba _doesn’t want_ a blouse.
6. I _don’t want_ a CD player.
7. Molly and Russ _don’t want_ a car.
8. You _don’t want_ shirts.
F. Write sentences about Armand and Debbie.
1. Armand and Debbie both want a new house.
2. Armand wants a computer.
3. Armand and Debbie need a new car.
4. Armand and Debbie are working very hard for gain money.
5. Debbie is lazier than Armand.
6. Armand is smarter than Debbie sometimes.