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List of PhD’s Awarded in English & Foreign Languages

Prinipal Date of
S.N. Name Co-Supervisor Title of Thesis
Supervisor(s) award
MR. K.M. BAHARUL The Scope for Using New Technology in Teaching English in the Technical Institutions in Assam
1 Prof. M.M. Sarma 25-Mar-2000
ISLAM : An Experimental Study
Prof. P.
2 Prof. M.M. Sarma Madhavan, IEFL, COMPs in Assamese : Implications for Second Language Acquisition 15-Dec-2002
Prof. P.
3 MR. RAJAT GHOSH Prof. M.M. Sarma Dasgupta, Univ. Some Aspects of Determiner Phrase in Bangla and Asamiya 15-Dec-2002
of Hyderabad
4 Prof. M.M. Sarma Revolution, Revelation, Celebration: Ethnic Identity in the Plays of Baraka, Bullins and Wilson 12-Jun-2004
5 MS. DIPTI MAHANTA Prof. M.M. Sarma The making of the self : A Feminist Reading of Kamala Das 9-Sep-2004

6 MR. SANJIB SAHOO Prof. P.K. Das A Critical Study of Domestic Servants in Indian Fiction in English. 11-Feb-2010
7 Prof. M.M. Sarma Articulation of Female Desire in Aritha Van Herk’s Novels 28-Jun-2010
MS. JONALI SHARMA The Image of the Fallen Woman in the Modern Indian Novel: A Study of Select English and
8 Prof. M.M. Sarma 9-Feb-2012
HAZARIKA Assamese Texts
MR. MAMUN AZAM The Use of CALL in Teaching English with Special Reference to the Development of Writing
9 Prof. M.M. Sarma 9-Feb-2012
BARBHUIYA Skills in the Polytechnics of Assam
10 MR. JUGENDRA PEGU Prof. M. Barbora Dialectal Variations in Mising and the Interference of Dominant Languages 29-Jun-2012

11 MS. LUCKY DEY Prof. M. Barbora Argument Selection in Sadani/Sadri as Spoken in Assam 15-Dec-2012

12 MR. ARINDAM SARMA Prof. P.K. Das Engaging History: Politics of Representation in Recent Indian English Novels 23-May-2013
13 Prof. M. Barbora Nature of Non Finite Complementation in Assamese 19-Nov-2014
MS. RIZIA BEGUM Negotiating Home in Indian English Children’s Literature: A Study of the Selected Works of
14 Prof. P. K. Das 28-Nov-2015
LASKAR Ruskin Bond, Arup Kumar Dutta, Anita Desai, Shashi Deshpande and Salman Rushdie
MS. NASMEEM FARHIN The Word and the World: A study of the Figurative Nature of Language as Reflected in
15 Prof. B. K. Danta 28-Nov-2015
AKHTAR Twentieth Century Critical Theory
The Fourth Genre: Poetics of the Essay as Form ( A Study of the Indian English Essay with
16 MS. ANGANA MISRA Prof. P. K. Das 28-Nov-2015
Reference to the Selected Works of R.K. Narayan, Amitav Ghosh and Arundhati Roy)

MR. SURAJIT SHARMA Prof. B. K. Danta Ideology and Resistance in the Post-Cold War Novels of John Le Carré. 24- June-2016

18 MS. ANINDITA DEY Prof. B. K. Danta Pleasure and Power in Detective Fiction: A Study Through Select Texts. 31-Jan- 2017
19 Prof. M. M. Sarma Constructing the Narrative: A Comparative Study of the Novels of Amos Tutuola and Ben Okri 17-Oct-2016

20 REETAMONI NARZARY Prof. B. K. Danta Jesus Christ and the Claims of Fiction: Literary Representations and the Politics of Authority 10-Nov-2017

Counters of Contest and Autobiographical Subject: A Study of Contexts of Origin and

21 JAY PRAKASH RAY Prof. F. Danta 31-Jan- 2017
Legitimization in Select Autobiographical Texts.
LULU MARIAM William Faulkner in African American Fiction: Intertextuality and Interliterariness in Ernest
22 Prof. B. K. Danta 15-05-2017
BORGOHAIN Gaines and Toni Morrison.
23 Prof. P. K. Das The Coming of the Book in Assam: Impact of Print, 1836-1947 10-Nov-2017

24 KAILASH SARMA Prof. G. K. Borah Time and Temporal Structure of Situations: The Case of Assamese 10-Nov-2017

Teaching of English in the Colleges of Teacher Education in Assam: A Study of Classroom

26 PARBIN SULTANA Prof. M. M. Sarma 10-Nov-2017
Women’s Travel Writing in Colonial India and the Rhetoric of Difference: A Study Through
27 NURJAHAN BEGUM Prof. B. K. Danta 31-Jan- 2017
Select Texts.
Representation of the Local and the Peripheral: A Study of an Alternative Aesthetic in the
28 ANANYA HILOIDARI Prof. P. K. Das 21-Dec-2017
Novels of Amit Chaudhuri, Arundhati Roy, Siddhartha Deb and Mamang Dai.
29 Prof. B. K. Danta Patterns of Gazing in African American Travel Writing: A Study of Select Texts. 31-Jan- 2017
30 Prof. G. K. Borah The Bare Noun in Karbi and Its Determination 10-Nov-2017

31 GITARTHA GOSWAMI Prof. F. Danta T. S. Eliot: From Crisis to Contemplation 10-Nov-2017

32 SIKHAMONI GOGOI Prof. F. Danta Modernity and Its Discontents: A Study through Mark Tully’s Writings on India 10-Nov-2017

33 Prof. G. K. Borah A Sociolinguistic Account of Khurkhul 20-Dec-2017

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