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Islamic Banking & Finance

heading towards new

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Islamic Banking & Finance heading towards new destination!


AlHuda Centre of Islamic Banking and Economics (CIBE) is a pioneer organization started its
efforts to promote Islamic Banking and Finance twelve years ago. In these working years,
AlHuda CIBE is acknowledged all around the world due to its excellent services and its team of
dedicated professionals who are equipped to continue thriving.
AlHuda CIBE has primarily been committed to provide quality services. Based on this principal,
the recognition of AlHuda CIBE is increasing by leaps & bounds. It has built up a range of
excellent services in the promotion of Islamic Banking and Finance into the masses such as
Advisory & Consultancy, Research & Development, Education & Capacity Building, Shariah
Advisory and Publications & Events.
AlHuda CIBE is increasing its outreach globally also making a close interaction with Global
market which enables to gather market information efficiently and activate service operations
whenever and wherever it needed.

Dubai is a city and emirate in the United Arab Emirates known for luxury shopping,
ultramodern architecture and a lively nightlife scene. Burj Khalifa, an 830m-tall tower,
dominates the skyscraper-filled skyline. At its foot lies Dubai Fountain, with jets and lights
choreographed to music. On artificial islands just offshore is Atlantis, The Palm, a resort with
water and marine-animal parks.
The local currency is the dirham, which is pegged at AED 3.67 to 1 US dollar. Dubai is tolerant
and cosmopolitan and all visitors are welcome.


Islamic Banking and Finance has been a hope for the purified financial system around the globe
and is being considered as the best option to address the damages of interest based system in
Baking and Financial Industry. The growth indicators for Islamic Banking and Finance ensure its
strength and global acceptance. Importantly the recent global finance crises have proved the
rationality behind Islamic Banking and Finance when no substantial damage to the Islamic
Banking and Finance industry was evidenced in consequences of such global finance crises.
Beside the appreciable growth indicators in Islamic Banking and Finance the lack of human
capital and skilled personnel have been the critical areas which require immediate attention.
This ‘The 4 Days Specialized Training on Innovative Product Development of Islamic Banking
and Finance’ will facilitate action to highlight and address the compatibility of Islamic Banking
and Financial products and explore how Islamic Banking and Finance is beneficial for Financial
Institutions (FIs) and customers as well. Through interactive sessions delegates from retail and
consumer division, investment banking, Business & trade bodies and finance and
Academicians professionals will be able to understand the true spirit of product structures,
operating mechanism and Shari’ah legitimacy of Islamic Banking and Finance Products.
Islamic Banking & Finance heading towards new destination!

Ÿ Introduction of Islamic Banking and Finance Industry and Global Overview

Ÿ Introduction of Islamic Financial Products
Ÿ Type of Products in Islamic Banking and Finance
Ÿ Product Development high level Process
Ÿ New Product Design, Product evaluation, Accounting, Compliance & Technological
Ÿ Product Development Process Enhancement
Ÿ Islamic Banking and Shari’ah Compliance: A Product Development Perspective
Ÿ Structuring of Islamic Financial Products for Takaful, Sukuk, Islamic Microfinance, Islamic
Capital Market, Islamic Indices etc.
Ÿ Islamic Finance product Innovation.
Ÿ Internal Involvement for New Product for Islamic Banking and Finance.
Ÿ Use of Fintech to design innovative advanced Islamic Financial Products.
Ÿ Phases of Product Development.

o Phase 1: Product Summery by Product Development Dept.

o Phase 2: Product Concept Document(PCD), Presentation and approval
o Phase 3: Legal and Shariah Approval
o Phase 4: Market Research, Survey’s FGD, SWOT Analysis, External and Internal
Environmental Screening etc.
o Phase 5: Designing of SOP’s, Accounting, Compliance & Technological Enhancement,
different forms, HR & Credit Policy Evaluation process, Compliance Mechanism etc.
o Phase 6: Regulatory Approval (if any), Pilot Testing
o Phase 7: Trainings, Marketing, sales team development
o Phase 8: Product Launch ( Sort Launch or Hard Launch )

Ÿ Formulation of Product Level Strategies

Ÿ Nature of planning process for Islamic Financial Product Implementation
Ÿ Product Development Research Process and Checklist
Ÿ Formulating strategy: SWOT Analysis, The five force model
Ÿ Planning and Implementing Strategy of new products
Ÿ Product Review & Implementation.
Islamic Banking & Finance heading towards new destination!

Mufti Aziz ur Rehman

Manager – Sharia and General Secretary to F&SSB
(Islamic Banking & Finance Expert)

Mufti Aziz ur Rehman’s academic credentials combined with his extensive professional qualifications and
work experience of 24 years have led him to be considered by others as a very rare type of Scholar, one
who is able to combine the best of contemporary finance with Islamic Jurisprudential principles.
He qualified as a Mufti from Dar Ul Uloom Akora Khattak of Pakistan, specializing in Fiqh Ul Mu’amalaat
(with a specialization in Islamic commercial transactions) and authorized to issue religious edicts (Fatwa).
He has successfully graduated from AAOIFI’s CSAA & CIPA programs, as well as being a Certified AAOIFI
Trainer. His most recent qualification obtained being becoming a Certified Islamic Finance Arbitrator
(CIFA). He has authored numerous books and research papers as well as delivering training, and
conducting industry leading market research on the prospects of Islamic finance within the UAE and
internationally. With a keen aptitude for innovation and learning, he ensure that the highest standards of
Shari’ah are maintained wherever his counsel is desire by any Islamic financial institution. He regularly
provide multi-discipline services such as consultancy, training and Shari’ah guidance and this makes him a
much sought after regular speaker on the Islamic Finance conference circuit, especially at the annual
AAOIFI and World Bank Conferences.

Muhammad Zubair Mughal

Managing Director
(Islamic Banking Expert)

Muhammad Zubair Mughal is Managing Director of AlHuda CIBE, CEO - Islamic Microfinance Network
(IMFN) and Halal Research Council in Pakistan. He has been serving the Islamic Banking and Finance
industry for last 12 years with versatility in Islamic Financial Engineering, Modeling, Product Development,
Market and Gap Analysis. He is dedicatedly and tirelessly working for the promotion of Islamic Finance
through Education, Research, Trainings and Conferences on global canvas. He is also a Chief Editor of a
magazine on Islamic Banking and Finance “True Banking” which depicts his strategic vision in Islamic
Finance. Muhammad Zubair Mughal is a passionate and hardworking individual with a strategic vision in
Islamic Finance. He has served number of public and private sector organizations for Islamic finance
advisory and consultancy around the globe.

Qazi Abdul Samad

Shariah Advisor, Bank of Khyber - Pakistan
(Islamic Banking Expert)

Qazi Abdul Samad is a skilled professional with proficiency in Islamic Business Law advisory having in-
depth knowledge of Islamic Business law and practices. He is innovative, committed & pro-active with
strong communications & analytical skills and excellence in management and training. Currently, he is
working as an Islamic Business Law advisor of “The bank of Khyber-Pakistan”. He is also a visiting lecturer
of Islamic Financial System in Management Science Department of city university, Peshawar. He is an
author of many articles and presented these to numerous international conferences. Abdul Samad has
attended number of trainings and workshops conducted by NIBAF, IIU Islamabad, Bank of Khyber, Ford
Rhodes Sidat Hyder& Co and IBP. He is a professional trainer of Islamic finance.
Islamic Banking & Finance heading towards new destination!

Who should attend this Training?

Ÿ Commercial & Conventional Banks

Ÿ Islamic Banks & Islamic Banking Windows

Ÿ Islamic Banking regulators

Ÿ Asset Management Companies

Ÿ Trade Associations / Chamber of Commerce

Ÿ Mudaraba and Leasing companies

Ÿ Islamic Banking and Finance Universities, Research and Training Centers

Ÿ Students and young professionals in Islamic Banking industry

Training Methodology
The segregation of methods to be usedfor training is following:

70% of total time forlectures/Slide Show/Multimedia Presentations

20% of total time for Class discussions and experience sharing (Q&A Session)



Please complete and return by e-mail, regular mail or fax.
Please note that the name and title you give here will be printed on participants’ list and on certificates.
Participant Information

Title: Prof. Dr. Mr. Ms. Mrs. Other

Full Name:

Organization: Designation


Postal/Zip code: City Country

Telephone: Cell Fax

Email (Official) Email (Personal)

Workshop fees included registration materials, tea/coffee, lunch and certificate.

Event Name Country Fee

US $ 995

Discount Policy
v Five or more delegates from the same organization - 20% discount
Account details for Payment
You can proceed your fee by cheque or demand draft in favour of AlHuda CIBE or you can also transfer your fee online/wire transfer. Banks detail
is as under:
Bank Name: Emirates Islamic Dubai, U.A.E
AED A/C No: 370 - 73859877- 01
IBAN : AE590340003707385987701
Swift Code: MEBLAEAD
By sending in this registration form, I acknowledge that I commit myself to the immediate payment
* Payments should be pay in Ponds. of the full workshop fee. I have taken notice of the cancellation terms on this form.

Additional Instructions
vPayment Information Registration forms must be accompanied
by full payment in order to be processed.
vFull payment is due on registration
vRegistration will not be confirmed until full payment has received
vConfirmation Please allow 3 days for e-mail confirmation of your
registration. Date:___________ Signature: ____________________________
Sr# Topic Date Country
1 Two Days Specialized Training Workshop on Islamic Banking and Finance 12- 13 UK

2 Four Days Specialized Training on Innovative Product Development of Islamic Banking 21 - 24 UAE
and Finance
3 Two days Specialized Training Workshop on Islamic Micro & Agriculture Finance 27– 28 Kenya

4 Two Days Specialized Training Workshop on Shariah Compliance and Shariah Audit of 30 - 31 Kenya
Financial Institutions

5 Two Days Specialized Training Workshop on Islamic Banking, Finance & Islamic Microfinance 06 - 07 Uzbekistan

6 Two Days Specialized Training Workshop on Islamic Banking, Finance & Islamic Microfinance 10 - 11 Kyrgyzstan

7 Two Days Specialized Training Workshop on Islamic Banking and Finance 13 - 14 Zambia

8 Two Days Specialized Training Workshop on Islamic Banking and Finance 16 - 17 Zimbabwe

9 Two days Specialized Training Workshop on Islamic Banking and Finance 14 - 15 Azerbaijan

10 One Day Specialized Training on Takaful (Islamic Insurance) 17 Azerbaijan

11 Two Days Specialized Training Workshop on Islamic Banking and Finance 20 - 21 Turkey

12 European Islamic Finance Forum 26 - 27 Italy

13 Two Days Specialized Training Workshop on Islamic Banking and Islamic Microfinance 04 - 05 Philippines

14 Two Days Specialized Training Workshop on Islamic Banking and Finance 09 - 10 Japan

15 Two Days Specialized Training Workshop on Islamic Banking and Finance 18 - 19 Canada

16 Two Days Specialized Training Workshop on Islamic Banking and Finance 24 - 25 USA

17 8th Global Islamic Microfinance Forum 11 - 12 U.A.E

18 Two Days Post Event Workshop on Islamic Microfinance – Operations, Practices & Outreach 13 - 14 U.A.E

19 6th International Conference on Islamic Banking & Finance with Two Days Post Event Workshop 05- 07 Pakistan

E-mail: info@alhudacibe.com, Web: www.alhudacibe.com

All our services meet the required standards and offer you competitive pricing and
strict regulatory compliance.


Our services are carefully designed for strict adherence of the principles of Shariah. Every
product, we offer is reviewed, approved, and overseen by highly respected and independent
Shariah scholars.

We are committed to the highest level of professionalism and strive to be respectful,
responsive and reliable.

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