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 16 & 17 JUNE + 1 JULY 2018  


Tiffany Chung: Reconstructing an exodus history: boat trajectories, ports of first asylum and resettlement countries, 2017.

A Manifesta 12 Collateral Event

Curated by
Rikke Jørgensen & Valentina Gioia Levy


Nanna Debois Buhl: Palm Tree Studies in South Tyrol and Beyond, Humboldt Books, 2016.

We are delighted to invite you to a 3-day event in Palermo, Sicily, on the 16th, 17th of June
and the 1st of July 2018.

In the context of Manifesta 12 this collateral event will host a public program with a focus
on mobility, migration, political geography and global culture in a local context. We will
build a Global Garden in Piazza Magione in Palermo.

We would like to investigate and discuss issues related to our time:

How are artists dealing with concepts such as migration, digitalization, geography and
mobility or lack of mobility? What role does the image and representation play today?
What kind of strategies, narratives and methods can artists and intellectuals deploy in the
current age of globalization?

Together with a group of amazing artists and speakers, we will address issues connected to
the relationship between people and territories in this phase of globalization.

Our means are speech, performance, video and installation.

We hope you will join us for a dialogue on our possible futures!

Rikke Jørgensen & Valentina Gioia Levy




WORKSHOPS/Participatory Performances
Lisa Batacchi (IT), Heated Oracles, interactive performance.
Beya Gille Gacha, (CM/FR), Stolen Hands, interactive performance.
Hesselholdt & Mejlvang (DK), For a Better Tomorrow, performance.
Nasr-eddine Bennacer (DZ), Journeys Into the Future Through the Sea of the Past,
Gery De Smet (BE), The Identical Lookalike, ephemeral installation.
Hesselholdt & Mejlvang (DK), The Invisible Territory, installation.
Romina de Novellis (IT), HOPSCOTCH, Il Gioco Della Campana, ephemeral installation.
H.H.Lim (MY), The Mental Trip, interactive installation.

09:30-10:00 INTRODUCTION to the program

Rikke Jørgensen (DK) and Valentina Gioia Levy (IT), Arts & Globalization Platform.

10:00-10:45 TALK
Re-imagining Mediterraneanism, an alternative paradigm of representation. Valentina
Gioia Levy (IT) in conversation with Moataz Nasr (EG).

10:45-11:30 TALK
Versi di Vetro in Palermo. Nadine Bilong (CM) in conversation with
Omraam Tatcheda (CM).

11:30-18:00 RADIO BROADCASTING from Radyo Vagabondo

Richard Fleming (USA) + Jake Nussbaum (USA).

18:00-18:30 PERFORMANCE
HOPSCOTCH, Il Gioco della Campana by Romina De Novellis (IT).

18:30-19:15 PRESENTATION
MIGRANT RESOURCES I - An introduction. A Collaborative Project by Kwame Aidoo
(GH) and Kenneth A. Balfelt (DK). See Special Projects for description.

19:15-19:45 TALK
MAXXI in the Mediterranean.
Valentina Gioia Levy (IT) in conversation with Hou Hanru (CN/FR), director of the
MAXXI Museum, Rome.

19:45-20:30 TALK
Displacement as a method in art. Rethinking the relationship between the artist, the
institutions and the public. Blanca De La Torre (ES) in conversation with Stefano
Cagol (IT).

20:30-20:45 SOCIAL TIME


Chim↑Pom Theater by Chim↑Pom (JP)


The Body of Energy (of the mind) by Stefano Cagol (IT)


WORKSHOPS/Participatory Performances
Lisa Batacchi (IT), Heated Oracles, interactive performance.
Beya Gille Gacha (CM/FR), Stolen Hands, interactive performance.
Nasr-eddine Bennacer (DZ), Journeys Into the Future Through the Sea of the Past,
Gery De Smet (BE), The Identical Lookalike, ephemeral installation.
Hesselholdt & Mejlvang (DK), The Invisible Territory, installation.
Romina de Novellis (IT), HOPSCOTCH, Il Gioco Della Campana, ephemeral installation.
H.H.Lim (MY), The Mental Trip, interactive installation.
Spoon & Eggs Race by Manohar Chiluveru (IN).

10:00-10:45 TALK
Multiple Perspectives. About the Travel and Connectivity in South-East Asian
Contemporary Art. Valentina Gioia Levy (IT) in conversation with Alnoor Mitha (UG)
and Manohar Chiluveru (IN).

10:45-11:30 TALK
Flags as Borders. Identity through symbols in the era of globalization. Pier Paolo Scelsi
(IT) in conversation with Gery De Smet (BE).

11:30-18:00 RADIO BROADCASTING from Radyo Vagabondo.

Richard Fleming (USA) + Jake Nussbaum (USA).

18:00-18:30 TALK
Tracing the Untraceable. Valentina Gioia Levy (IT) in conversation with Richard
Fleming (US) + Jake Nussbaum (US).

18:30-19:15 TALK
Bodies beyond time-space borders. Valentina Gioia Levy (IT) in conversation with
Nadine Bilong (CM), Romina De Novellis (IT), Awam Amkpa (NG/US) and Beya
Gille Gacha (CM/FR).

19:15-19:45 TALK
Journeys into the future through the Sea of the past. Sumesh Sharma (IN) in conversation
with Nasr-eddine Bennacer (DZ)

19:45-20:30 TALK
A New Humanity? Between Yoruba and Hyperconnectivity.
Rikke Jørgensen (DK) in conversation with Jelili Atiku (NG).

20:30-20:45 SOCIAL TIME

20:45-21:30 TALK
Traveling Species - on Coloniality, Hybridity and the Anthropocene.
Rikke Jørgensen (DK) in conversation with Jeannette Ehlers (DK) and Nanna Debois
Buhl (DK).
VIDEO PROJECTION: I AM QUEEN MARY by Jeannette Ehlers (DK) and
La Vaughn Belle (VI). Collaborative sculpture projected in Kaoz, Piazza Magione (TBC).

18:00-20:00 PRESENTATION
MIGRANT RESOURCES II - The Result. A Collaborative Project by Kwame Aidoo (GH)
and Kenneth A. Balfelt (DK). See Special Projects for description.


Updates on the program will be announced on www.artsandglobalization.com

(Ghana, 1986)
Kwame Aidoo is a Ghana-based writer, educator and artist whose text, sound, installation and
performance pieces are inspired by African oral folklore, cadence and symbolism to interrogate
sociopolitical contexts. He is the founder of Inkfluent, Nkabom Literary Arts Festival and Afrovims; a
journal on creative processes and projects from Africa and the diaspora. He makes social
commentary music with Dearly Deported (GH), Lucked In (FR), Break Ya Bones (FR) and Kwasaba
(DK). He holds a B.Sc. in biochemistry and biotechnology from KNUST- Kumasi and has shown work
at Chale Wote - Accra, Nasjonalmuseet - Oslo, Prem Arts - Berlin, FLUPP - Rio, among others.

(Nigeria, 1959)
Awam Amkpa is Associate Professor of Drama, Social & Cultural Analysis, and Africana Studies at
New York University. He is the co-founder and co-curator of the annual Real Life Pan-African
Documentary Film Festival in Accra (Ghana). Author of several articles in books and journals on
Modernisms in Theatre, Postcolonial theatre, Black Atlantic Issues, and Film studies he also wrote the
book "Theatre and Postcolonial Desires" (2003). He directed film documentaries such as: "Winds
Against Our Souls", "Its All About Downtown", "National Images and Transnational Desires", and
featured film "Wazobia!". Between 2011-2013 he curated "Africa: See You, See Me" in Beijing and
Macau (China), Rome and Florence (Italy), Dakar, (Senegal) and Lagos (Nigeria). He also curated the
shows: "Africa: Significaciones" at Centro Provincial de artes Plasticas y Diseño, Havana (Cuba
2017); "ReSignifications: European Blackamoors, Africana Readings" at Museo Bardini, Villa La
Pietra and Galleria Biagiotti, Florence (Italy, 2015); "ReSignifications: Black Portraiture in the
Mediterranean Blue" and ‘Wole Soyinka: Antiquities Across Times and Place’ under the
MANIFESTA12 Biennale, Palermo (Italy) in 2018.

(Nigeria, 1968)
Jelili Atiku is a Nigerian multimedia artist with political concerns for human rights and justice.
Through drawing, installation sculpture, photography, video and live art performance he strives to
help viewers understand the world and expand their understanding and experiences, so that they
can activate and renew their lives and environments. Since 2008, he has been involved in an ongoing
performance project, In the Red, which uses red as a symbol of life, suffering, danger and violence.
In 2008/2009, his performance video, Victim of Political Assassination was showcased in Video
Library section of Rencontres Internationales in Paris, Berlin and Madrid. He also featured in the
Geisai #12 Contemporary Art Fair, Tokyo, Japan (2009), 16th Festival International D’Art Video de
Casablanca, Morocco (2009), Old News #6, Malmo, Lagos and Copenhagen (2009/2010) and
Freedom to Create Prize, Singapore (2009).

(Denmark, 1966)
Kenneth A. Balfelt is a visual artist that works to use art as a platform for rethinking and developing
new methods for urban development, user involvement, development of urban situations and
inclusion of socially marginalised people. Kenneth Balfelt Team do public projects, exhibit and
publish normative reports to share new developed methods. Balfelt has art works in the National
Gallery of Denmark, KØS Museum for Public Art, Malmö Museum and Göteborg Museum and has
exhibited at Rooseum (Malmö), Hamburger Bahnhof (Berlin), ZDB (Portugal), Arnolfini (UK), Museum
of Contemporary Art Roskilde and has done a number of public art projects like The injection room
project, Home of the men - Radical horizontality, Café Heimdal, Enghave Minipark - relocation of
beer drinkers and Rethinking and renovating Park of the People (Udvikling af Folkets Park).

(Italy, 1979)
With an educational background in fashion design, Lisa Batacchi developed a particular interest for
textile traditions that are slowly disappearing, looking at both lost idealistic thoughts and mastery in
Eastern and Western culture. Her work has been exhibited recently in one-artist and group shows in
venues such as: “The time of discretion”, Le Murate Progetti Arte Contemporanea, solo show
curated by Veronica Caciolli (Florence, IT, 2018), Remembering the future, Art & Globalization
Pavillion directed by Rikke Jørgensen during the 57th Venice Biennale, Palazzo Rossini (Venice, IT,
2017); “Catching the Axis, in between the sky and the earth”, Land Art Mongolia Biennale, curated
by Valentina Gioia Levy (Ulan Bator, MN, 2016); “Soulmates (within time) #5”, Textile Art Center
Museum (New York, US 2016); “Soulmates (within time) #3” curated by Sumesh Sharma, Clark House
Initiatives (Bombay, IND 2015).

(Algeria, 1967)
Living and working in Paris for over 20 years. Nasr-eddine tackles profound questions on the
evolution of links between civilizations and cultures. He also looks deeply at the ambiguity that exists
in human relationships and interaction. This exploration focuses on the forms of manipulation and
exploitation of conflicts, either for the individual or at a more global scale: Is the aggressor always
the one demonstrating power or influence, or do either political and economic forces interfere
through sentiment and the intellect, creating tensions between an ideology and its realization?
Bennacer participated in India Art Fair, New Delhi (2014). Art Palm Beach, Miami (2014). Art Stage,

Singapour (2014). "Enchères «Art & Care»", Palais de Tokyo, Paris (2015). Art 15, London, (2015).
Scope Art Fair, Basel (2015). Musée des Beaux-Arts, Menton (2017). «Journeys into the Future
through the Sea of the Past», Galerie Depardieu, Nice (2017) and Galerie Ars Nova, Marseille (2017).

(Cameroon, 1991)
Independent curator based in Paris. In 2015, she founded the platform BREATH’ARTS PERFORMA,
which focuses on the medium of performance, and on different topics connected with Africa and
African diaspora. In 2016, she was invited as guest curator at the XII edition of Dak’art Biennale
where she curated the program of performance “Manifeste de la Cité dans le Jour Bleu”. In 2017,
she was invited by the artist Kader Attia as a contributor to his project “Long Live the Independence
of Water” for the XIII Sharjah Biennial and she also curated the project “Deshumania: Allégorie
contemporaine” at La Colonie (Paris). During the last years she curated talks and performances in
collaboration with arts and cultural institutions like Dapper Musuem, 1:54 Art Fair invited by Koyo
Kouoh, Sotheby’s – AKAA Art Fair, Quai Branly Musuem, La Colonie, Dak’art Biennale with the
Senegalese Ministry of Culture; Cultural Entrepreneurship Forum with the French Ministry of Culture,
Afroxploitation among others. She also contributed to Arts Magazines & Catalogues like Art Africa,
Something We Africans Got, Africa is music, Africafuturistic.


(Denmark, 1975)
Visual artist who lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark. Her practice investigates historical and
cultural knowledge seen through botany, animal life, imagery, and architecture. Through
photographic “close readings” her projects reflect on how artifacts and ideologies are interrelated,
how they travel through, and change over time. Buhl participated in The Whitney Museum’s
Independent Study Program, New York (2008-09) and received her M.F.A. from The Royal Danish
Academy of Fine Arts (2006). Her installations and films have been exhibited at institutions such as
the Pérez Art Museum, FL; SculptureCenter, NY; Art in General, NY; The Studio Museum, Harlem,
NY; El Museo del Barrio, NY; Lunds Konsthall, Sweden; Kunsthal Charlottenborg; Kunsthallen
Brandts; Museum for Contemporaty Art, Roskilde; and Herning Museum of Contemporary Art,

(Italy, 1969)
Graduated at the Accademia di Brera in Milan and received a postdoctoral fellowship at Ryerson
University in Toronto. In 2017, his work was featured in the show for COP23, the international
conference for climate change, at the German Ministry of Environment in Berlin and in the grand
inaugural exhibition curated by Veit Loers at Haus Mödrath Räume für Kunst in Cologne (till Nov,
2018). His work was also been exhibited in: Manifesta11 at Cabaret Voltaire (Zurich, 2016); the 55th
Venice Biennale in the Maldives Pavilion (2013); the 54th Venice Biennale with a solo collateral event;
the 4th Berlin Biennale and the first edition of Singapore Biennale (2006). Between 2014 and 2015
his solo project "The Body of Energy (of the mind)" was featured at: MAXXI Museum (Rome), Madre
Museum (Naples), Maga Museum (Gallarate), Museion (Bolzano), Kunsthalle (St. Gallen), ZKM
(Karlsruhe), Museum Folkwang (Essen).

(India, 1970)
Especially known for his large-scale live painting events, sculptures and public installations, Manohar
Chiluveru’s work addresses questions connected with individual and collective identities, global
connectivity and relational aesthetic. His Collective Paintings have been recently presented in: Pune
Biennial (India, 2017); Macro Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome (2017); MAAM Museo dell’Altro
e dell’Altrove (Rome, 2017). Previously, his work has been exhibited in one-artist and group shows in
venues as: “Possible Effect” solo show, collateral event of Kochi-Muziris Biennial (India, 2015);
“Personal Structure. Crossing Borders” Palazzo Mora and Palazzo Bembo, group show during the
56th Venice Biennial (2015); “Amour”, solo show, Alliance Française (Hyderabad, 2014); “Imagine
Heart”, solo show at IAF Indian Art Fair (New Delhi, 2014); “Meta-Matters” solo show at Salar Jung
Museum (Hyderabad, 2013); “Imago Mundi”, group show at Fondazione Querini Stampalia, as a
collateral event of the 55th Venice Biennial (2013).

(Vietnam, 1969)
Tiffany Chung´s work examines conflict, migration, displacement, urban progress and transformation
in relation to history and cultural memory. Her work was featured in the 2015 Venice Biennale, in the
exhibition All the World’s Futures in the Arsenale, with an installation of 40 map-based drawings
relating to the ongoing crisis in Syria. Chung’s selected museum’s exhibitions and biennials include:
SUNSHOWER: Contemporary Art from Southeast Asia 1980s to Now, Mori Art Museum, Tokyo,
Japan; Performing the Border, Kunstraum Niederoesterreich, Vienna, Austria; Tracing Displacement
and Shelter, MOMA, Museum of Modern Art, New York, NY; EVA International – Ireland’s Biennial;
Illumination, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Humlebæk, Denmark; The XIII Bienal de Cuenca,
Ecuador; My Voice Would Reach You, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston; California Pacific Triennial,
Orange County Museum of Art; and Six Lines of Flight, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

(Japan, 2005)
Chim↑Pom is an artist collective formed in Tokyo in 2005 and composed of six members: Ellie, Ryuta
Ushiro, Yasutaka Hayashi, Masataka Okada, Toshinori Mizuno and Motomu Inaoka. In 2015,
Chim↑Pom inaugurated the artist-run space "Garter" and launched the project “Don’t Follow the
Wind” inside the nuclear exclusion zone of Fukushima. Between their main solo-shows: “Non-
Burnable”, Dallas Contemporary (US, 2017); “SUPER RAT”, Saatchi Gallery (London, 2015);
“Chim↑Pom”, MOMA PS1, (New York, 2011). Their work has also been featured in a number of
international group exhibitions including: the Asian Art Biennale, Taichung (Taiwan, 2017); Biennale
de Lyon (France, 2017); the 20th Biennale of Sydney (Australia, 2016); Busan Biennale, Busan
Museum of Art (South Korea, 2016); “Zero Tolerance” MoMA PS1 (New York, 2014); the 9th
Shanghai Biennale, Shanghai Museum of Contemporary Art (China, 2012) and The 29th São Paulo
Biennial (Brazil, 2010).

(Belgium, 1961)
The Belgian/Flemish artist Gery De Smet lives and works in St.-Amandsberg, Ghent (Belgium). He
works in a variety of media including installations, videos, happenings, multiples and graphics, often
in combination with text; however, he remains first and foremost a painter. His work has been
featured in several solo and group shows including: Kathmandu Triennial (2017); Mediation Biennial

Poznan (2016); 'Oorlog & trauma', solo show at Museum Guislain, Ghent (Belgium, 2013); solo show
at PAK, Platform voor Aktuele Kunsten, Gistel (Belgium, 2013); 5th edition, the Moscow Biennale
(Russia, 2013); "See something? Say something!", Museum of Modern Arts Artetazh of Vladivostok
(Russia, 2011) and American University Museum, Katzen Center, Washington DC (USA, 2010).

(Spain, 1977)
From 2009-2014, she acted as Chief Curator at ARTIUM, the Contemporary Museum of the Basque
Country, Spain. Afterwards, she has curated exhibitions worldwide: MoCAB, Belgrade; Salzburger
Kunstverein: EFA Project Space, New York; Centro de las Artes, Monterrey, Museo Carrillo Gil
Mexico city; Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Oaxaca; NC-Arte, Bogotá; RAER Real Academia de
España, Roma; LAZNIA, Gdansk, Poland and MUSAC in León, where she is also part of the advisory
board of the museum.

(Denmark, 1973)
Visual artist based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Experimental nature generally characterizes Jeannette
Ehlers´ video, photo and performance based works. On these changeable terms meaning and
identity are explored, in both a sophisticated and immediate way. Selected Exhibitions: AROS,
Aarhus, DK; MOLAA, Los Angeles, USA; The Black Diamond, Copenhagen, Denmark; International
Slavery Museum, Liverpool, UK; The McKenna Museum of African American Art, New Orleans, USA;
Autograph ABP, Rivington Place, London,UK; UVP on Everson Museum of Art, Syracuse, USA;
Brundyn+ gallery, Cape Town SA; Nikolaj Copenhagen Contemporary Art Center, Copenhagen,
Denmark; LMAKprojects, NYC, USA; Dak’Art, Dakar, Senegal; Pérez Art Museum Miami, USA;
Parisian Laundry, Montreal, Canada; Ballhaus Naunynstrasse, Berlin, Germany; Museo Del Barrio,
New York, USA.


(France, 1990)
Born in Paris (Cameroonian/French). Graduated in Applied Arts in Paris and in 2013 founded the
artistic collective NEFE in which she advocates métis culture and identities. Inspired by Bamileke
aesthetic she re-interprets Western Classicism questioning identities, representation, and cultural
heritage. Her work has been recently included in the exhibition “I is an Other, Be the Other” curated
by Simon Njami, Galleria Nazionale (Rome, Italy 2018) and in the group show "Bridge" curated by
Salimata Diop et Pierre-Christophe Gam, Musée de la Photographie de St Louis as a part of Dak'Art
Off Biennale (Dakar, Senegal 2018).

Paul Goodwin is an independent curator, urban theorist and researcher based in London. His
curatorial, research and writing projects extend across the interdisciplinary fields of contemporary art
and urbanism with a particular focus on black and diaspora artists and visual cultures. At the Centre
for Urban and Community Research at Goldsmiths, University of London, between 2006 and 2010 he
directed Re-visioning Black Urbanism, an interdisciplinary research project exploring the multiple
modalities of blackness and urbanism in cities such as London, Lisbon and Paris. From 2008 to 2012
as a curator at Tate Britain he directed the pioneering Cross Cultural Programme that explored
questions of migration and globalisation in contemporary British art through a programme of

international conferences, workshops, talks and live art events. His curatorial projects include a
number of internationally significant exhibitions including: Migrations: Journeys Into British Art, Tate
Britain 2012; Thin Black Line(s), Tate Britain, 2011; Coming Ashore, 2011, Berardo Collection
Museum in Lisbon, Portugal.

(China, 1963)
Artistic director of MAXXI, National Museum of the 21st Century Arts, in Rome. Educated at the
Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing in the 1980s, Hou moved to France in 1990, and after a
period as an independent curator and critic, he became director of exhibitions and public programs
and chair of exhibition and museum studies at the San Francisco Art Institute (2006–2012). In 2015,
he joined the Guggenheim as a consultant curator. Over the past two decades, he has curated and
co-curated more than 100 exhibitions at institutions and events around the world, including biennials
and triennials in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Gwangju, Istanbul, Venice, Lyon, Auckland, and

(Malaysia, 1954)
Lim is a Malaysian artist of Chinese heritage who has been based in Rome since 1976. As a non-
western immigrant surviving in the context of Euro-centric dominance, the themes and images of
cultural difference, confrontation and negotiation, with Lim’s imagination and creative energy, are
always central to his work. He has been exhibited in a number of internationally renowned biennales,
including: the third Tirana Biennial (2005), Istanbul Biennial (2007), Manifesta7 (Von Morenberg,
2008), Venice Biennale (2013), Prague Biennial (2013), Singapore Biennale (2016), Kochi Muziris
Biennial (India, 2015) and the XII edition of Dak’Art Biennial (Senegal, 2016). In addition, Lim also
manages to exhibit in UCCA Ullens Center for Contemporary Art in Beijing, GNAM (Galleria
nazionale d'arte moderna e contemporanea) Roma, MAXXI (Museo nazionale delle arti del XXI
secolo) Roma, Tang Contemporary Art, IVAM (Instituto Valenciano de Arte Moderno) and many other
established institutions.


Copenhagen-based artist duo established in 1999, consisting of Sofie Hesselholdt and Vibeke
Mejlvang. The duo is primarily working with site-specific installations and projects in public space.
Through their work, they are questioning how social and political structures are being established
and reproduced in society. National identity, Eurocentrism, and the creation of a collective We are
the focal themes in their works. Selected solo exhibitions: Uppsala Konstmuseum, Sweden (2017);
Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art, Denmark (2016); Platform Arts, Northern Ireland (2015);
KUNSTEN-Museum of Modern Art Aalborg, Denmark (2015); Turku Art Museum, Finland (2014);
Oslo Kunstforening, Norway (2014); and SKMU-Sørlandets Art Museum, Norway (2012). Selected
projects in public space: Points of Unity, billboards in Kiev and Kryvya Rih, Ukraine (2018); Native,
Exotic, Normal / State of Emergency, special project at The People's Political Meeting, Bornholm,
Denmark (2016); Native, Exotic, Normal / Circle of Flags, special project at Roskilde Festival,
Denmark (2016). Hidden Agenda (Tears, Eagle, Chain, Lions, Face, Star), flag installation in Seoul,
Korea (2015); Flags of Aggression, flag installation in Seoul, Korea (2014).

(Uganda, 1972)
Born in Uganda from Indian parents, Alnoor Mitha is a Senior Research Fellow (Asian Cultures),
Manchester Metropolitan University, and the research centre leader for Asian Cultures. He is an
honorary Fellow at Winchester School of Art at Southampton University and a trustee for Cubitt
Artists. He is cultural and artistic policy advisor to numerous arts organisations including the British
Council, and international Biennial Foundation. He is the Founding Artistic Director of the award
nominated Asia Triennial Manchester, (2008 – present). Previously he was the artistic director of
Shisha the international agency for contemporary South Asian crafts and visual arts (2002 -2011). In
2016 he curated the Colombo Art Biennial, Sri Lanka (Nov – Dec 2016). At the moment, between
other projects is curating the first retrospective of Anish Kapoor in Norway.

(Egypt, 1961)
Egyptian artist Moataz Nasr explores traditions and new globalism, questioning geopolitical and
social development in Africa. The artistic practice for Nasr is a tool and a language that embraces art,
sociology, Sufism and history in order to encourage dialogue across geographical boundaries. The
most recent group shows are “The See Is My Land”, curated by Francesco Bonomi and Emanuela
Mazzonis (MAXXI, Rome, 2013); “Metropolis. Afriques Capitales”, curated by Simon Njami
(La Villette, Paris, 2017); “Senses of Time: Video and Film-based Arts of Africa”, (LACMA and The
Smithsonian National Museum of African Arts, Washington, 2017). The most recent solo show are:
Galleria Continua / Beijing, 2012 and Galleria Continua / Le Moulin, 2015. In 2017, he was selected
to represent Egypt at the 57th Venice Biennale.

(Italy, 1982)
She graduated from the Royal Academy of Dance, London and continued her studies at the DAMS
University of Rome. Trained as a classical dancer and choreographer, her multidisciplinary approach
to bodily gesture and physical vulnerability locates the body within a philosophical, anthropological,
and sociological context. Her work has been exhibited in venues as: Madre Museum and Museo
Archeologico (Naples, 2017 and 2018); Musée des Arts et Métiers (Paris, 2016); Mediation Biennial
Poznan, Museum Narodowe (PL, 2016); Palais de Tokyo (Paris, 2015); Something Else, OFF Biennial
Cairo (Egypt, 2015); Espace Culturel Louis Vuitton (Paris, 2015); Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature
(Paris, 2013). Recent performances include: “Inferno” curated by Kreemart, Navy Officer’s Club
during the 57th Venice Biennial; “Selfie/Autoportrait” for Moleskine Foundation, FIAC Art Fair (Paris,
2017); “La Veglia”, Salotto Missoni (New York, 2017); “La Gabbia”, SP-Arte, Sau Paulo + Armory
Show, NY (2016).


Artists and documentarians engaged in radio as a site of collectivity, knowledge exchange, creative
production, and performance. A musicologist, deejay, producer-director and photographer, Fleming
has traveled extensively on all seven continents recording documentary sound. Deeply engaged with
the vernacular art and subcultures of the global south, he is the author of Walking to Guantánamo
(Commons Books), a travelogue about walking the length of Cuba. His photographs and journalism
have appeared in The Times of London, The Miami Herald, The Suddeutsche Zeitung and Cabinet
Magazine, among others. Nussbaum's creative practice begins with collaborative research and

results in participatory projects that unfold both in the gallery and the field. He has been a fellow
with the New Museum's IdeasCity program in Athens, GR and Arles, FR; a fellow at Skidmore
College's Storyteller's Institute; and a resident at the Vermont Studio Center. His work has been
exhibited in galleries around the US, including Recess and Pioneer Works in New York.


(Italy, 1977)
After his studies in Conservation of Cultural Heritage at the University Ca 'Foscari in 2012, Pier Paolo
Scelsi creates and hosts a television program on the art world called "Frame, ut pictura poesis" for
"3 Channel". For the same broadcaster, he covers current events, politics, cultures and customs. In
2014, he founded the cultural association One Promoting Contemporary Art. For Peggy
Guggenheim collection, he created the theatrical subject "Quella Volta... Peggy Guggenheim",
official event at the 2013 Carnival of Venice, produced by Venice Marketing & Events. Since 2017, he
has been the art-director of One Contemporary Art space in Venice, Giudecca Island. He has curated
several exhibitions for international institutions and galleries such as Regione Veneto, Israeli
Embassy, Museo Ebraico di Venezia, Engel Gallery Tel Aviv, Rosenfeld Porcini Gallery London, 3035
Gallery Amsterdam among others.


Artist, curator & writer, in 2010, he co-founded the artists-run space Clark House Initiative, Bombay.
His practice is informed by alternate art histories that often include cultural perspectives informed by
socio-economics and politics. Immigrant Culture in the Francophone, Vernacular Equalities of
Modernism, Movements of Black Consciousness in Culture are his areas of interest. In 2016, he was
guest curator of Dak’Art Biennial, in Senegal and he co-curated the exhibition “Workshop and
Legacy: Stanley William Hayter, Krishna Reddy, Zarina Hashmi” at the Metropolitan Museum of New
York. In October 2017, he curated the project “Gondwana Series: Interventions by the Clark House”
at the Centre Pompidou, in Paris. During the last years he cooperated with a number of international
art institutions between which: the Irish Museum of Modern Art of Dublin; the Kadist Art Foundation
(Paris, FR); Para Site (Hong Kong); Villa Vassilieff, (FR); Stedelijk Museum Bureau (Amsterdam); Kochi
Muziris Biennial; ISCP (NY).


(Cameroon, 1984)
In 2009, he obtained a scholarship from the Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna (IT) and he graduated
in painting in 2013. His work concerns human conditions, spirituality, and freedom in our
contemporary society. Painting, sculpture, and installation are his media. His work has recently been
exhibited in: 'Versi di Vetro' solo project curated by Janine Gäelle and Justin Randolph Thompson,
at Villa Romana (Florence, IT 2018); "I is an Other" curated by Simon Njami at the Galleria Nazionale
in Rome (2018) and in the XIII Dak'Art Biennale (Senegal, 2018). He was also included in the project
"Seeds for Future Memories. Voicing the two ends of migration" at Villa Romana (Florence, 2018)
and he was an artist in residence at Thread - Joseph et Any Albers's Foundation (Senegal, 2016).

Richard Fleming and Jake Nussbaum’s RADYO VAGABONDO will be on the FM airwaves and on the
web, broadcasting live from the Piazza Magione from 14:00 to 20:00 on Saturday 16 and Sunday 17
June, 2018. Look for us at www.artsandglobalization.com. This documentary radio project explores
Sicily and Palermo as the epicenter of a historical conception of the Mediterranean, that asks for
renewed investigation within the context of the refugee and migrant flows seen in recent years.

As part of the Arts & Globalization program 'Art & Connectography: Remapping the Global World
through Art' for Manifesta 12 Collateral Events in Palermo this year, Danish artist Kenneth Balfelt and
Kwame Aidoo from Ghana expand on the connections between migration and cultural practices,
products, discursive symbolism and intersecting expressions. Through layers of conversation,
documentation and performative forms, the artists use participatory methods to process how
sojourners and settlers make sense of spaces and invest senses into new vicinage. In this age of
hyperconnectivity and neoteric impacts of mobility, 'Migrant Resources' uses contextual and
contingent methods to reimagine human representation in the shaping of pluralistic landscape
where the narrative on sensitivity and difference are whole and even-handed.

'Migrant Resources' will run from June 16 - July 1 in Palermo. Public events related to the project will
be published at www.artsandglobalization.com. 'Migrant Resources' is curated by Rikke Jørgensen.


Installation in the backroom of a restaurant in Palermo, Sicily
Location: Via Della Vetriera 99, near Piazza Magione
Opening hours at www.artsandglobalization.com

The installation was first shown at Socle du Monde Biennale 2017 HEART Museum of Contemporary
Art, Denmark, named after Piero Manzoni’s groundbreaking sculpture Socle du Monde:

“In another wing of the building, which used to function as the students’ common room, Danish
artist duo Hesselholdt & Mejlvang created a terrifyingly poignant work that reflects the alarming
racist and nationalist political sentiments popping up globally. Culled from message boards and
comment sections online, a series of hate-filled words and sentences are scrawled in luminous
fluorescent paint on white walls, and only appear under black light. Visitors enter an all-white,
uninspiring and unfurnished room with a small kitchen and several white flags hanging in the middle
of the space; after a couple minutes, the room goes dark and all the messages become visible.
Hesselholdt & Mejlvang’s work often deals with nationalistic tendencies, and this time seeks to reveal
the increasing presence of unchecked hate speech in all corners of the internet.”
- berlinartlink.com



Rikke Jørgensen, Creative Director and Founder of Arts & Globalization Platform
Valentina Gioia Levy, Project Coordinator for Arts & Globalization in Italy
Giulia Pilieci, Production Assistant
Dim ora O Z, KAO Z, Logistic and Institutional Relations

For all press enquiries please contact:

Rikke Jørgensen: urbanartc@gmail.com / T +45 27 50 90 39

Full program at www.artsandglobalization.com

Find us @artsandglobalization + #artsandglobalization

The program is a MANIFESTA 12 collateral event.




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