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Group No. Final Score Final Grade



Performance elements A-F pertain to the actual elements/ content of the research proposal as presented while performance
elements G-K relate to the delivery and style of the research presenter/s.

ELEMENTS 4= Excellent; 3= Good; 2= Fair; 1= Poor
4 3 2 1

Presentation (i.e., Presentation starts More clarity in the Presentation focuses
first one to two somewhat broadly, and opening may be needed immediately on the
slides) begins in a provides some or the Presentation may literature review, or
broad manner and theoretical or real begin with a definition of no context for the
clearly explains the world context for the the topic but provide topic is provided.
Topic & Context problem to be main concept in the very little context for the
investigated and study. Definitions and idea (e.g., may begin
defines important an explanation of the immediately with review
constructs. key concept or of previous research).
question is provided, Definitions not provided.
but it could be clearer.
4 3 2 1

At least 3 studies are At least 3 studies are At least 2 studies are All studies are
described clearly and described clearly. described clearly and in described in an
B in enough detail for Connection of a study enough detail for the unclear manner;
Literature the audience to to thesis may be audience to understand connection of
Review understand. slightly unclear. OR 3 studies are studies to thesis is
described in an unclear unclear.
manner. Connection of 3
studies to thesis may be
slightly unclear.
4 3 2 1

One hypothesis is The hypothesis is One hypothesis must be No hypothesis is
clearly stated, and somewhat unclear in stated. No directional stated and
directional stating what the prediction about the hypothesis is very
predictions are made experimental groups or relation between the unclear. Direction
based on the correlational variables is specifically does not follow from
Hypotheses previous literature. relationship will be or stated. It is unclear what the literature
They are testable. It what will be measured. the variables will be and presented
is clear what the It may be unclear how what will be measured. A
variables will be and the hypothesis links hypothesis with no
what will be justification may be
measured included.
4 3 2 1

One suggestion for One suggestion for One suggestion for study One suggestion for
study is provided. study is provided. is provided. Design is not study is provided.
The design is clear, Design is complete and complete or the Design is not
D complete, and appropriate but not operationalization of the appropriate for the
Proposed Study appropriate to test clearly described. variables is not clear. hypothesis; variables
the hypothesis. Variables are Measured variables may are not
Variables are appropriately be simplistic or not operationalized or
appropriate and operationalized but appropriate). not valid.
operationalized may be simplistic.
4 3 2 1

Participants, Participants, materials, Discussion misses one of Discussion misses
materials, and and procedure are the following: two or more of the
E procedure are briefly discussed. One of these participants, materials, or following:
Method: and clearly components may be procedures. It is unclear participants,
discussed. unclear. Participants, whether the method materials, or
Participants, Participants, materials, and provides a good test of procedures. The
Materials, materials, and procedure provide a the hypothesis or method does not
Procedures procedure clearly good test of hypothesis matches the study accurately test the
provide a test of and support the study design. hypothesis and/or
hypothesis and design. does not match
support the study study design.
4 3 2 1

One statistical One statistical analysis One statistical analysis is A statistical analysis
analysis is clearly is proposed, although proposed, but in an is not proposed,
F proposed. This slightly unclear. This unclear fashion. The stated unclearly, or
statistical analysis statistical analysis statistical analysis is is unrelated to
Proposed provides an accurate seems to provide an appropriate for the hypothesis and/or
Statistics test of the accurate test of the hypothesis, but not the study design.
hypothesis and hypothesis and study design, or vice
matches the study matches the study versa.
design. design, although this
could be clearer.

4 3 2 1

Uses vocabulary Uses vocabulary Uses several (5 or more) Vocabulary is
G appropriate for the appropriate for the words or phrases that are disjointed. Audience
audience. Extends audience. Does not new, but does not define cannot tell whether
Content and audience vocabulary include any vocabulary them for the audience. vocabulary is a new
Vocabulary by defining words that might be new to term related to the
that might be new to the audience. theory or just
most of the everyday usage.
4 3 2 1

Students present Students present Audience has difficulty Audience cannot
information in information in logical following presentation understand
H logical, interesting sequence which because students jump presentation
sequence which audience can follow around 50% of the time. because there is no
Clarity and audience can follow 75% of the time. Students were 50% sequence of
Organization 100% of the time. Students were 75% prepared. information.
Students were 100% prepared. Students were
prepared and have unprepared and did
obviously rehearsed. not rehearse their
4 3 2 1

Each slide displays 75% of the slides 50% of the slides display More than 50% f the
text in a way that is display text in a way text in a way that is easy slides contain too
easy for audience to that is easy for for audience to much text and little
I understand. This audience to understand. The slides to no visual images.
PowerPoint may be an outline, understand. Slides contain too much text The slides are hard
Slides photo, table, chart, contain text that and information that is for the audience to
figure, etc. Visuals should be replaced by a overwhelming to the understand.
are creative or clean, visual image, such as a audience or too many
and help the chart or figure or distracting, unrelated
audience remember unrelated to the topic. images.
the presentation.
4 3 2 1

Demonstrates Demonstrates Demonstrates some Demonstrates
extensive knowledge knowledge of the topic knowledge of the topic incomplete
J of the topic by by responding by responding accurately knowledge of the
Question and responding accurately and and appropriately to topic by responding
Answer confidently, precisely appropriately to questions and feedback. inaccurately and
and appropriately to questions and inappropriately to
all audience feedback. questions and
questions and feedback.
4 3 2 1
Presentation is Presentation is 16-17 Presentation is 18-19 Presentation is more
Time Limit within 13-15 minutes minutes minutes than 20 minutes
Adapted from: Pennsylvania State University Rubrics for Research Presentation Proposal; http://sites.psu.edu/personality/wp-content/uploads/sites/29060/2015/07/Research-

Equivalent Comments & Suggestions
44 = 100
43 = 98
42 = 96
41 = 94
40 = 92
39 = 91
38 = 89
37 = 87
36 = 85
35 = 83
34 = 81
33 = 79
32 = 77
31 = 75
30 = 73
29 = 71
28 = 70
27 = 68
26 = 66
25 = 64
24 = 62 Score Panel Member (signature over printed name)
23 = 60 Grade
22 & below Date
Prepared by: Jueliand Peter A. Perez, PTRP