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Makayla Easter


English I

30 May 2018

Leonard Mead Psychopathy Disorder

Leonard Mead is a strange man. He walks alone in silence for hours and miles every

night. He also talks to the houses as he strolls by them which is very unusual”’Hello, in there,’ he

whispered to every house on every side as he moved.” (Bradbury)Leonard Mead has a disorder

called psychopathy. Psychopathy is a type of disorder in which an individual betrays impure and

antisocial behavior.(Psychopathy. HealthyPlace) Leonard Mead shows this behavior throughout

the story ‘The Pedestrian’. Leonard Mead has Psychopathy disorder because he displays

abnormal behavior, he walks alone at night, and he is antisocial.

Leonard Mead has psychopathy disorder because his behavior is extremely abnormal and

unusual. He strolls through the neighborhood every night for hours and his explanation for it is

‘Walking for air. Walking to see’.(Bradbury) People with a psychopathy disorder are often

antisocial or quiet, Leonard Mead walks by himself every single night and does not mention any

friends he may have or people he may associate with. Instead of speaking with people directly he

talks to their houses. When the police officer asked for Leonard’s profession he replied with a

“writer”, but nobody writes anymore so for him to do that makes him crazy. In the environment

Leonard Mead is living in, people sit in their houses all day everyday and watch television or get

on their technology, so for Leonard Mead to be the complete opposite of his community makes

him different. From the behavior Leonard Mead portrays, he has psychopathy disorder.
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Leonard Mead is antisocial. Someone who is antisocial is “not sociable; not wanting the

company of others”(Mayoclinic) He shows it in the story because he does not mention to the

police officer that he had a significant other or anyone else he may live with. He most likely

strolls the neighborhood every night because he does not have any friends to hang out with.

These explanations show how Leonard Mead is antisocial.

Despite the evidence demonstrating psychopathy, many people believe that nothing is

wrong with Leonard Mead. People believe nothing is wrong with him because in the past many

people strolled through the neighborhood late at night and many people wrote as a profession.

They believe that since these habits weren’t a problem in the past, it shouldn’t be a problem now.

Although aspects of this argument are enticing, it ultimately fails to be a stronger argument

because this is the present and people of the present have new habits that are appropriate for this

time period unlike Leonard Mead.

Leonard Mead has psychopathy disorder because of his abnormal behavior, antisocial

behavior, and he walks alone at night. These traits show how Leonard Mead has psychopathy

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