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EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Statement of the North Carolina Association of Chiefs of Police

George H. Erwin, Jr.

Telephone: 828.490.4611 Concerning Actions by the Asheville City Council
Facsimile: 828.483.4562
The NCACP is a professional association of more than 350 diverse North Carolina Chiefs of Police
Fred Baggett
and senior law enforcement officials. Its purposes are to foster excellence in police administration
and law enforcement; provide training to police officers; enhance police cooperation; and encourage
OFFICERS high professional levels of conduct.
Chief Mike Yaniero
Immediate Past President
Jacksonville PD The Asheville City Council has recently dictated that Asheville police officers are prohibited from
using legal and commonly accepted law enforcement practices which are highly useful in protecting
Chief Brandon Zuidema the public from crime, and officers from injury or death. The Association is not involved in any
Garner PD municipality’s policies and does not intend to project itself into local affairs; however, we strongly
believe that the action of a city council to prohibit the use of valuable and common law enforcement
Chief Dan House procedures is contrary to the interests of all citizens as potential crime victims and the public interest
First Vice President
Wrightsville Beach PD
in general. Motor vehicle consent searches (including those based at least in part on prior criminal
behavior and/or suspicious behavior) are recognized as legitimate and lawful by the U.S. Supreme
Chief David Hess Court and are specifically authorized by North Carolina General Statute, Chapter 15A, Article 9.
Second Vice President The same is true for frisking for weapons of citizens encountered by police based on reasonable
Roxboro PD
suspicion as established in Terry v. Ohio (392 U.S. 1 (1968)), which is crucial to officer safety. Every
Chief Eddie Buffaloe day in North Carolina, consent searches result in the seizure of items and materials used by
Elizabeth City PD
criminals against innocent citizens: guns and other weapons; burglary tools; drugs for sale such as
illegal opioids, cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin; and drug manufacturing materials. Consent
Chief Jeff Smythe searches also result in the recovery of stolen goods, arrest of fugitives, and deterrence of potential
Sergeant-At-Arms crime. Prohibiting officers from “patting down” a person they are dealing with without first getting
Burlington PD
written consent means that an officer is unnecessarily exposed to life threatening danger.
Unreasonably restricting these valuable law enforcement tools weakens the ability of law
REGIONAL DIRECTORS enforcement to prevent crime and increases the likelihood that innocent citizens and officers will be
Region I
the victims of crime.
Chief Bill Hollingsed
Waynesville PD The NCACP is also concerned because these searches represent only one of a number of lawful,
discretionary law enforcement tools which could be unreasonably restricted or taken away by a city
Region II
Chief Damon Williams council. If city councils restrict valuable law enforcement procedures, crime prevention and
Mooresville PD detection and public safety is seriously compromised. Police officers are highly trained and certified
by accredited agencies and undergo continuing training on a regular basis. This training consists
Region III
Chief Tim Ledford
not only of how to lawfully conduct these procedures, but also how to deal with the public and specific
Mint Hill PD groups in a community. Racial profiling is not only illegal, it is forbidden by policy which is rigorously
enforced. Effective law enforcement works to protect all citizens, including minorities. Police
Region IV
Chief Paula May
policies dictated by political concerns or agendas are as objectionable as racial profiling, are
King PD wasteful of resources, and are counterproductive to public safety.

Region V The NCACP recognizes and respects the role of the elected city council to govern the city. However,
Chief Ken Shultz
High Point PD the operational procedures of its police department should not be directed by the governing board.
Legitimate concerns and isolated inappropriate actions can be investigated and addressed without
hindering the daily efforts by our states’ law enforcement officers to reduce the high cost and
Region VI
Chief Ronnie Patterson
consequences of crime on our communities and citizens.
Red Springs PD
As a profession, we are committed to defending the rights of all citizens. We take an oath to uphold
Region VII
Chief Tony Godwin
the law faithfully and impartially. We train our officers to respect the rights of all persons; we
Cary PD recognize that the practice of racial profiling has no place in law enforcement. It undermines the
public trust that is vital to effective Twenty-First Century policing.
Region VIII
Chief Paul Burdette
Beaufort PD Contacts: Chief Brandon Zuidema, President (919-772-8810 x6064 / bzuidema@garnernc.gov) or
Mr. Fred Baggett, Legislative Liaison (919-888-1316 or fredpbaggett@gmail.com)
Region IX
Chief James Avens, Jr.
Weldon PD