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Colegiul National “N.

Balcescu” Braila

Propunator, prof. Gabriela Cazan

Olimpiada de Limba Engleza, Faza scoala

Clasa a X-a
(Sectiunea A)

I. A. For questions 1- 15, read the text below and decide which answer (A, B, C or
D) best fits each gap.

(15 points)


If you decide to buy a pet, you should (1) ….. out as much as possible about the pet you (2)
……. Cats are easy to (3)….. after and seem to be (4) ……, but also need the company of
people. If your cat finds someone who (5)…… for it more than you do, it will change owners! A
small puppy may look like a (6)….. pet, but don’t forget that it will(7)….. up. You may not be
able to (8)…..up with a very large dog that is too big for its (9)…... and which (10)…… on
sleeping on your bed. Unless you train it, it may attack people, or (11)..….loudly day and (12)
….. . Nobody likes a 13) ….pet. Perhaps this is why so many people (14)….. in for birds or fish
as pets. Whatever you decide in the (15)….., think carefully before you make a decision.

1) A) go B) look C) find D) take

2) A) choose B) decide C) take D) do
3) A) run B) change C) find D) look
4) A) singular B) depended C) independent D) single
5) A) feeds B) cares C) looks D) loves
6) A) suited B) suiting C) suit D) suitable
7) A) grow B) get C) stand D) buy
8) A) stay B) live C) put D) feed
9) A) lodging B) kennel C) cupboard D) box
10) A) relies B) insists C) carries D) concentrates
11) A) train B) learn C) lesson D) educate
12) A) wag B) quack C) moo D) bark
13) A) disobey B) disobeying C) disobedient D) disobeyed
14) A) go B) prefer C) decide D) take
15) A) house B) fact C) first D) end
B. Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first one,
using the word given in brackets. You must use between two and five words, including the
word given.

(20 points)

1) John and Peter will probably start their own business soon. John and Peter …… their own
business soon. (LIKELY)

2) Why didn’t you tell me I was wrong? You……….I was wrong. (TOLD)

3) It took him three months to recover from his illness. It took him three months …….his
illness. (OVER)

4) I must go to the shops because we’ve run out of tea at home. I must go to the shops
because there’s…….at home. (LEFT)

5) You asked these questions because you didn’t pay enough attention. If you had paid
enough attention, you …….these questions. (ASKED)

6) “What have you been doing?”- she asked. She asked……doing. (BEEN)

7) How many portraits did Picasso paint? How many portraits ……Picasso? (BY)

8) The man said that he hadn’t been involved in the robbery. The man ……involved in the

robbery. (DENIED)

9) My father last went abroad in 2004. My father……. 2004. (BEEN)

10) I find that kind of music really irritating. That kind of music ……. nerves. (GETS)

C. Use the word given in capitals to form a word that fits in the gap.

(20 points)

The Real Walkers Company offers a selection of small group walking holidays which explore
some 1)…… DELIGHT hidden corners of Europe, North America and Australia. There is
something for everyone to enjoy on these holidays, (2)…… REGARD of age or level of (3)
……FIT. The brochure includes various destinations and a range of itineraries. These range from
sightseeing tours of (4)…… HISTORY cities to undemanding walking trips in unspoilt coastal
and country regions and for the more (5) …… ADVENTURE traveller, challenging mountain or
hill-walking expeditions. But it would be (6) …… FAIR to give the impression that these
holidays are just about walking. According to the brochure, an (7)…… ENJOY of walking is
often the thing that brings together a group of like-minded people, who share the (8)…..
PLEASE of good companionship in (9)…… ATTRACT surroundings. The company believes
that its tour leaders are the key to its success. These people are (10)………. FULL trained and
are particularly keen to ensure that each individual traveller makes the most of their trip.

D. Read the text below and think of the word which best fits each gap. Use only one
word in each gap.

(20 points)

Throughout history people have worn clothing of one description or another. Apart (1)……
protection against the weather, clothes were also often used to show the wearer’s status and
wealth. Over the years, numerous fashions in (2).…..have come and gone. (3)..…. of these have
been popular for relatively short periods, others have lasted longer.

Until the first half of the 20th century, the ability to follow fashion was limited to those (4)…..
had the money to (5).. … so. But following fashion did not only demand money, it also required
large amounts of (6)…… time. Wealthy people took fashion very seriously and close attention
had to (7).….. paid to detail. Wearing the correct clothes for different (8)…… was very
important, despite the (9)..….that this often meant changing clothes five or six (10).….a day.

II. You have seen the advert bellow. Write your reply in 120-150 words.
(25 points)

Work on a summer camp in the USA.

We are looking for young enthusiastic people to spend the summer working as
volunteers on one of our many summer camps for children (aged between 8 and 15).
You should be able to organize team games and other activities.

Write for an information pack and tell us why you would like to apply.

Answer key
I.A.1)find 2)choose 3)look 4)independent 5)cares 6)suitable 7)grow 8)put 9)kennel
10)insists 11)bark 12)night 13)disobedient 14)go 15)end

B.1)are likely to….. 2)should have told me…..3)to get over…..4)no tea

left…..5)wouldn’t be asking…..6)what I had been…..7)were painted by…..8)denied

being…..9)hasn’t been abroad since…..10)gets on my….. .

C.1) delightful 2) regardless 3) fitness 4) historical 5) adventurous 6) unfair 7)

enjoyment 8) pleasure 9) attractive 10) fully

D.1)from 2)clothing 3)some 4)who 5)do 6)leisure 7)be 8)occasions 9)fact 10)times

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