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Model 6320 Diesel



Turning Data into Performance

6320/DA DuAL-ChAnnEL

6320/DA1 singLE-ChAnnEL

6320/DC singLE-ChAnnEL

6320/DV singLE-ChAnnEL
Windrock 6320 The Windrock Model 6320 suite of diesel engine
Portable analyzers offers unmatched power to assess
Diesel Engine engine performance and mechanical condition.

Analyzers Using proven crank-angle-referenced vibration

and ultrasonic signatures combined with
cylinder pressures, Windrock analyzers provide
a complete, non-intrusive, component-level view
of your engine. Each analyzer delivers the
Detectable Malfunctions
insight you need to boost efficiency, improve
•Peak Firing Pressure Issues
reliability and save money on maintenance and repairs.
•Fuel Injectors and Valves
•Leaking Valves and Rings
Model 6320/DA Dual-Channel Diesel Analyzer. Operators, mechanics and
•Worn or Scored Liners
•Intake / Exhaust Por t or engineers use this cost-effective tool to improve diesel engine performance, reliability
Bridge Wear and safety, as well as to identify component faults and mechanical condition. The
•Worn or Defective Valve Train
Components 6320/DA is the only dual-channel diesel engine analyzer available that combines
•Damaged Connecting Rod cylinder pressure measurements and calculations with phased vibration and ultrasonic
and Wrist Pins
vibration measurements for a comprehensive non-invasive examination of internal
•Low Horsepower Output
components. Easy, one-person set up and operation makes this lightweight, rugged
analyzer an efficient, effective instrument to detect and isolate engine problems. An
•Damaged Bearings
•Turbocharger Defects optional FFT/Spectrum Vibration capability allows for complete vibration assessment
•Jacket Water and Lube Oil of rotating components such as turbochargers.
Pump Faults
•Excessive Frame Vibration Model 6320/DA1 Single-Channel Diesel Analyzer. The 6320/DA1 is a single-
•Foundation or Grout Damage
channel analyzer offering the same powerful capabilities of the 6320/DA for cylinder pressure
measurement and calculations, plus phased vibration and ultrasonic vibration measurement.
Easy to use and built to last, the 6320/DA1 is the most advanced single-channel diesel
analyzer available.

Model 6320/DC Combustion Analyzer. This single-channel unit is an advanced

combustion analyzer that provides operators and engineers with full performance
information on a diesel engine. It allows users to easily obtain engine parameters and
calculations such as Peak Pressure and Peak Pressure Angle, Maximum Rise Rate,
Star t of Combustion, Indicated Horsepower and Indicated Mean Effective Pressure.

Model 6320/DV Vibration Analyzer. A single-channel phased vibration analyzer

that combines the capabilities of advanced phased vibration with ultrasonic measurements.
It is designed for diesel engines that do not have indicator valves for cylinder pressure

All Windrock analyzers utilize innovative Windrock MD software for trending, repor ting
and analysis.
6320 Diesel Analyzer Features
Up to 2 dynamic input channels for Simple menu-driven user
fast data collection interface for quick navigation

USB connector for fast data

transmission, keyboard use Displays up to 10 dynamic traces
and backup abilities per graph for “on machine” analysis

External adapter to connect

a video monitor EMI hardened, shock-proof,
rugged case

Rugged, break-away leather strap

and protective case safeguards
the user and instrument Removable lithium ion battery
for “change and go” convenience

4 GB mass data memory stores

virtually unlimited machine history
Onboard processing capability
to evaluate performance data
Small, lightweight design at the machine
8.5 x 10.5 x 2 inches Separate encoder, magnetic, optic or
5.25 pounds displacement input channel for f lexibility
in speed/phase data collection

Windrock MD Software
(Windows Compatible)

Cylinder Pressure,Vibration and Ultrasonic Pressure vs.Volume Extensive Reporting

Cylinder Pressure-Time Parade Engine Signature with Vibration and Ultrasonic Optional FFT Spectrum

Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.
6320/DA 6320/DA1 6320/DC 6320/DV
Number of Input Channels 2 Plus Trigger 1 Plus Trigger 1 Plus Trigger 1 Plus Trigger
Hazardous Area Approval (Class I, Div. II, Groups A, B, C and D) Optional Optional Optional Optional
Constant RPM Display Standard Standard Standard Standard
900 MHz Wireless Link to 6320 Analyzer Optional Optional Optional Optional
Peak Pressure Statistics (10 - 250 Cycles) Peak Pressure Statistics
(10 - 250 Cycles) (Mean, Deviation, High, Low, Spread, Std. Deviation,
Standard Standard Standard N/A
Average Mean Pressure/Spread, Max Rise Rate, Star t of Combustion,
Horsepower, Indicated Mean Effective Pressure)
Cylinder Pressure Tracking (Up to 10 User-identified Crank Angles) Standard Standard Standard N/A
Peak Pressure Angle Statistical Data (Mean, Deviation, High, Low, Spread,
Standard Standard Standard N/A
Std. Deviation, Average Mean Pressure/Spread)
Pressure vs. Crank Angle Pattern Standard Standard Standard N/A
Pressure vs.Volume Pattern Standard Standard Standard N/A
1st & 2nd Derivative Plots Standard Standard Standard N/A
Engine Performance Report Standard Standard Standard N/A
Vibration (High, Low and Raw) vs. Crank Angle Standard Standard N/A Standard
Ultrasonic vs. Crank Angle Standard Standard N/A Standard
Ultrasonic Headphones (Simultaneous Use With 6320 Analyzer or
Optional Optional N/A N/A
Standalone Battery Pack)
Vibration vs. Time Optional Optional N/A N/A
FFT Functions Optional Optional N/A Optional
O-Scope Mode Standard Standard N/A Standard
Infrared Temperature Optional Optional N/A N/A

Windrock specializes in the development, manufacture and

distribution of online monitoring systems and por table analyzers,
software, sensors, and technical services for reciprocating
engines, compressors and rotating machinery.

Windrock has provided machine monitoring and

diagnostics solutions in ref ining, gas transmission, gas and
oil f ield production/gathering, power generation, marine
propulsion, mining and other industrial applications.

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