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VethathiriDasan - Prof. Dr. Madhavan Ph.D.,


Sivam Sakthi are popular words in Spirituality representing the Almighty God for worship.
The same is seen as Science by the South Indian Saint Siddhar Vethathiri Maharishi.
Sivam seen as the Space, a potential energy source and Sakthi as the kinetic energy


Particles give rise to matter. Particle is always on the spin and run. What will happen if
this particle run comes to a grinding halt? Will it show its real matter? If there is
something like a real matter, will it be just the space? Let us think it over.

A Tamil poem of Sri Vethahthiri Maharishi on Sivam Sakthi goes something like this.

Sivam, Shakti are the Space & Particle.

Sivam, Shakti combined are the five elements of nature.
Sivam, Shakti dance is the very Universe.
Sivam, Shakti blossoms into millions of species.

Sivam is the order of function in Shakti.

Sivam is the integration & disintegration in Shakti.
Sivam is the five transformations in Shakti, starting with sound etc.
Sivam is the perception in Shakti.

Search of Self in one,

Will reveal, from the Mind.
Mind will show itself as the projection of Life force,
Origin of which is the Sivam.

What projects out is easily perceived than what is hidden (which is ignored). Sakthi as
energy and spinning particles are better perceived and therefore have taken the front
seat in science, when compared with the space (that accommodates all the spinning
particles) which has been placed in the back seat.

The Universe is Scientist’s study object with its main components as particles / energy.
The particles or energy are the same which give rise to matter for our perception and
study. What matters in this universe is matter and the rest are all seems to be doesn’t

The search for the Scientist may not just stop with matter particles and is expected to go
further inside the particles which may not be a matter after all. What matters is Sakthi and
that doesn’t matter is Sivam. Newton himself is quoted as saying, "Gravity explains the
motions of the planets, but it cannot explain what set the planets in motion”. Some call it
Sivam, Unified force, Almighty or even God.

Science has a duty to explain this Sivam from whatever angle that they comprehend and
take the support from wherever it comes from including Philosophies or even Scriptures.
For Vethathiri Maharishi, the Space is the Sivam. Sakthi is the change maker particles
that originate from sivam and die in sivam. Sakthi is the action player that dominates the
world scene and sivam quietly provide the stage for it. Science recognizes the
importance of Space & Time, but there are not many expressions for it in terms of
models, experiments or observations.


Space is the interval between the particles. Huge planets, galaxies are also housed in
space. But for space there will not be any mass. Without mass where will be existence?
Space is a passive mass and mass is an active space. For example air is a passive
tornado and tornado is an active air. Space is permanent mass is temporary.

Time is the interval between two happenings. Happenings bring changes. Change alone
is permanent. Changes cannot happen but for time. Time is permanent. Happenings are

Therefore Space and Time are permanent. The one that is permanent is the truth. The
truth is said to be the Almighty God. By habit Science explores the mass and the
changes in mass. Though Science seeks the truth but rarely does it deal with it. Science
mostly externalize with the changes and its causes. It is time that Sivam and Sakthi is to
be better understood not only from the philosophical view point but from the Scientific
view point as well.

Sivam and Sakthi may well be understood as ZERO and ONE respectively. Zero is the
space and One is the sakthi. One arise out of zero and play the universe and die in zero
after the play is over. While there is only one ZERO but there are millions of ONES. The
ones we may call as the fundamental energy particles that fill the universe in various
degrees. The differences in their degrees are the delta factor that gives rise to sensations
and physical variations. That’s why we see zillions of things and their transformations all
the time in the universe. It is the play of sakthi particles generating myriads of illusions.

Space is the eternal source for energy, mass and consciousness ( order of function ).
Sakthi is the very function and play of the universe and its continuous changes. Intervals
of time give us the sensation of recognition of such changes.

Let Science and Philosophy join hands to unravel the mystery of Universe for mankind to
lead a better life of Health, Harmony, Peace and Prosperity.

“May the Whole World enjoy Prosperity, Happiness, Wisdom and Peace”.
Please send your comments to email: profmadhavan@yahoo.com

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