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Latin American Business Studies and cultural awareness to interact

(LABS) is a major within Interna- confidently in a Latin American setting.
tional Business (IB). LABS teaches
you how to conduct business in a THE MAJOR IN LABS
rapidly developing market. You Motivated by the growing importance
will acquire expertise in language, of the Latin American economy, Avans
culture, history and economics. University of Applied Sciences conduct­ed
a feasibility study which proved that
YOU there is demand for this new major.
You are an engaged, driven and Latin American Business Studies is linked
enthusiastic student looking for an to market developments and opens new
innovative academic challenge. You career possibilities for future graduates.
understand that Latin America has a You will learn about the specific features
vibrant, growing economy and want of doing business in Latin America or
to participate in this new challenge. with organisations active in the Latin
You will work toward becoming an American business market.
LABS graduate with the language skills
LABS-SPECIFIC SUBJECTS In year 2, you will do a work placement
Latin American Business Studies is an in a Latin American country or in a
interdisciplinary major designed to company with ties to Latin America.
cover a broad historical, economic, In year 3, you will study at a partner
social, political, cultural, linguistic and university in Latin America for 6 months
geographical background of the region. (compulsory).
A specific focus will be placed on
bio-based economy and sustainable Students taking the LABS major cannot
production and distribution in multi- participate in any of the IB Double
nationals. You will also learn Spanish. Degree programmes.

“The chance to combine my fascination for Latin America with business

studies is one of the reasons why I chose to study LABS at Avans University
of Applied Sciences. LABS is a fascinating major where you develop
professional skills and learn about business, the economy and culture in
the booming Latin American countries. Understanding the differences
for doing business in these markets and improv­ing your language skills in
Spanish offer huge possibilities for the near future. In addition, there is the
opportunity to experience more of Latin America during at least one stay

Marko Frentzen, LABS student

POTENTIAL CAREERS Latin American coun­tries, such as

LABS students develop transferable Latin American Relations Professional,
skills that can lead to employment in Hispanic Business Manager or Overseas
business, bio-tech industries, consulting Representative.
firms and educational institutions
depending on individual skills and
experience. Potential jobs can include
businesses located in, or working with,