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wanted us to take. Continue On Back Ministry To Mextco FALL 2004 IN AD (ot In my last letter I left off with September but regrettably did not include the following information. ‘Thanks to El Divino Salvador Presbyterian Church, my home church in El Paso, Texas, I was able to. have four bake sales. The money collected went to pay for Bibles that we gave out to pastors in Juarez, Mexico. With the session’s approval and the help of my family, mother, sister, and cousins we had plenty of goodies to sell. I also wanted to thank the church members who bought the baked goods. EUROPEAN CONNECTION In October, I was in Pennsylvania where Atiel and I were able to attend Bethany’s ‘Woman’s Retreat which was held at the castle in Franklin, PA. This event gave me the opportunity to thank the ladies for their help and support in our ministry. Meanwhile, Art was in E] Paso getting ready to leave for Vienna, Austria. Three years earlier Art was part of a mission team that went to Slovakia. A short trip turned into a long one and Art traveled through Hungry visiting with pastors and finally spending two weeks in Vienna at the Vienna Christian Center. This church has or 1,300 members and is truly an international church. Their website is www.viennachristiancenter.at T encourage anyone interested in mission work in Austria to contact Art and he’ll be happy to tell you about his experience. You can contact him in El Paso (915) 544-0345. As I mentioned, the center is very international and devoted to mission work. The center’s secretary, Sala, is working with her parents to set-up a school and orphanage in Fumbisi, Ghana. Their web site is www.fumbisichildren.com. I urge you to look over the site and if you know of any group that would like to send a team contact Sala. Her e-mail address is vec@crossnet.at. There are so many needs everywhere, your help will be appreciated. November found me back in El Paso and Art in Vienna. We phoned each other once a week by cell phone (he had the cell phone). Art, working six days a week, did a little of everything: mopping floors, making general repairs, and teaching teen mission classes. Art wants to visit and help our new friends from different countries in any way he can. Continued from front: We have always seen ourselves as a helps ministry and through the years have helped churches of all Without a doubt we are on the right road. Art and I are asking for your prayers that we might make the right choices for this ministry. Int our next newsletter I should have some important information about this. Sorry for the. lateness of our Fall 2004 news- letter. Spring 2005 will be going out in a few weeks. TNE Coyey CHRISTMAS 2004 Most of November and part of December was spent preparing for Christmas. The group of pastors I work with in Juarez were in need of toys. Thanks to several donations we were able to gather enough toys for all the children from each church. Special thanks goes out to Sara Rojas, Pastor Renato from Louisiana, and Rudy Martinez from California. We also passed out blankets, and clothing, It’s amazing to see how God puts thing together. With the help of my little friend Joshua (age 10) we sorted baby clothes and toys. This was also the month God sent a new worker to help us in Juarez. His name is Doug Lamb. Bruce, who has been helping since July went back to Louisiana and brought Doug back to help. Both have compassionate hearts for working in El Paso and Mexico. I want to take this time to thank Bruce for all his help in getting donations across the border and picking up local donations. Both Bruce and Doug are staying at “Church on the Street” run by Pastor Russell Galloway. They are also going through the program offered there while helping our ministry in anyway they can. PROGRESS IN DECEMBER December also found us finishing the last-minute items left on our agenda. The big one being, finalizing the associations by-laws. We finally got everything straightened out and the 10 founders went in to sign the papers. Now, we just have to wait to hear from the Mexican government. It took half of 2004 to get everything ready, but we could now sce the light at the end of the tunnel. The association’s naine is “De Mano a Mano Aydandonos Unos a Otros.” Loosely translates to “Hand to Hand Helping One Another.” We are thankful to God for opening all the doors. We look forward to taking the next big step in Juarez. That will be to rent a headquarters from which to work. I’ll have ‘more information on our progress in this area in my next newsletter. We ask for prayers and support in anyway you can. Our ministry is in need of refrigerators, stoves, benches, folding chairs, folding tables and a van. I know these are big items, but this is in preparation for bigger things that we expect to happen in 2005. Expectations include being able to have a dining room to feed neighborhood children and having rooms to store donations. These are basic needs. Later, when we have our own piece of land we will be able to do so much more. Again, thank you for all your help and May God Bless You. Love Art and Becky We ended 2003 with abang. As | mentioned in my last newsletter Bethany's mission team was fantastic | can’t think of a better way than starting the new year with @ mission team with @ mission. What they accomplished: both physically and spiritually was awesome. This was Just the prelude for what was to come in 2004. God never ‘ceases to amaze me. | think smail and he says think big. Our 1989 pick-up truck that was dependable I felt needed a rest. At the same time the flat bed trailer had to be replaced with an enclosed trailer. cont. on back JUNE Art was on the road and arrived in El Paso the Ministry To Mextco 2004 UPDATE APRIL TO SEPTEMBER aN komad e) APRIL Donations of clothes, furniture, etc... kept coming in and we were ‘overwhelmed with joy. Thanks to Jessica Moose, for being able to contact some of the team members to help us sort and pack over the Easter break. With their help the majority of the items were packed within two hours. My thanks goes out to Sara, Kate, Chuck, Kathleen, and Jessica. Also my daughter Ariel and son-in-law David who prepared some scrumptious snacks for all of us. Thank you everyone. Later my son-in-law, daughter, and sister-in-law helped load the trailer. | left for El Paso that week. MAY May is graduation time but for us it was time to celebrate my mother-in- laws 90th birthday. Kate Vogan had may friends and family attend the big event. Accompanying this happy occasion Art was called out to pick-up donations from Grove City College. Thanks again to Jessica Moose who spearheaded a donation drive among the students and was able to get such a great response. Things had to be picked up as soon as possible because the dorms were closing for the summer. No rest for the weary. | want to thank Dough Hamsher, Mrs. Strannam, and Mike who all had a part in making this happen. | returned to El Paso a few days later to meet with Robert Tucker and James who were coming from Tulsa to help Pastor Pablo with finishing the cement floor of his church. Robert's organization is called Restoring Hope International. | thank them for their time and money on completing this project. After | left, Art was busy picking up donations from the college. Again Jessica came to the rescue and the following students help sort and pack. Donna Rue Baker, Brad Baker, Maria Baker, and Marcus Smith. Also my daughter and son-in-law helped plus Tabatha Buck and her children. Thanks to all. Now Art was ready to take off with our second load of the year. ‘second week of June. We began to distribute things as soon as they arrived. Crossing into Mexico is not always easy. | tried to go across at least three time a week or more. Because Art had to return to Mercer before August 1st we decided to seek a temporary place to distribute from. The El Paso's Rescue Mission's director, Blake Barrow was kind enough to let us work out of one of their empty silos. Meanwhile in Juarez, Pastor Otilio moved to organize the pastors and ministries to include meeting once a week to discuss forming an association. There are many advantages to this, one being recognized by the Mexican government - a big plus. Also Pastor Otilio was seeking to spread the work around among the groups ved. THE JOURNEY Continue from front: God made a way for us to buy a 1999 Dodge Rem truck with a diesel engine. This was in February. Then in April, our ‘00d friends Jo ‘Ann and Steve Whitaker found us a great buy ona 24 ft. enclosed trailer. We were never expecting to dé this but God had other plans. On top of this, our fiends Marie and Al lapina gave usa generous donation to apply toward the cost of the: trailer. God is 00d. Now we are ready to roll. JULY | continued working on by-laws and set up a system using invoices to keep a Paper trail of activities. | need to keep everything organized so we know what is. coming in and what is going out. We also prepared for our first visitors of the summer. Our first group arrived from Louisiana, bringing with them food, toys and school supplies. It was the first visit for Dennis, and her two grand children and their friend. Accompanying them was Bruce Miley, a good friend of pastor Otilio and Kika. Bruce not only spread the news about Juarez, but he also decided to stay and work with us. The first few weeks he stayed in El Paso, later he moved in with the pastor. in both places we put him to work. Bruce has been a blessing. We thank them all for their help and Dennis is going to see if they can return later this year. AUGUST I continued with our meetings and prepared for our next group. | forgot to. mention that in June our very good friends from Oklahoma and Mississippi, Dan Smalley and Allen Ballar came to see us. Bruce was with them and hadn't been in EI Paso for at least six years. Allen had been in contact with pastor Otilio but the others had los touch. it was good to have everyone get together again. They came back in August and were loaded down with our first donation of Medical supplies. They were also able to bring food, Bibles and other items. There were so many things that they had to rent a small trailer. We thank them for their love for the Pastors in Juarez and for the work that is being done there. SEPTEMBER We finalized the by-laws and turned everything over to the lawyer who will handle the paper work. Bruce continued in Juarez and | prepared to leave for PA. | left some things undone but will return after | attend the women’s retreat organized by Bethany Presbyterian Church. Keep us in your prayers. NM BU We are need of the following items: Beds Dresser Folding chairs Refrigerators Gas stoves Men's clothing Baby clothes Children's clothes Ifyou want to contribute the number to call in PA. is 724-347-1590 after 10am. EST. In El Paso call 915-544-0345 after 9am. MST. Thank you for all your help and prayers. Becky and Art