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INTERNATIONAL Publication November 2006 Vol 1 06, “ist of helps _Corinhians (2:28). The ‘Purpose was to bring the Those of you who have been recelving our newsletter forthe past three years wil defritely notice the new changes that have been made, The ist notable change i the fie. We aive Joyce Hart the credit for coming up withthe name. The section ted ‘joumey” is now “The Living Way", This section will ‘feature our growth and progress. A new added feature willbe the section “Grow” which Providing More Than Food For this litle gi, the hotdag in one of her hands and the toy in the other, are more than food and a plaything, they represent the care, support and friendship extended to her through a partnership of civic organizations, ministries, and churches dedicated to improving the fves of the needy throughout Mexico. Associacion De Mano A Mano Ayudandonos Unos A Otros A.C,, an organ- zation chartered by the Mexican goverment. and operated by Mexican nationals, works to. distribute food, clothing, and other items for families in need and to assist pastors gain available training and aid them in the effective use of scare resources. ‘The association facilitates cooperation among pastors and the sharing of resources. As result ofits official chartering the association is able to obtain fod from a Mexican goverment owned food bank in Toreon, Mexico and distribute tin tis city and the vilage of Quemicas Del Rey located four hours away in the mountains. The food is transported to Quemicas Del Rey on a weekly basis by public bus. The church in this small ‘community use it to feed hungry children. COW Expanding Ministry consists of short Bible lessons. We wil iso Continue promoting ministries, cv ‘associations, and churches in our newsletter. The whole make-up of our newsletter will be informative, educational and a way to help promote otter entities that God has directed us to help. We appreciate our fiends, family and supporters and look forward to being partners inthe work God has set before us. “Maria” receiving more than atoy and food. ‘As word ofthe association spreads an increasing numberof pastors have expressed a desire to participate inthis trans-denomina- tional outreach and expand its workin other areas of the country. There is presently a dialogue exchange with pastors and other ministries in Chiapas and Vera Cruz, Mexico ‘who are interested in joining hands with Mano ‘a Mano. The business sector motivated by the positive impact, has indicated an interest in ‘promoting the work ofthe association. A cisposable diaper manufacturer has agreed to help finish construction of a community building in Quemicas Del Rey that will be used to feed and minister to chien. Root and De Mano A Mano Members and guests at the building dedication When people familiar with Juarez, Mexico {eam that a group of pastors are working with each other, they are surprised. Partnerships lke 4 this just arent usual occurence. In addition ‘to working together, this group of pastors and. ‘thers in ministry have formed a civic association ~ a feat that many in Juarez said could not be done. But there were those who believed that it was feasible, The civic association is named ‘Associacion De Mano A Mano Ayudandonos ‘Unos A Otros A.C. The organization is recognized by the Mexican government 2s following their requlatory requirements. Itis managed by a board consisting primarily of pastors. Pastor Oto Rosales Hemandez currently serves as president, Esperanza Guzman as vice-president, Concepcion Nunez as secretary, and Marlene Bianco as treasurer. Root International has a member serving on the association board of directors with the tte of The Board ‘Second Voice, who steps in to assist whenever it's needed, acting as a liaison between the work being done in the United States and Mexico, ‘One Mexican government requirement is to have an official facility. Root Intemational contributed the paint and floor ties, while the association provided the ‘volunteer labor. Since then, the association ‘has moved into a larger facity. In addition, Root Intemational helps pay part of the rent for the associations official facility. Root Intemational, with God's help, aspires to expand its work by developing partnerships with various organizatio other parts ofthe word. We invite you to help partner wit us, Root international is ‘seeking people to pray, give and get involved in God's kingdom forhis glory. Pastor Otto and Juan at the construction site of the dining facility where children will be fed. ‘The founders of Root Intemational included our dear friend Joyce Heart, who on November 14 passed away. We give gloy to God for her and her creativity and dedication to Root interational She saw the vision and_was eager to promote it. We miss Joyce very much and. will never forget her. The board now consists of Arthur Vogan, president, Vicki Narlee, vice-president, and. Rebecca Vogan, secretary-treasurer. Our desire isto bring together the body of Christ o further the kingdon of God for His glory and honor. “But so whose hath this world's good, and seeth his brother have need and shutteth up his bowels Cf compassion from him, how dwellth the love of God in him.” | Jotin 3:17 (KJV) 2006 ACTIVITY REPORT We are very grateful to all who donated material items and money to support us in the work God has given us to do. The following information is a summary of Root’s outreach and the names of the entities we partner with. Mexico De Mano a Mano Ayudandonos unos a otros-Juarez, Torreon and Quimica Del Rey. Centro Victoria Mundial- Juarez Arizona Kayenta Presbyterian Church- Navajo Reservation Texas El Paso Set Free Mission Training Center N.M. Christian International Center Gateway Mission Training Center World Challenge Church on the Street Root International, P.O Box 26812, El Paso, TX 79926 Phone: 915-544-0345 www.rootinternational.org, Pennsylvania Mercer County Feed My Sheep-New Castle Seeds of Faith- Farrall Aware-Hermitage Prince of Peace-Farrell Ohio Warren Family Christian Center- Niles In Kind donations distributed by ROOT International totaled $21,928.85. Set Free $1,036.00 Church on the Street 110.00 Centro Victoria Mundial —_ 1,240.71 Prince of Peace 415.00 Seeds of Faith 2,533.00 Aware 270.00 Gateway 55.00 Feed my Sheep 1,792.00 Warren Family Mission 3,826.00 Kayenta Presby. Church 1595.00 De Mano a Mano 9,056.14 In addition ROOT International worked in partnership with other entities so that they could give directly to meet the needs of other entities. In 2006 ROOT International was able to bless other entities with approximately 1,882 boxes or plastic bags of items. The following is a break down of the items. It is only an approximation. Household items 131 Kitchen cabinets & bathroom fixtures 41 Food Items 608 Holiday Decorations 6 Linen Items 50 Toys, Bikes 65 Computer Printers 4 Office supplies 17 Furniture 270 Clothing (Women, Men, Children, & Baby) 264 Electronic Items 74 Shoes 16 Accessories 22 Miscellaneous 47 Building material 26 Carpets 45 Appliances 20 Paper goods 118 Wheel chairs, crutches, walkers 13 Books 29 Christian tracts 8 Toiletries 6 We gave a variety of other miscellaneous items that are not included on the list. TRANSPORTATION The items we listed above were transported through our ministry. In conjunction with this we hauled goods for other entities. The following is a list of who we helped. Bethany Presbyterian Church -- to Kayenta, Az. Restoring Hope Inter.—to El Paso/Juarez Pella windows, Ok.--to Gateway, El Paso, Tx. We have assisted in moving construction material, food, furniture and other necessities for various other entities. The money value of the goods totaled over $50,000. INFORMATION What better way to learn about a ministry then to work closely with it or in it. ROOT International did this when it became involved with the following entities. De Mano a Mano-Becky on the board Art is a member Set Free- Art is mentoring them in missions and we work together in the mission field. Nonprofit Enterprise Center- we are members and we also take the information to other entities to inform and educate them. We also encourage them to join to receive the education and benefits. Gateway Mission - Art is on staff. In 2006 we sent out over 200 newsletters with information featuring De Mano a Mano but it also included a list of entities we partnered with. We also include articles written by other entities we partner with. People are also informed about ROOT International and other entities through our web site. We have links to most of our ROOT International partners through our web site www.rootinternational.org. At the moment we are doing further development of our web site. As often as we can we attend the mission luncheons at St Clemons to inform and network with other entities. EDUCATION We are working with Proven Love ministry to set up a resource center. The resource center will have a library and computer lab. We are also working closely with The Hope Ministry which has provided 325 Bible lessons in Spanish geared to the third grade level. These lessons and teacher Manual will be duplicated and given to the three De Mano a Mano offices in Mexico. They will be a resource for the pastors to use among their own churches as well as with the children that attend the meals at the dining facilities. We will offer training in all three locations to the teachers on how to use the material. Work has started on developing educational materials, collecting books for a library, setting up a computer for educational purposes and taking classes so we can help educate others.