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Filmmaking June 2018

Practical Summative Teacher: Mr. Snyder

Part A
Students will complete editing their film. The final film is to make use of the
previously edited dialogue scene. Students are expected to apply editing skills to
demonstrate their understanding and ability in film production.

Following are the “look fors” for the final edited film.

1. Opening title - Can be over black

2. 1 sec. black between opening title and film beginning
3. Attention to effectively communicating the story of the film - Can the audience
follow the story as edited?
4. Close attention to continuity by cutting on matching action.
5. Close attention to audio levels throughout
6. Use of J & L cuts in all dialogue scenes
7. Fade to black at end of film (1 sec.)
8. Fade up on closing titles with music
9. Fade to black at end of film - music and closing titles together

The rubric will be available on teacher Weebly website