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Lesson Reflective Summary

Teacher Candidate for Science Endorsement: Kelly Barrere

MSP Cohort 2

School: Euharlee Elementary Grade: 5th

Lesson Topic: States of Matter

The observing of steam, water, and ice was interesting and their responses told me a
great deal about their misconceptions. It was difficult for some to see the steam, do next
time I will put some black paper up and hold up the tea pot in front of the paper.

The students’ performance objectives we attained to a degree that I am confident that

they have an understanding but will need to continue to go back and review.
All students were able to master a degree of understanding from what they experienced
and observed. I will review in a cumulative form mid-year and again at the end of the
school year.

When I reteach this this lesson, I will allow more time for the lesson because I felt
rushed and I’m sure the students did as well.