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BAE Systems candidate

design for Type 31e

Our highly capable multi-mission warship has been designed with flexibility
at its core and is tailorable to a wide variety of warfare roles. With a clear focus
on exportability and adaptability our Type 31e solution has been designed to
meet different customer requirements for both today and the future.
Our solution’s adaptable design draws on maritime interdiction, counter-piracy, mine counter measures all the way up to
the battle proven pedigree of our previous consort protection and joint taskforce carrier air and ballistic missile defence.
warships such as the Royal Navy’s Type operations. For Type 31e, our Combat Management
45 destroyers and Offshore Patrol Vessels, Fitted with some of the most modern System will be enhanced with autonomy
plus the Khareef vessels delivered to the and effective weapons systems available, to reduce operating manpower demands
Royal Navy of Oman. From our decades of our adaptable design utilises a secure, and incorporate core unmanned systems
warship design expertise we are proposing open, flexible and extensive architecture command and control capabilities,
a solution that will allow navies to increase to rapidly incorporate upgrades as new preparing it for future warfare concepts
their fleet sizes without compromising technology develops, ensuring it will meet of use.
their capabilities. the challenges of constantly evolving Capable of operating both independently
Using a flexible mission bay that can be threats. for significant periods and as part of a
reconfigured at short notice our Type 31e BAE Systems’ fully scalable family of task group, our Type 31e solution offers
solution can react to a variety of demands, Combat Management Systems can meet enormous value in bringing together allied
performing constabulary, disaster relief, the full range of combat demands from maritime nations.
Operational roles Performance Situational awareness
Warfighting: Maximum speed 25kn Radar Artisan 3D or
Anti-air warfare Range at 12kn 8100nm 4D Active Electronic Scan
Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) – Range at 16kn 7600nm R-ESM MEWSS Bllk1 or Vigile400/D
customisable Endurance with core crew 35 days Datalink TDL11/16/22, STDL
Long range anti-surface warfare Turning Circle (ship lengths) 5 IFF Military modes 4 and 5
Consort Air defence Stopping distance (ship lengths) 4-5
Command and control
Command and control: Main Engines (2x, total output) 9.1MW
Support to planning coordination of units Gearboxes 2x (Port Z-type, Stbd U-type) BAE Systems Combat Management System
involved in MSO operations Electric Drive with full dual redundancy
Receipt of intelligence and capture of Shaft and propeller CPP Shared Infrastructure
evidence Stabilisers 2 Scalable METOC
Operability from the Bridge
Communicate Aviation
Detection and tracking of specific traffic Integrated Comms System (internal and Flight Deck – Up to 16 tonne helicopter
using on-board and off-board sensors external) Hangar – Up to Seahawk plus UAV
Deterrence: Harpoon Grid
Weapons and countermeasures
Graduated force to deter illegal activity Load and unload air weapons
Global Operations: Main Gun – 57mm to 127mm Fuel / Defuel / HIFR
Maritime Security (inc Counter-Piracy, 2x Small Calibre Guns – 20mm to 40mm Passenger transfer / VERTREP
Drugs) Mini Guns and Heavy Machine Guns Day and night time operations
Humanitarian Aid and Disaster Relief (HMG) Flight Deck Officer (FDO) position inside
General Purpose Machine Gun (GPMG) hangar
Mission Bay mounts
Classification and certification
ISO Containers (max 8) Surface-to-air missile – 12+ CAMM missile
HADR and Special Forces options launchers (Vertical Launching System Lloyds Naval Ship Rules, ✠100A1, NS2
Hatch – ISO capable (Strike Length) can also be fitted midships Frigate, SA1, AIR, ESA, RSA, LA, LAP, TA2,
Crane – 4t to fire a mixed load of AAW, ASuW, ASW LMC, PSMRL, CCS, RAS(ABV)(NT), ELS,
Combinations of: and land attack missiles) FIRE**, ESC**, LSAE**, CEPAC2, MD, SH,
- 2 x PAC24 ASW – Hull mounted sonar and twin tow POL(I, IV, V, VI, AFS), ENV(A, BWT, OW,
- 2 x 9.5m boats array IHM, NOx-3, SOx, RS)
- ISO containers CIWS – Phalanx ANEP 77 Naval Ship Code
Decoys – Decoy launching system capable
Operating conditions (without Replenishment At Sea (RAS)
of launching RF active seduction rounds, IR
degradation) Fluid RAS deck filling points for:
& RF seduction rounds and RF distraction
Maximum air temperature +45°C rounds Diesel, Fresh Water, AVCAT
Minimum air temperature -9°C Solid RAS:
Maximum SW temperature +32°C RAS dump area
Minimum SW temperature 0°C Direct supply lift from 01 Deck to
ships stores
Dimensions Direct supply routes within ship
Length overall 117.00m
Beam, moulded 14.60m
Design draft 4.50m
Air draft, light seagoing 27.00m
Displacement 3,677t Available variants:

Fully customisable to national requirements

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