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 Processing of complaints received from CVO/DOT/CTO/Other sources at circle level, analyzing

IR received from the field units and submitting the IR with Circle Vigilance observation to the
competent authority for seeking advice.
 Initiation of RDA on receipt of advice. Preparation and issuance of charge sheets
(major/minor), after approval of concerned disciplinary authority.
 Initiation of departmental inquiries by appointing IO/PO, their day to day monitoring for
submission of inquiry reports, sharing Inquiry report with the CO along with agreement /
disagreements by the DA with the IO report and finally getting the FO issued.
 Processing of suspension/revocation cases in vigilance/Admin/CBI trap cases.
 Processing of appeal and review appeal case.
 Processing of VC cases of all executives as well as that of group C&D staff posted in Circle
Office/Civil/Electrical & Architecture wings.
 Processing of efficacy cases of staff who have attained 55 years of age.
 Organizing & imparting “vigilance & disciplinary proceedings training” for the group A & B
 Preparation of annual ODI and Agreed list in liaison with the SP CBI (ACB) & CGMT Chandigarh.
 Providing guidance to the field DE (vig)/SDE (Vig) for surprise inspections/visits and policy
related matters including updation in ERP.
 Conduction of surprise visits of exchanges/stores and CSCs and communicating the remedial
action where required as preventive vigilance measure.
 Processing of all sorts of staff related cases, adherence of Vigilance awareness week and other
initiatives/drives launched by the CVC/DOT/CVO/BSNL HQ & Seniors.
 Process the RTI/Legal replies.

2. Achievement and targets/objectives/Goals


1. Investigation of Vig Cases Total 62 Complaints (19 carried over from
complaint cases. previous year +43 new) were in hand during the year.
Total 57 investigation reports received from the field
DE/SDE were examined at circle level and disposed off
with action taken reports sent to the CVO BSNL ND. Five
complaints were pending on the closure of the financial
Non Vig/HR cases 23 Complaints pertaining to
HR/Admin matters were received from different sources
and disposed of accordingly.

2. Departmental  25 No. of Vigilance inquiries in major penalty C/Sheet

inquiries were monitored during the year.

3. Disciplinary  9 no. of Major penalty cases were finalized and FOs

Proceedings under were issued.
Major Penalty
4. Disciplinary 9 no. of Minor penalty cases were in hand and FOs in
Proceedings under seven cases were issued.
Minor Penalty
5. Appeals/Petitions 8 cases of appeal/review were processed and 06 cases
got decided.
6. Supervision and Provided guidance to the field DE/SDE (Vig) for surprise
guidance to V inspections/visits and on policy related matters including
Os/Discip. ERP. The advice to the DAs in framing major/minor
Authorities in the charge sheets and processing/finalization of RDA was
field units. also provided in non-vigilance cases.
8. Preventive 349 surprise visits to CSCs/Stores/BTSs & exchanges
Vigilance & were got conducted by the field officers and their
Technology- reports scrutinized at circle level with
related frauds instructions/advisories to the concerned SSA/unit
administrative officers.
9. Vigilance advices All Vigilance advices issued from the CVC/CVO /Circle
level were got executed.
10. Issue of Vigilance  2532 VCs for executives in r/o promotions,
Clearance retirement, financial upgradations, efficacy/transfer
to other circles, passports, going abroad etc. were
issued during the year.

11. Liaison with CBI Effectively pursued & kept liaison with the SP CBI (ACB)
and ODI List in Trap cases and periodically got the prosecution status
in the courts. Agreed list for the year 2017 was also
prepared & finalized between CGMT PB and SP CBI ACB
ODI list was prepared with approval of CGMT Punjab.
11. Statements and All scheduled & monthly statements were submitted in
Replies to time to the CVO BSNL ND.
Parliament During the year 8 RTI cases were dealt and replied with.
12. Providing Training  Organized “5 days vigilance & disciplinary proceedings
on “vigilance & training” 30 executives at RTTC Rajpura w.e.f.
Disciplinary 07.11.2016 to 11.11.2016.
Proceedings”  Organized one day workshop for implementing the
change in VC guidelines in terms of letter dated
12.05.2016 in which all SSA VO’s participated.
14. Celebrating Oath ceremony was got performed at Circle office, all
Vigilance SSA headquarter and in all other units including RTTC
Awareness Week Rajpura .
15. IO/PO Meetings Deputed the IO/PO for training conducted at CO New
Delhi on 18.03.2017 to speed up the pending vigilance
enquiries of Punjab.
16. Structured Structured meetings with the CGMT Punjab were held to
meeting chase up the various pending disciplinary and
management cases.
17. ERP Data entry All the data related to Vigilance and Non Vigilance cases
iro all the staff of Punjab Circle was entered and
reconciled for generating online VC through ERP as
envisaged by CVO office New Delhi.
18. Misc. works Transfers of executives working on sensitive posts for
more than 4 years finalized the vigilance panels for
posting of DE/SDEs/AO at Circle Office, Ferozepur &
10 % check of medical bills on quarterly basis was
carried out with deductions/ advice wherever necessary.
All other duties assigned by superiors from time to time
were also discharged.

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