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Lesson Reflective Summary

Teacher Candidate for Science Endorsement: Kelly Barrere

MSP Cohort 2

School: Euharlee Elementary Grade: 5th

Lesson Topic: Plate tectonics and plate boundaries

The students were engaged but it did take a while for many of them to catch on to what
the objective was because they were more interested in the knocking down of the
building part. Once they did that a time or two, they began to see that there was
strategy to how they made the building. I had to work hard to get them to focus on the
moving plates as well due to the chocolate.

The students’ performance objectives we attained to a degree that I am confident that

they have somewhat of an understanding but for many of them it took watching and
hearing their peers (there’s nothing wrong with that). They wanted to do over but we
ran out of time. I will turn this lesson into two lessons next time.

When I reteach the earthquake portion of the lesson, I will allow more time and extend
into a STEM lesson by getting them to engineer and build using different materials and
so forth.