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Language Code Group Product No. Version Date Page
GB 223 COS/ EXC/ PAT/ PAW/ WLO 6K 1 2015-04-21 1/2
Applies to models
EC160C L, EC160C NL, EC180C L, EC200B, EC210B F, EC210B LC, EC210B LR, EC210B NC, EC210B NLC,
EC210C L, EC210C LR, EC210C NL, EC220E L, EC220E LR, EC220E N, EC220E NL, EC235C NL, EC235D
NL, ECR235D L, EW160C, EW160D, EW160E, EW180C, EW180D, EW180E, EW210C, EW210D, L60G, L60H,
L70G, L70H, L90G, L90H, P5770C ABG, P5870C ABG, P6820C ABG, P6870C ABG, SD115

Engine oil cooler improvement

Please pay attention to the safety instructions in the Operator's
and Service Manuals concerned.
This Service Bulletin is to be considered as technical information
only and is not subject to any reimbursement programs outside
normal warranty.

D6E/D6H/D6J engine oil cooler may be damaged or have an
internal leakage due to the particles or metal chips which might
be penetrated into cooling system both in production and in the

A new mesh filter has been installed to the coolant inlet port of
existing engine oil cooler, VOE21695993, in order to protect the
internal coating of the cooler and minimize the risk of corrosion /
A mesh filter is also being supplied as spare part to be used with
Fig.1 New feature of the engine oil cooler existing engine oil cooler. It is not recommended to intentionally
insert the filter to the used engine oil cooler but if the engine oil
cooler, VOE21695993 is installed during the troubleshooting, the
mesh filter can be inserted into the coolant inlet port of the oil
1) Neither cleaning nor replacement is necessary for the new
mesh filter as it is designed to last for engine life time.
2) Refer to the Fig.1 for the position of mesh filter.
1 Mesh filter
Implemented in production

Engine Engine serial number cut in.

D6E/D6H/D6J 11757435 –

Volvo Construction Equipment

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Language Code Group Product No. Version Date Page
GB 223 COS/ EXC/ PAT/ PAW/ WLO 6K 1 2015-04-21 2/2

Required parts

Designation Qty. New Part No. Earlier Part No.

Mesh filter 1 VOE22592809 –
Engine oil cooler 1 VOE22592869** VOE21695993*

*) Engine oil cooler without mesh filter

**) Engine oil cooler with mesh filter

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