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YM80SA Abrasive Belt Polishing Machine

Operation Manual

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I.Machine Introductions
In order to meet the polishing requirement of better metal bar surface roughness,our
company specially designed planetary abrasive belt grinding machine.
This machine is equipped with feeding rack,feeding roller,clamping device,host
machine,extraction device, unloading roller and unloading rack.
The main spindle of host is hollow mechanism with both ends installed with one belt
wheel,2 sets of spring seat mechanisms are respectively arranged with 2 belt
wheels(pulley)symmetrically. The spring seats is symmetrically placed.Each piece of
belt wheel is installed with Driving pulley,tension pulley and belt pulley.There is
abrasive belt arranged on the belt wheel.The frame is installed with fixed gear,and
planetary gear is mounted on the turntable.The turntable mechanism revolves driving
by main motor, and the Planet gear and fixed gear joggles together and drive the belt
revolving with high speed while at the same time performing rotation.The processed
material does the Axial movement driving by clamping device,extracting deice,and
auxiliary machine roller device,and passes through the main spindle of belt grinding
to achieve the evenly grinding of outer diameter of round steel bar.The control system
adopts button operation.The tension degree of two sets of high speed rotating belt can
be adjusted through two spring seat and adjusting screws to adapt the requirement of
different diameter material processing, different tool feeding,different grinding
pressure.The equipment revolution and rotation are all controlled by frequency
converter step-less speed.
This machine can realize automatic loading and unloading.Equipped with wet dust
removal device,it can prevent the flying dust from burning and improve the
processing efficiency.It is More suitable for the processing of titanium and other
materials.The rear part of the equipment is designed with air drying mechanism,
which can ensure the synchronous drying and dirt removing.
YM80SA abrasive belt polishing machine and other equipment can be used as one
production line for polishing without the need for individual loading rack,and also can
be used independently with loading and unloading rack,as required by the customer.
The specification for reduced machine configuration is no longer available,please
refer to the relevant parts of this manual

II.Operating Procedures
2.1 Workplace should be standardized and orderly to prevent the existence of potential
2.2 Wire and cable should be arranged in accordance with standard and beware of
electric shock.
2.3 The machine should be operated by specialists and no others.
2.4 The operator should not stay away from the machine while operating in case of
2.5The operator should be trained before working,and No trained personnel shall
operate the machine.
Yantai Haige Machine Tools Co.,Ltd.

2.6 Speed limit exceeding shall be prohibited, and the machine should be operated
within the specified speed range.
2.7Before the change of bar material processed, the position of screw shall be
adjusted accordingly, and the tension degree of abrasive belt shall be changed for a
reasonable grinding.
2.8 The processed material must be through inspection in case of bend end,split end,
and other kind of non qualified raw material which might damage the machine if
grinding is in process.
2.9The crane shall not pass through the machine while carrying the material to
prevent damage to the machine.
2.10Attention should be paid in the process of grinding:the polishing depth for
different belt speed, feeding speed,strength of materials (machinabality) to ensure
reasonable grinding. Check relevant part for more details.
2.11Refer to the inverter’s instruction while setting the speed of revolution and

III.Installation Instruction
Host machine installation:
3.1 Achieve horizontal status: Use the frame level to measure the four sides and adjust
the machine at the same time until getting a horizontal status.(the host machine frame
is adjustable).
3.2 Adjust the clamping device and the upper and lower feeding position according to
the basic layout.
3.3While equipped with other machine for a production line, the central height should
be all the same.
3.4 The installation of anchor bolts, and do grouting.

IV.Test Running Instructions

4.1 preparation work:
(1).Switch off all electrical buttons
(2).Close the main gate and check whether the voltage on the distribution cabinet is in
line with the distribution requirements.
(3) Turn on sub switches and check problem existence.
(4)Open the emergency stop button to test the working conditions of each system.
4.2 machine testing unloaded
A. Close the emergency stop switch and open the protective cover;
B.Check the normality of belt and belt wheel. Check the screw looseness and
lubrication condition.
C.Buckle the protective cover, open the main motor and check whether the main
motor is working properly from low to high speed ;
D.Try the belt polishing machine to check the abnormality of each part.Adjust the
position of belt to ensure the proper machine running.
Yantai Haige Machine Tools Co.,Ltd.

E.Try the loading and unloading rack and material flipping or kicking device to check
the abnormality of each part.
F.Try the roller and clamping device to check the abnormality of each part.
G.Turn on the machine running unloaded for 2-5 min to check one more time if
everything is ok.
4.3 Adjusting process
Adjust the belt position and belt Tightness degree to avoid belt deviation.
4.4 Material feeding and processing
Feed in the bar material through bar flipping arm and make it slowly passing through
belt polishing machine and guiding sleeves, and use other related equipment to clamp
and send the material.Adjust the belt parameters to make it in line with the diameter
of processed bar material. Press against the tension wheel and then try to polish
slowly until the machine gets all required.Close the protective cover and do
continuous working.
4.5 Special problems
In principle, the raw materials with big diameter tolerance, curvature and roundness
tolerance can not be processed.

V.Common Faults and troubleshootings

Fault phenomenon Reason Troubleshootings

Select the abrasive
belt with suitable grain
1. The grain size of abrasive size.
1.Poor surface roughness belt is too big. Speed up the rotating
2. Polishing time is too short. speed of the belt disk.
Slow down the feeding
Adjust the polishing
1.Feeding speed is too fast. amount.
2.There is spiral on the
Speed up the rotating
surface of the finished
2.Rotating speed of Belt disc is speed of belt disc.
too slow. Slow down the feeding
1. Abrasive belt is too slow.
Choose suitable
3. Insufficient polishing 2. Grain size of abrasive belt is
abrasive belt and
dept too big or too small.
speed according to raw
or unqualified surface 3. Abrasive material is
1. Speed of abrasive belt is too
4. There is burn on the Adjust of the speed
surface mentioned.
2. Speed of belt disc is too
Yantai Haige Machine Tools Co.,Ltd.
3. Feeding speed is too slow.

VI.Basic Parameters

Model PM20 Remarks

Raw material diameter mm 6~20
Precision of finished product ≤h9
Surface roughness Ra≤1.6
Ovality half of tolerance
Main motor power KW 15
Auxiliary motor power KW

VII.Lubrication table

Lubricating Refueling Oil-replace

Oil type Lubrication type
point circle circle
No. 2 lithium-based
Feeding bearing Oil gun 800hours 12 months
Chain 20# engine oil Oil gun 4 hours 12 months
Each active
20# engine oil Oil gun 8 hours 12 months
Driving gear industrial Oil bath 80 hours 3 months
gear oil

VIII.Routine Maintenance
8.1 Inspection and Operation
8.1.1 Check the condition of chain drive
8.1.2 Clean the residue of the raw materials by compressed air.
8.1.3 Check the liquid condition and clean and fill liquid on time.
General principle of Maintenance and Operation
8.2.1 Motor maintenance Regularly examine and maintain motors according the Maintenance
8.2.2 Clean and examine the machine;
Yantai Haige Machine Tools Co.,Ltd. Use the compressed air to clean the internal and external part of the motors; sure dust and other impurities will not affect the normal work of
ventilation device; Examine whether there is any loosening of all the screws, including all
the connectors; Examine carefully whether there is any abnormal vibration or noise; Examine all the joints of wires to make sure there is no virtual connection or
8.2.3 Bearing maintenance When there is problem with the bearing seal, regular inspection and filling
glycerinum are needed to prevent worse situation. The normal temperature range is
-10 ℃ ~80 ℃.When there is problem with the original sealed bearing,replace it on
time. It's not allowed to work under the following conditions: high humidity,
corrosive environment and big temperature difference. Clean the bearing which uses lubricating grease totally every year and renew
the lubricating grease.In this process,1/3 space in the bearing shall be filled with
grease. Special notice: Once you find noise during operation, the bearing needs to be
maintained or replaced immediately.
8.2.4 Use the drive belt correctly. Points for attention are as follows. Check if the position of the drive wheel is correct. Check if the groove of the drive wheel is clean. The drive belt should be installed too tight in order to avoid damage. Tense the belt to some extent after installation. Start the motor. If the belt is too loose, tighten it. For new belt, regular inspection of the tightness is often needed.
8.2.5 Oil-injection
The driving joints of the equipment need oil-injection regularly. The interval of
oil-injection depends on the actual operating status of each parts.
The driving joints of the equipment often need oil-injection under severe conditions
and environments.
8.2.6 Hand valve and switch
Hand valve and switch don ’ t need special maintenance. Just check its service
condition regularly to avoid faults and dangers.
8.3. Maintenance specification of YM20
8.3.1 Classification, period and contents of the maintenance
Classification Regular inspection Overhaul
Period 3 months 1 year 5 years

8.3.2 Contents of routine inspection Renovate the loosened parts, fasteners and connectors which are exposed. Check the oil leakage, replace the sealing elements and refill or replace the oil.
Yantai Haige Machine Tools Co.,Ltd. Check if the pipe network of the dry oil lubrication is blocked and if the oil
spout is damaged. Clean the inside and outside of the equipment.
8.3.3 Contents of regular inspection Include the contents of routine inspection. Inspect the cardan shaft totally. Replace it in time if it is damaged. Inspect and repair the motor. Add dry oil to the rolling bearing of the motor.
8.3.4 The contents of overhaul Include the contents of routine inspection and regular inspection. Recover the function, performance and parameters of the machine totally to
the designed rated parameters.Thus,the entire machine should be disassembled and
cleaned and the worn parts should be replaced.Then assemble them, refill lubrication
oil and debug them. Repair the worn, damaged and deformed racks. Reinstall the equipment, align and debug. Do technical innovation.
8.3.5 Rolling bearings replacement standard. The holder is bent and damaged. The sealing device is out of service. The rolling body is worn out. There is pitting or other defects on it. Turn it fast by hand after cleaning. There is obvious Periodic noise. Other parts are according to the requirements of design drawings.

IX.PM20polishing machine maintenance procedure

9.1Maintenance tools adjustable wrench,screwdriver,hammer,feeler gauge,dial
indicator, allen wrench
9.2 Maintenance schedule
Maintenance items Maintenance period( working hours)
clean working component 8
Fasten all the screws 4800
Check all the welded points 4800
Fill oil( lubrication oil) 160
Check all the motors and clean them 400
Maintain bearings 400
Maintain chain drive device. 80
Maintain belt drive device 1200