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1. Safety precaution LG
2. Layout Operation LG
 Electrical
 Electro hydraulic
 Indication
3. Typical control indication procedures
4. Inspection

How LG controlled?

1. Electrically (DC Series wound split field type)

2. Components
 Selector sw
 Relay Microswitches
 Downlock/uplock sw
 Safety sw
1. Prevent retract on ground
2. At shock strut
3. Strut compress (ground) = contact open
Weight on LG Weight reduced Weight increased
Safety sw contacts Close
“Gear” Up Down
28 VDC Supply Up winding LG Down winding LG
Switch DL sw activate, UL sw activate,
contacts closed contacts closed
Landing Gear Retract Extend
Switch UL sw activate, DL sw activate,
contacts opened. contacts opened.
Interrupt supply to LG Interrupt supply to LG
motor. motor.
Dynamic braking Motor => Generator.
“Prevents over travel of Landing Gear”
3 Green lamps Illuminate. Close contact DL sw.
3 Red Lamps
Throttles Closed
Warning horn circuit Isolated by contacts in DL sw

Airborne – Gear Up
Downlock Disengage
3 Green ‘locked’ down Extinguished
3 Red ‘Unlocked’ Illuminated
After all fully retract
Uplock Engage
3 Red ‘Unlocked’ Extinguished

Airborne – Gear Down

Uplock Disengage
3 Red ‘Unlocked’ Illuminated
After all fully extend
Downlock Engage
3 Green ‘locked’ down Illuminated
3 Red ‘Unlocked’ Extinguished
Warning Horn (‘Self-latched’)
Throttles Open Open
Throttle Close 1. Gear ‘Up/Locked’
2. Gear ‘Down/Unlocked’
3. Deactive DL sw
Press horn test switch with throttles closed
1. Continue sound once activate
2. De-energised using horn silencer
3. Energized silencer relay
4. Hold in circuit.
5. Energised until remove DC power

Electro-Hydraulic Landing Gear


1. Reversible DC motor drives pump.

2. Retract – motor (1 direction) – increase hydraulic pressure
3. Extend – Motor (opposite direction) – reduce hydraulic pressure
Ground After Take Off Prior to Landing
1. DL sw = ‘D’ 1. Weight decrease 1. Weight increase
2. Down/locked = 2. Squat sw = Flight 2. Gear ‘Down’
Illuminate 3. Gear ‘Up’ 3. Unsafe light illuminates via ‘ND’ (DL sw)
3. Squat sw = Ground 4. Power – ‘Up’ winding 4. Power – ‘Down’ winding
Prevent retraction of Landing gear retracts Landing gear extends
the gear. 5. DL sw = ‘ND’ UL sw = ‘NU’
4. Gear up = warning Remove supply 3 Down/locked 5. Gear full extend
horn sound lights 6. DL sw = ‘D’
through squat sw 6. Gear full retract Remove supply to Landing Gear motor
and Up limit sw 7. UL sw = ‘U’ Remove supply to unsafe light which
contacts –‘NU” Remove supply to Landing illuminates the 3 Down/locked lights
Gear motor