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Myriam San Martín Bel 4º B


La vieja sirena, José Luis Sampedro

La vieja sirena is a novel written by the spanish writer José Luis Sampedro (1917-2013) in
1990. Is one of my favorites books, a story full of life and love and one of the best novels of the 20th

The novel is set in Egipto, in the 3rd century, with the persian and roman empire as
background. It’s about 700 pages of a captivating story of the three principal characters: Glauka, the
protagonist, and her two lovers and masters, Ahram and the philosopher Krito. The personal story of
the principal character is involved in mistery, and the discovering of her own origins will be one of
the principal motor of the plot. The story is developed through the engrossing events of Glauka’s life
and her fantastic and terrific destiny.

All the book is a well-written mix of a historical novel and a fairy tale: the historical events,
facts and details are thoroughly described. José Luis Sampedro blends this detailed and perfectly set
story with a sensual and lyrical style: the novel becomes a philosophical reflection on the power, on
the different types of love and most of all, on our finite period in this planet and our mortal life.

I have no hesitation in recommending this book. Through a first-rate and quite beautiful style,
the writer give us a exhilarating life and love lesson: I consider this novel as a totally tribute to life
through the protagonist’s eyes.